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Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 Episode 26 Recap

Lu Li received Jiang Yicheng’s call early in the morning and called out Lu Li in the name of seeing the venue. Unexpectedly, Lu Li brought Lu Jingwen with him again. The huge light bulb was stuck between the two of them. Jiang Yicheng took everything The resentment shattered Tun Jin’s belly, but Qiu Li was still by his side.

The eye-catching beauty drove several people to take out their phones to take pictures. Jiang Yicheng secretly followed Lu Li, took pictures of Lu Li, and then silently P by his side. I didn’t expect Jiang Yicheng, who was once so domineering, to be so humble. A few people went off the roof, and there was a competition for hegemony in the square. Lu Jingwen wanted to push the relationship between the two, and Jiang Yicheng did not hesitate to say that Lu Li wanted the gift of the game. He rushed forward, sitting at the table, enduring the spicy taste and swallowing one after another chili peppers. Only then did it last until the end, watching Jiang Yicheng weakly picking up the prize on the table, enduring uncomfortable, and throwing a smile at Lu Li.

Even Lu Jingwen felt distressed when he saw it, but at this moment, Lu Li firmly believes that Jiang Yicheng’s pursuit is only because of guilt. Guilt may cause Jiang Yicheng to release his temporary kindness, but how does guilt support true love? Lu Li insisted on what he thought. Even when Jiang Yicheng explained that he had changed the game player, Lu Li did not control his thinking. But Jiang Yicheng would not give up easily.

Huang Xun started online dating, and the woman was dissatisfied when she saw Huang Xun’s straight male dress. The leaf of the Ministry of Manpower sitting in the coffee shop couldn’t stand it. The honest Huang Xun was rejected by others, so Ye Zi stood up and pretended to be disgusted. It was Huang Xun’s girlfriend, and when she saw this, she knew she was wrong, so she had to run away in despair. Ye Ye was happily inviting contributions to Huang Xun, but Huang Xun blushed. The leaves in front of him seemed to be more beautiful than usual, and Ye Ye also noticed the change in sentiment in the air and lowered her head shyly.

Jiang Zitong and Chen Yiming deliberately came to Chongqing to find out Jiang Yicheng’s whereabouts, and followed all the way to the downstairs of Lu Li’s house. Jiang Zitong insisted on chasing upstairs, trying to see who was “seduce” Jiang Yicheng. It wasn’t until Jiang Zitong knocked on Lu Li’s door that he discovered the truth. When things came to light, Jiang Zitong and Chen Yiming conspired to package the incident as Jiang Zitong and come to Chongqing to relax.

When asked about Lu Li’s plan, Lu Li calmly said that he was planning to stay in Chongqing. Lu Jingwen just knocked on the door, Jiang Zitong. Go to the door and let Lu Jingwen fall in love at first sight. Knowing that Lu Jingwen is Lu Li’s “boyfriend”, Jiang Zitong exclaimed that Jiang Yicheng was cut off. Jiang Yicheng stood up calmly to say goodbye and invited Lu Li to visit Chongqing with everyone the next day. Lu Li wanted to shirk. Unexpectedly, Lu Jingwen agreed quickly. Lu Li nodded. Several people left. Lu Li suddenly felt severe pain in his abdomen. Only Lu Jingwen sent Lu Li to the hospital.

Fortunately, there was no major problem, but she was pregnant. One more person knew. Knowing the ins and outs of the matter, Lu Jingwen sighed that Lu Li’s love was so selfless. On the other side, Jiang Yicheng transmitted the photo of the two to Lu Li’s chat box in “Dream Maker”. Since Lu Li left his farewell in this game last time, Jiang Yicheng has left the two in Lu Li’s way. recall. Chen Yiming knocked on Jiang Yicheng’s door with a wine glass. He originally wanted to invite Jiang Yicheng back to sit in town, which seemed impossible. But Chen Yiming knew Jiang Yicheng’s character, so he decided to help Jiang Yicheng take care of the company and wait until Jiang Yicheng completed his affairs in Chongqing.

Gu Xiaoqi waited for Gu Mo in the coffee shop, holding the cat model in his hand, and planned to give it to Gu Mo. When Gu Mo arrived, Ye Ziqi followed him, and Gu Xiaoqi’s smile disappeared. , Silently hide the model behind him. Seeing that Gu Mo’s caring and gentleness was directed at another woman, Gu Xiaoqi’s jealousy spurted out, and she could only endure it. Of course, Ye Zi’s arrival was a performance discussed with Gu Mo. Although the effect was perfect, Gu Mo still couldn’t bear it when he looked at Gu Xiaoqi’s expression.

Several people from Jiang Yicheng came to the lake to swim and stay. Jiang Zitong wanted to go on a cruise and called Chen Yiming. Lu Li just wanted to walk alone. Lu Jingwen wanted to follow. Jiang Zitong hurriedly stopped and dragged him. Stay at Lu Jingwen and let Jiang Yicheng chase Lu Li. The sudden heavy rain caught Lu Li off guard. Jiang Yicheng put his clothes on the two of them. Feeling the protection of Jiang Yicheng, Lu Li hesitated.

The two went to the rain shelter. In order to understand the boredom, Jiang Yicheng told a story. The fox was confused by the rumors, just as the marriage between the two people collapsed due to lack of trust. Lu Li naturally understood Jiang Yicheng’s words, but deliberately did not answer. After the rain stopped, a rainbow appeared. Lu Li watched Jiang Yicheng start to make a wish and smiled. Just kidding, how could Jiang Yicheng, who was going his own way, believe in making a wish for the rainbow? Everything is just because of worry in my heart.

After dinner, in order to kill time, Lu Jingwen proposed to play the game of tearing paper towels with his mouth. In order to become an excellent wingman, Jiang Zitong deliberately tore the paper towels short before Lu Li took the paper towels. Lu Li took it in embarrassment. There was only a tiny piece of tissue left in the middle. The next relay Jiang Yicheng smiled, holding his breath, and slowly approaching Lu Li’s lips.

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