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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 16 Recap

Bai Lingling chased after receiving his father’s note, but his father and stepmother had already gone far.

When Guan Xiaoyu saw her idol Tang Haojun, he was nervous and wanted to talk to him. Yifan joked that she would be his girlfriend and introduced her to her. He walked over to Guan Xiaoyu and introduced that Editor Tang lived next door to him, but he did not admit that Guan Xiaoyu was his girlfriend. Guan Xiaoyu was so angry that she ran to her grandmother to complain.

My mother told Yang Lanhang that Mr. Shi from the Jiahua Group had left in a hurry, and asked herself to take care of her daughter, but she forgot to ask who his daughter was.

Yang Lanhang received a message from Ivan, saying that he had arranged the sound and lighting, and the chasing light would hit Bai Lingling soon. He came to play the piano, and Yang Lanhang thought about a line to confess. Yang Lanhang closed his eyes and imagined that the lights dimmed. He walked towards Bai Lingling affectionately and confessed: I hope she can forgive her cowardice and lack of self-confidence. In fact, he is “how far away forever” in his heart. The ringing of the mobile phone rang Yang Lanhang back to reality. There was an accident in the laboratory. Bai Lingling took off his high heels and hurried back with Yang Lanhang and Yin Fan.

The lighting engineer targeted Guan Xiaoyu’s position as originally planned. After Ivan played a piano piece, he confessed on the spot: This piece is a love song written by the famous musician Schumann to his lover. Today he played it for his beloved. People listen, he likes Guan Xiaoyu. He has never dared to say love, dare not take it seriously, forcing himself to be an indifferent person, but now he finds himself wrong, only with Guan Xiaoyu, he willingly becomes her defeat. There was applause in the audience, and Guan Xiaoyu wet his eyes with emotion.

After the banquet, Guan Xiaoyu sent off to her grandma. Grandma told her: Ouyang Yifan can confess in the public, indicating that he can accept everyone’s supervision. Guan Xiaoyu listened warmly. But she did not expect that after she returned to the banquet, she saw a guest come on stage to ask Ivan for piano music. Guan Xiaoyu stepped forward angrily and accused Ivan that there was not a single truth in his mouth!

The ape Zoe’s condition suddenly deteriorated. The doctor said that he would have 50% hope after tonight. Dr. Li said that he could consider transplanting a biological valve first, and then perform minimally invasive replacement after the tissue valve is cultivated. Everyone decided to take turns to guard at night, and Zhang Yian was on duty first.

Yang Lanhang carefully helped Bai Lingling wipe the wound, sorry that he was too eager to get the call. Bai Lingling said that she just went out to chase her father and accidentally got his foot. She must hate her father because he abandoned her mother at the beginning, and her mother was frustrated. Later, she became sick and died of illness. If she didn’t hate her father, she would be sorry for her mother. When she was a child, she had seen her dad secretly.

It was a very hot summer. My dad was sweating profusely when loading and unloading the truck by himself. Auntie was beside him handing him water and sweat. She knew about the aunt. She is not a person who sits and reaps the benefits, she has been with her father and has been through hardships. But when I got home, I saw that my mother felt very uncomfortable. She felt that her mother was not a person who could not bear hardship. Why did they have to separate? When I was young, my dad often told stories to herself and took her to the park to play. She didn’t understand why the two couldn’t hold on any longer?

Yang Lanhang told Bai Lingling: Everyone has their own life. Don’t carry things that don’t belong to her, let alone be deceived by some things. She hopes that Bai Lingling can give her father a smile, because every father will guard his daughter. Smile. Yang Lanhang took out a book and lent it to Bai Lingling. Unexpectedly, Bai Lingling’s photo fell out of the book. Yang Lanhang couldn’t help but kissed Lingling without knowing how to explain it.

Zoe lived the next morning. Bai Lingling returned home upset and wanted to tell Guan Xiaoyu about this, but she didn’t know where to start. Guan Xiaoyu wanted to confide her troubles, but she didn’t know how to speak.

Ivan accused Yang Lanhang of escaping. Yang Lanhang told him that he kissed Lingling, but did not reveal his identity. Ivan was angry that he should seize the opportunity to confess.

Bai Lingling was in great pain. She didn’t know how to explain this to her online dating boyfriend, so she sent a breakup message. Yang Lanhang wanted to clarify, seeing that she didn’t reply to messages and didn’t answer the phone, there was nothing she could do for a while.

One month later, Dr. Li told Bai Lingling: Zoe successfully performed the operation and passed the observation period, and will soon be sent back to the zoo. Now the animal experiment of the new tissue valve has been successfully completed, and he is about to enter the clinical experiment. He has been with the hospital. The leaders discussed that although Grandma Ling Ling had a psychological shadow due to the implantation of a mechanical valve, there was no problem with the mechanical valve itself. They performed a physical examination on the grandmother, and there was no problem.

Therefore, as a doctor, he should not mobilize patients to do it. In the clinical valve replacement experiment, the promise at the time was to comfort the elderly, and he had not considered it. Ling Ling said that this operation was the only hope for her grandmother to survive. Dr. Li said they could wait until the experiment was successful and the materials were officially put on the market before doing it. When Bai Lingling asked Dr. Li for advice on Zoe’s treatment, seeing Yang Lanhang walk in, she quickly left. Yang Lanhang chased him out, and Bai Lingling quickly got into the elevator.

Yang Lanhang told Dr. Li: Zoe’s disease made him realize that there was a big problem with their tissue valves. Dr. Li did not expect that he and Bai Lingling had surprisingly consistent opinions. Although Bai Lingling had a mediocre foundation, he was highly sensitive to scientific research. Seeing Yang Lanhang’s complicated expression, Dr. Li guessed that Bai Lingling confessed to Yang Lanhang just like other girls, but he refused. Yang Lanhang smiled bitterly and said that there was no such good thing.

My colleagues learned that the hospital did not arrange for Grandma Bai Lingling to participate in clinical trials, and worried that most patients had a suspicious attitude towards the new materials. There were too few volunteers who signed up. If Grandma does not come, it would be three short.

Bai Lingling returned home and told Guan Xiaoyu in frustration that she would talk desperately every time she saw her grandmother, for fear that she could hear the sound of her grandmother’s mechanical valve “dada” when she calmed down. Guan Xiaoyu suggested that she could use her public account to help them publicize. . Bai Lingling helped her find popular science materials. Guan Xiaoyu accidentally saw the picture of Bai Lingling in Yang Lanhang’s book. Under her questioning, Bai Lingling had to confess about kissing Yang Lanhang, but she confessed that she is also very confused now. I don’t know what she likes. Who had to give up all.

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