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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 28 Recap

Father Jiang took Jiang Yicheng to the tennis hall to relax. During the break, Father Jiang asked Lu Jingwen and asked whether Jiang Yicheng really knew his love rival, but Jiang Yicheng thought it was too late and Lu Li had completely let go of himself. Jiang’s father hates iron for not making steel, and he is also reprimanding Jiang Yicheng. The two have not really divorced. Jiang Yicheng’s heart has already begun to retreat.

After hearing Jiang’s father, Jiang Yicheng suddenly realized that he still has the opportunity to fight again. Bundle. On the second day, Jiang Yicheng asked someone to investigate Lu Jingwen. The information package he sent contained a picture of a girl. Jiang Yicheng found out that Lu Jingwen was already engaged. Then he rushed to Chongqing without officially arriving at Lu. In Li’s house, Jiang Yicheng ran into Lu Jingwen in the elevator downstairs, and the hatred of taking his wife overwhelmed him. Before he heard Lu Jingwen’s explanation, Jiang Yicheng punched him directly in the face. Lu Jingwen, who was originally controlled by his family, was extremely wronged, but he could only swallow this breath for Lu Li.

Lu Li got up when he heard the knock on the door, and was embraced by Jiang Yicheng as soon as he opened the door. Lu Li didn’t expect that Jiang Yicheng would be willing to look back and find himself after he was in the hospital last time. When Jiang Yicheng said that Lu Jingwen had a fiancée, Lu Li was not very angry, but said that he wanted to break up very freely. When Lu Li said this, Jiang Yicheng took hold and said bluntly that he was willing to take care of Lu Li. With the child, once again revealing his sincerity, this time Lu Li was completely shaken. When he thought of the child in his stomach, Lu Li still converged a little. Jiang Yicheng knew that he could not be too impatient at present, so he said goodnight to Lu Li gently. Close the door and leave.

Lu Jingwen was surprised by Jiang Yicheng’s obsession. A man’s obsession must be true love. Lu Jingwen began to intercede for Jiang Yicheng. Lu Li’s heart naturally still has feelings for Jiang Yicheng, but Lu Li didn’t know what to do about the child in his stomach. How to speak, something that was unreachable in the past is now so close at hand, an unreal feeling appeared in Lu Li’s heart. Before Lu Li returned home, a bunch of couriers appeared at the door of his house.

Lu Li did not expect Jiang Yicheng to directly send all the items over, so he simply relied on his own home. Lu Li’s mouth refused, but he still did not sigh. Jiang Yicheng. After many days, the two of them lived together again, and Jiang Yicheng also began to help Lu Li in the kitchen, but the cooking was still not complimented, but in order to take care of Lu Li and his children, Jiang Yicheng was determined to learn until the night, Lu Li Watching Jiang Yicheng fall asleep holding the parenting book, his heart softened.

The next day was a rest day. Jiang Yicheng and Lu Li began to visit the baby store. When Jiang Yicheng thought that life was bred in Lu Li’s belly, he couldn’t help but overflow with love and started shopping spree. Back home, Jiang Yicheng really cooked for the first time and made a table of meals for Lu Li. It was the first time that Lu Li saw Jiang Yicheng so serious, and even memorized all the taboos of pregnant women during pregnancy. Jiang Yicheng’s changes in the past few days It was so big that Lu Li was a little uncomfortable.

A few days later, Jiang Yicheng took Lu Li to see the office buildings. This was a surprise Jiang Yicheng specially prepared for Lu Li. In order to prepare for Lu Li’s training class, Jiang Yicheng saw many office buildings. Lu Li was very moved, but decided to refuse Jiang Yicheng’s kindness. Now Lu Li’s vision is to promote female programming so that more girls can choose programming freely. After listening to Lu Li’s explanation quietly, Jiang Yicheng didn’t make the pros and cons as cruelly as before, but reminded Lu Li that this road may not be as simple as he thought, but he would always stand by Lu Li’s side.

In the evening, Jiang Yicheng made suggestions for Lu Li’s propaganda plan, and got Jiang Yicheng’s advice. Lu Limao was helpless, and Jiang Yicheng was bold enough to ask for a reward. He had to peck Lu Li’s face before giving up. Seeing Lu Li leaving shyly, Jiang Yicheng used the night time to get up to work and called Lei Zi to remind him to work harder. At this time Leizi was still playing games in the Internet cafe, and was about to get up and leave.

The opponent who had been losing several games in a row was completely dissatisfied. Leizi threw away his hands impatiently, but the opponent accidentally hit the screen and fell directly. Falling to the ground unconscious, Lei Zi came all the way to the hospital, only then did he feel that the matter was serious. In desperation, a person staying in front of him is the boss of the wounded and the enemy of Yicheng Company, Xu Yuanzhi.

Jiang Yicheng and Lu Li started the most primitive propaganda method, handing out flyers, and rented a salon for everyone to discuss, but the baseline number of the salon was 200 people, which meant that Lu Li and Jiang Yicheng needed to work harder to distribute flyers. After that, Lu Li received a birthday gift from Jiang Yicheng, not only this year, but also more than 20 birthdays that Jiang Yicheng missed. Looking at the birthday gifts and greeting cards carefully prepared by Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li found that his resistance was slowly melting.

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