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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 14 Recap

Summer of 1961. The house was leaking, and the third child of Zhang Fuqing and Sun Yulan was still in their infancy. They put a plastic on the roof. The Enshi Prefectural Committee asked the cadres to be stationed in the village. Sun Yulan thought he must have picked another brigade that no one would go to. Zhang Fuqing smiled and said that he was a member of the Communist Party, and the masses looked at him. Zhang Fuqing went to the countryside carrying the package, and passed by a house to beg for a drink. There was only one old woman in this house.

I heard that he was stuffed with some food by the cadre in the team. Before leaving, Zhang Fuqing saw the glorious martyrs hanging on the door of the room. Brand. After arriving at the place, Zhang Fuqing lived in a family home. Many of their families had no houses, so Zhang Fuqing put up some grass and slept outside. Zhang Fuqing couldn’t help but plant something. The owner complained that the cadres were just going to the countryside and went back home in three or five days. Zhang Fuqing didn’t say anything.

Zhang Fuqing gave them food stamps and asked the owner to change the food stamps into potato so that his children could eat more. Taking everyone down to work, Zhang Fuqing was also hungry and his eyes blurred. Days passed. Zhang Fuqing didn’t go home for three full months. Jianzhen was sensible and distressed. At a young age, she learned to cook, take care of her younger siblings, and also do needlework. She is a good helper for Sun Yulan. When he entered the village again, Zhang Fuqing wanted to bring some food to the family member. Now the situation is difficult, and Sun Yulan also counts on him to take it home. Even so, she still saves some food from the children and asks him to bring it.

Sanhu District lacks farm tools. I heard that there is a craftsman, Master Yang, who is very good, so Zhang Fuqing wanted to invite him over. Master Yang is very happy because he has solved the household registration and establishment. Zhang Fuqing also suggested that the hydropower station be built. When he took everyone to do research, his head was dizzy and he plunged straight into the river. Zhang Fuqing fell into the river because he was hungry and there was no food in his stomach. When he woke up, both Sun Yulan and Jianzhen came, and he excitedly told them that he was going to do something big. Zhang Fuqing led everyone to build a hydropower station. Hearing that there was a lack of labor, the owner and his wife also came to support them.

The summer of 1963. The rain was torrential and the house was leaking. Zhang Fuqing always said to repair the roof, but there was always no time. In winter, something happened on the construction site. A big rock was stuck in the air and couldn’t get down. Zhang Fuqing tied a rope around his waist and fell on the big rock. He tied the rope and directed everyone to pull up together, and the crisis was resolved smoothly. . Sun Yulan saved tea oil for two years and asked Zhang Fuqing to take it to the construction site to give everyone some oil and water. After all, she was a heavy worker.

Jianzhen had a fever for several days, but the doctor said it was better to take it to the county hospital for a visit. Sun Yulan asked Zhang Fuqing if she could take a day off. The construction site will be completed soon, and Zhang Fuqing said to wait two more days. Jianzhen woke up and said that she wanted to eat an apple, and Zhang Fuqing promised to bring it to her when she came back.

After everyone’s efforts, the hydropower station was finally completed, and every household was turned on with electric lights, illuminating the entire sky. Jianzhen’s illness became more and more serious, and she was eventually diagnosed with viral meningitis. Zhang Fuqing always blamed herself for delaying her treatment. After using many medicines, Jianzhen’s illness did not get better, leaving sequelae. Many years later, Jianzhen is still like a child, waiting for Zhang Fuqing, who is discharged from the hospital, to return with Sun Yulan. When she saw Zhang Fuqing amputating a leg, Sun Yulan fainted and cried distressedly after waking up. He had to learn to walk at this age. Jianzhen burst into tears when she saw this. Zhang Fuqing refused to take a wheelchair or lie down peacefully. He started learning to walk again at the age of eighty-eight. Maybe it’s getting older, and Zhang Fuqing often thinks of the past.

In the summer of 1965, the children were arguing, and Zhang Fuqing and Sun Yulan hadn’t returned to their hometown in Yang County for some time. The central government requires that the troops be streamlined, and Zhang Fuqing is in charge of the work in Sanhu District. This is an offense. Zhang Fuqing was the first to streamline Zhang Yulan so that she would stop working and take care of the children at home and do housework. She had no land at home and was still a foreign cadre. Sun Yulan was not in the scope of streamlining. She asked Zhang Fuqing to apply for a plot of land, and she retired immediately without saying a word. Zhang Fuqing said that it was impossible, and Sun Yulan felt aggrieved.

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