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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 15 Recap

Sun Yulan worked hard in the supply and marketing agency, and other wives can work well. Why can’t she? But the organization arranged this task, Sun Yulan did not support him, who would support it. But Zhang Fuqing and Sun Yulan were not working enough to support the family. She would never starve to death one of her four children, so she told Zhang Fuqing that she had been dependent on him for everything after so many years of marriage. Zhang Fuqing discussed with her, and Sun Yulan finally chose to retire and support his work. She can live a good life and eat chaff.

The autumn of 1965. The children have grown up, the clothes have to be made new, and Jianzhen’s medicine can’t be cut off. The family expenses can’t be saved. Zhang Fuqing asked Sun Yulan to save his expenses. Sun Yulan took back a pig and raised it. Zhang Fuqing worried that the cadre’s family would not take the lead, but the children had to open their mouths to eat after all. When Zhang Fuqing saw that his box had been passive, Jianguo exchanged the contents for the piggy. Zhang Fuqing was so angry that he beat him.

In the spring of 1967, production in one place started and was sent to another place. Zhang Fuqing never stopped. This time he left for two months. Sun Yulan did some chores to supplement the family, and the children grew up and sensible. , I can help her by collecting firewood every day after school. Most of the things in the pot and stove at home were picked up by the children, and Sun Yulan was very happy without spending a cent. Zhang Fuqing asked someone to bring back a piece of rock candy, and Sun Yulan smashed it and gave it to several children.

Sun Yulan found a new job in the Handicraft Association and solved many difficulties at home. Zhang Fuqing is busy at work, and Sun Yulan is home with her four children alone, frugal. One day when the children woke up, they found that they had a pair of new shoes, and it was Zhang Fuqing who was back. Maybe it’s been a long time since the children looked at him with strange faces. It’s the New Year, and today’s family’s food is full, and Zhang Fuqing brought back an apple to Jianzhen. Jianzhen was sensible, so she cut it and shared it with her family. Zhang Fuqing always remembered his comrades who died on the battlefield. Some of them were less than twenty years old when they died.

Zhang Fuqing always said that he was not alone. Zhang Fuqing and Sun Yulan said they would return to their hometown of Yangxian when they were disarmed and return to the fields, so that they would be able to have electricity and live a good life there. In the summer of 1968, Laifeng opened a photo studio, and the children curiously gathered to watch a family portrait. Zhang Fuqing is still working outside, and Sun Yulan said that his absence is not a family portrait. Jianguo said that Zhang Fuqing was not at home all the time, and he wanted to take a picture of Zhang Xiang with him so as not to forget. Sun Yulan took the children and took a picture.

Sun Yulan was tired and sick, Jianrong and Jianquan both went back to accompany Jianzhen, Jianguo accompany her. The doctor said that Sun Yulan could not be tired, let alone make her angry. Sun Yulan was unwilling to stay in the clinic. Jianguo wanted to pay her to take her home. The Handicraft Co., Ltd. could only reimburse 70% of the medical expenses because she was a temporary worker. It was also given to him. Jianguo took Jianrong to the place where the team was stationed to find Zhang Fuqing. Zhang Fuqing took people to fight day and night in Erjianzi Mountain these days.

After returning, Jianguo gave him the family portrait, saying that Sun Yulan had heart disease and rheumatism and wanted him to go home. But Zhang Fuqing was busy repairing Datian here and couldn’t go back temporarily. Jianguo asked him for the money and said that he would return the medical expenses to Aunt Yang, but he knew that Zhang Fuqing would not be able to eat after taking the two dollars away, so he kept the money before he left.

In the summer of 1974, Zhang Fuqing transferred from Sanhu to Maodong. The family moved from the broken house to the temple, but Zhang Fuqing went to Gaodong again.

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