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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 13 Recap

In the fall of 2012, Wuhan, Hubei. An old man named Zhang Fuqing needed surgery because of illness. The risk was very high. The doctor suggested amputation, but Zhang Fuqing was unwilling to accept it. The son repeatedly persuaded Zhang Fuqing to shake. In 1948, Zhang Fuqing joined the People’s Liberation Army. He walked step by step with two feet. Zhang Fuqing looked at his foot and said that he was sorry for it. Zhang Fuqing called his wife Zhang Yulan and couldn’t help but think of the road he had walked. They were married in 1955.

Zhang Yulan also remembered clearly. Back then, Zhang Fuqing sent a letter saying that he was about to change jobs and had three choices, but he chose to obey the organization’s arrangements. Zhang Fuqing also asked Zhang Yulan if she was willing to come to the army. Her parents were worried about the distance, but she went anyway.

In early 1955, Zhang Yulan followed Zhang Fuqing from Wuhan to Laifeng County, the most remote place in Hubei. On the way, Zhang Yulan asked him why he chose such a place. Laifeng was the poorest and most remote place, but Zhang Fuqing was still willing to go. The day that arrived in Feng was just in time for the New Year, it was raining, and the two were cold and tired. Zhang Fuqing hung up on the other end of the phone, but Zhang Yulan panicked.

Zhang Fuqing continued to recall the past. After he arrived in Feng, he was assigned to the grain and oil plant. The ordinary people lined up to make trouble and beat others. Zhang Fuqing didn’t deal with it well, and there was a policeman behind him with guns to make trouble. Zhang Fuqing is proficient with guns, and the police can explain the reason after seeing him as a soldier. The three provinces in Laifeng have complicated forms, and the public security brigade has the heavy responsibility of suppressing bandits. Zhang Fuqing was also distressed and said that he must have 30 dan rices together.

Zhang Yulan makes oily noodles. People here don’t like noodles, they like rice. After Zhang Fuqing and Zhang Yulan said a few words, they realized that the people must be mobilized to grind out the army. Zhang Fuqing mobilized the masses overnight and asked a few fellow villagers to pound the rice before supplying the rice to the public security brigade. He still can’t forget the three military salutes when the police left. In the summer of 1955, Zhang Fuqing and Zhang Yulan’s daughter Jianzhen were born. Hearing her cry, Zhang Fuqing thought of his mother. The last time he saw his mother, he took Zhang Yulan, Jianzhen and Jianguo.

The two children were thin because they couldn’t eat, and Zhang Yulan followed Zhang Fuqing in a poor place, and her family felt a little distressed. Zhang’s mother is physically weak and wants Zhang Fuqing to come home, but Zhang Fuqing said that he is a party member and he wants to do unfinished things for the sacrificed comrades in arms. Zhang Yulan’s family wanted Zhang Fuqing to go home first, leaving Zhang Yulan and her two children behind, and told Zhang Yulan that she would marry a chicken as a chicken and a dog as a dog, and she would not do anything to hinder her. A family of four returned to Enshi Laifeng from Yangxian County, Shaanxi Province.

After the operation, Zhang Fuqing woke up and said that he dreamed that his mother was waiting for him at the entrance of the village. Zhang Yulan called and none of the children told her about the amputation, but she still noticed something. Zhang Fuqing seemed to see it snowing, and his thoughts returned to the winter of 1959. He was transferred to Sanhu District, the poorest district in Feng, as the deputy head of the district.

In that ventilated room, Zhang Fuqing and Zhang Yulan took the children through the winter. The drought was serious. Zhang Fuqing took people to explore Ma Kengdong. According to the villagers, there was a thousand-year-old snake spirit here. Zhang Fuqing was bold enough to go in first with a torch, and then tied the rope to his body and said he wanted to go down and take a look. The villagers persuaded him not to go down, otherwise they should explain what is wrong. Zhang Fuqing said that he was fateful, and he found a spring after the end. Zhang Fuqing excitedly shouted to the top that there was water below, but they didn’t expect them to hear that there was a ghost below, and Zhang Fuqing pulled up in all three or seventy-two.

The water was in the makeng hole, and Zhang Fuqing led everyone to divert the water to make a canal. He also patted his chest to ensure that if the snake spirit was alarmed, he would bear the unfortunate thing. One day, Zhang Fuqing received a telegram from his hometown. Zhang’s mother’s illness is critically endangered day and night, but Zhang Fuqing is worried that people will lose their hearts when they leave now, and the drought will drag on for more than 20 days.

Zhang Fuqing collected two hundred and sent it to his family, planning to return to his hometown as soon as the work was completed. That night, Zhang Fuqing smashed the stone all night, but within a few days he received a telegram of his mother’s death.

Zhang Fuqing mobilized the people and finally completed the canal half a year later.

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