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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 12 Recap

The car lost a wheel halfway, and Lao Ma quickly called for someone to find it, but Yu Min pointed to the side and said that the wheel was over there. Yu Min was indeed right, and Ma was a little strange. When they finally arrived at the camp, everyone hurriedly picked up their cups to get warm. But the water here is bitter and mixed with sand, Yuan Jinhong even vomited directly. Yu Minquan drank it. These were all the water that everyone fetched back from dozens of kilometers.

Only in this way could it be stored in the Gobi Desert. The coal was not transported, and the Gobi Desert was terribly cold. Everyone could not sleep in their tents. They only hoped that morning, maybe it won’t be so cold. In order to keep warm, everyone sang “My Motherland and Me, singing into everyone’s heart, supporting everyone to survive the cold.”

Yu Min took people to do the experiment, but he didn’t expect that the instrument broke down on the way it was shipped, and it would have to wait for a new one to be shipped. Lao Ma felt that time was pressing for them to carry out another project, but the test required order, and Yu Min quarreled with him again. In the evening, Yu Min wanted to pick up some firewood, but was teased by the old horse because of his lack of energy, but he still helped. Lao Ma handed a cigarette, Yu Min didn’t know it, but he accepted it anyway. Yu Min and Lao Ma talked about theoretical research. The theory was to build a house, which would collapse once every three days. Only oneself understood the problem, and Lao Ma suddenly admired them. The next day, Lao Ma sent someone to give Yu Min fresh water. The water was no longer bitter and he would not have diarrhea.

Tomorrow is about to zero hour. Yu Min and Lao Ma are excited and nervous. Lao Ma said that they had never been so scared when they charged and fell into battle. Yu Min was also nervous, even his hands were shaking, but as long as the theory was solid, there was nothing to be afraid of. The probability of success in this experiment was 80%. Ma curiously asked Yu Min if this statement was correct, but Yu Min did not answer. On December 28, 1966, the hydrogen bomb principle experiment site. After the countdown, the hydrogen bomb successfully exploded, and everyone was immersed in the joy of the successful experiment of the hydrogen bomb principle. When leaving here, Lao Ma took the soldiers to send them away. After so many days, Lao Ma has recognized Yu Min and understood what he said, believing in science.

Seeing that Yu Min had returned, Sun Yuqin asked him coldly, is she still alive? Yu Min has not been at home for a few days for so many years, and Sun Yuqin is holding the house alone and being a father and mother. Yu Min knows her hard work. Sun Yuqin angered and stuffed her head to work. Yu Min talked about the scene of their first and second meeting and coaxed her awkwardly. Sun Yuqin’s nose turned red and told him to move the briquettes in.

At night, a family of four nestled in a bed. Yu Min told a story to the two children. They were sleepy without saying a few words. Yu Xin always remembered the last time Yu Min didn’t say anything about the planes he didn’t make, and said that he was always away from home, and everyone dared to bully him. In order to support Yu Xin, Yu Min took him to kindergarten and asked him to apologize. On the way back, Yu Xin was much more obedient, and the father and son became much warmer.

On the morning of June 17, 1967, Yu Min prepared the plane and took Yu Xin to try it out. On this day, over Lop Nur, Xinjiang, China’s first hydrogen bomb exploded successfully. After Yu Min and Sun Yuqin took the children to take a complete family portrait, they saw people holding the national flag spontaneously marching yelling long live the motherland, saying that the hydrogen bomb had successfully exploded. Yu Min took out the money and said that he would buy a roast duck, but Sun Yuqin said that there is still a lot of money to spend at home, so he shouldn’t buy it.

Hearing the news about the explosion of the hydrogen bomb on the radio, Yu Min burst into tears and shed a few tears. For him, it was a silent celebration. Yu Min shaved off the beard that had not had time to take care of, and put the national flag on the table for a long time. Sun Yuqin seemed to understand something too, and she shed a few tears silently when she looked at him. After all their dedication and death, the scientific researchers hid their merits and fame deeply, and realized their oath of no regrets to the motherland!

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