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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 15 Recap

Yang Lanhang asked Bai Lingling the same question: If there were only two men on the earth, she and Zheng Minghao, how would she choose? Bai Lingling still replied that she had a boyfriend. She went back to the room and immediately called her online dating boyfriend. Yang Lanhang picked it up and asked her about the progress of the seminar.

Bai Lingling asked her boyfriend why she didn’t add her WeChat account. Yang Lanhang said that she was afraid that she would not be able to accept who she is in reality. Bai Lingling smiled. In reality, the boyfriend is old and ugly, bald and stinky feet. After the phone call that day, she felt that his voice was particularly familiar, as if she was beside her, Yang Lanhang emotionally turned on the hands-free, played a harmonica to Bai Lingling, and gently accompany her to sleep.

When Bai Lingling arrived home from Shenzhen, Guan Xiaoyu received a call from Ivan, and Geng Panpan found it. Bai Lingling accompanies her immediately.

Animal experiments will be conducted tomorrow. Zhai Qing also thinks that transferring him to the hospital is to assist the experiment. Dr. Li told him that the laboratory only needs a material professional to help record the condition of the material before implantation and the removal of the material from the animal. Inspection work after removal.

He is going to an emergency room now and instructed Zhai Qingyi to put the cells in the refrigerator in five minutes and never open them until he comes back. Qing is also extremely lost, and feels that he transferred himself not because he is important, but because it is too unimportant.

Geng Panpan was about to leave, and Ivan told him to meet Guan Xiaoyu. Panpan looked down on Ivan and felt that he had the courage to pursue the person he liked, but he was obviously in love, but pretended to be a hanger. Ivan was seen through his mind, and he grabbed Panpan’s hair in anger, and Bai Lingling came in and drank him. , Ivan eagerly went outside and waited.

Geng Panpan apologized to Guan Xiaoyu and promised to repay her the money. Although the roommate did not hold him accountable for the theft, he has sent an email to the school and should be dropped out. He has to bear the consequences for his actions. Pan Pan admits that he likes Guan Xiaoyu because of his own opinion, and he is also responsible for himself. Guan Xiaoyu felt guilty and wanted to do something for Panpan. Panpan said that she had done enough for herself and told her to leave her alone.

Ivan heard that the two of them had fallen apart and reminded Guan Xiaoyu that Panpan still owed her money. Guan Xiaoyu invited Ivan to be his male companion to the department store group’s dinner next week. Ivan wanted to put on airs, but when Guan Xiaoyu turned around, he hurriedly accepted.

Yang Lanhang walked into the laboratory and saw Zhai Qingyi tightly guarding the refrigerator with a panic expression. Under his questioning, Qing Yi said that he had just opened the petri dish. He didn’t expect the cells to be so slippery and fell onto the clean bench as soon as they were clamped. Qing Yi repeatedly apologized.

Yang Lanhang accused him of resuming all the experiments that had been prepared for such a long time because of his curiosity and self-motivatedness. He was sorry for all the people in the laboratory. Dr. Li came in at this time, Yang Lanhang held the culture blood in his hand and lied that he had contaminated the cells. Dr. Li was extremely angry and drove the two out.

After leaving the house, Zhai Qing also felt sorry and wanted to admit his mistake to Dr. Li. Yang Lanhang told him that no one would admit that the cell was contaminated. He called Professor Jiang to report the incident. Professor Jiang guessed that Qing Yi did it. , Asked him to pack and leave immediately, and don’t want the credits for the next semester. Yang Lanhang took it over and said it was his own mistake, and Professor Jiang asked him to wait for the punishment.

After hanging up the phone, Yang Lanhang said that he knew Qing Yi was grieving, and he obviously wanted to go to Shenzhen, but was arranged to work with Dr. Li. The reason why he arranged this was because Professor Jiang praised Qing more than once and was young, smart and talented. He wanted Qing also to cherish his talents, not arrogant concubines. Compared with the seminar, learning the basics by Dr. Li’s side is the most important. Zhai Qing finally understood Yang Lanhang’s good intentions and expressed his sincere and guilty gratitude to him.

Yang Lanhang held a meeting to report: The animal experiments on sheep had to be postponed because of the contamination of cells. Now they are preparing to conduct animal experiments on the primate ape Zoe. Zoe’s valve has been printed and the valve stent has been made. Now they What needs to be done is to extract the cells for planting and cultivation.

After the meeting, Bai Lingling did not believe that the mistake of cell contamination would happen to Yang Lanhang. She heard that there is a zoology institute in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Yang Lanhang said that he had applied for resources to Zoe. Bai Lingling encouraged Zoe to face it strongly through the glass window, and agreed with him.

It took a photo. Yang Lanhang invited Bai Lingling to be her female companion to attend the dinner hosted by her mother on Friday. Bai Lingling said that she had a boyfriend and it might not be appropriate to go there, but there was a suitable candidate by her side, and Yang Lanhang agreed without hesitation.

After Yang Lanhang’s mother heard her husband talk about what happened to her son and Bai Lingling that morning in Shenzhen, she excitedly decided that she was going to be a mother-in-law soon.

At the dinner, Guan Xiaoyu came in with Ivan and warned him not to follow him. Seeing Yin Fan coming by himself, Yifan asked him if he hadn’t invited his female partner. Yin Fan left silently.

In the laboratory, Cui Jing watched the evening dress she ordered and cried silently. After get off work, she received the dress and waited happily for Yin Fan to invite herself to the dinner. She didn’t expect Yin Fan to hesitate for a long time but didn’t say it. , Leaving myself to the lonely night.

Yang Lanhang and Grandma Bai Lingling attended the dinner. Mother came to greet her. Grandma was very happy to be present. The two turned around and couldn’t see Bai Lingling. Yang Lanhang ran over to look for Ivan. Ivan encouraged him to confess boldly today. Bai Lingling hid behind the pillar and stopped Yang Lanhang, telling him that he wanted to go back earlier, because she saw her father just now, so please ask Yang Lanhang to take her grandma out so that she won’t get emotional when she sees it.

Unexpectedly, Wu Chunhua had seen Bai Lingling’s father before Yang Lanhang found herself. She begged Bai Lingling to not see herself because she didn’t want to embarrass Bai Lingling, nor did she want the world to know that she had a father who didn’t like her. Guilty, just not knowing what to say, Bai Lingling walked out, holding her grandma away.

After Yang Lanhang’s mother gave her speech, Yang Lanhang invited her grandmother to dance the first dance. The grandmother twirled gracefully on the dance floor, very happy, and Bai Lingling was also very pleased. After a while, she received a note from her father and said: They are leaving first, Lingling and grandma should not be uncomfortable, it’s fun.

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