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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 14 Recap

It was almost time, but Geng Panpan, who had never been late, didn’t come to pick him up, and turned off the phone, so Guan Xiaoyu had to go alone. She didn’t expect Ouyang Yifan to negotiate business with their magazine.

When Bai Lingling woke up, she saw the same bed with Yang Lanhang and jumped up in shock. She was grateful that Yang Lanhang also hung up the water last night and took care of herself. At this time someone knocked on the door. Yang Lanhang saw that his father and Principal Li were coming together, and he hid the door and did not want them to enter, but Principal Li did not know the situation, and persuaded him from the side. Bai Lingling saw that he couldn’t avoid it, so he had to bite the bullet and come out. .

After discussing the business, Ivan eagerly wanted to send Guan Xiaoyu off, and Guan Xiaoyu said that he would go to Huaihai University to find his boyfriend, but Yifan disagrees. Roommate Fat Li told Guan Xiaoyu that Geng Panpan was missing. They lost four computers and two mobile phones in their dormitory last night, including Geng Panpan’s.

Panpan didn’t come back at the time and they could not contact him and were preparing to call the police. The alarm on Li’s phone rang, they followed the sound and found everything in Geng Panpan’s suitcase. At first the roommates thought it was his prank, but when Panpan came back and asked, he recognized it all. : Some of the flowers and gifts for Guan Xiaoyu were his tuition, and the others were all borrowed.

Now the school urges him to pay the tuition, he has no choice but to take this step. In this case, the school knew that they would be dropped out. As soon as they woke up in the morning, they found that Climb was gone. Ivan on the other side saw Guan Xiaoyu not coming back for a long time, fearing that she would have something to do, and chased after him.

At the meeting, Yang Lanhang’s wonderful explanation won rounds of applause. After he got down, he unceremoniously drank Bai Lingling’s water. After the meeting, Yang Lanhang said that Principal Li had an appointment for dinner in the evening, and his father asked Ling Ling to go with him. Bai Lingling felt a little embarrassed in the morning and didn’t want to go. Yang Lanhang comforted her to explain clearly, and a meal need not be too complicated.

Back to the room, Bai Lingling was inexplicably nervous. She wanted to trim her eyebrows but accidentally shaved off a piece of her eyebrows. She had no choice but to go out to buy eyebrow pencils. Unexpectedly, she ran into Li Feifei when she went out. Li Feifei enthusiastically helped Bai Lingling fill her eyebrows and told her Yang Lanhang was determined to win. She gave Bai Lingling an eyebrow pencil. When she was parting, she suddenly realized whether Bai Lingling was putting on makeup for a date with Yang Lanhang. Bai Lingling didn’t dare to explain and ran away.

Yifan sent Guan Xiaoyu home. Guan Xiaoyu planned to sell her bag to pay off the debt for Panpan. She calculated the money owed by Xiapanpan plus the tuition fee of 50,000 to 60,000 yuan, and all these debts have something to do with her. Must help climb through the difficulties. Yifan proposed to put these bags to his friend who is a second-hand shop, and estimate that the price can be paid at night. Guan Xiaoyu had no better way, so he had to agree. Then Ivan took her to find Dad’s assistant, Mr. Qian, and asked him to help find Geng Panpan through social networks, and they quickly locked the climbing area.

Before the meal, Professor Yang was angry that the academic conference had not yet opened, and his son fell asleep in the same room with the female classmates. President Li and Professor Jiang praised Yang Lanhang as a young talent and young and promising. This is also normal, and the girl is them. The graduate students in the school are pretty good.

Soon Yang Lanhang brought Bai Lingling over, and Professor Jiang was busy playing the drum, saying that Bai Lingling was good. Because Professor Zheng was also there, Zheng Minghao also came over after a while, Bai Lingling was a little embarrassed. During the dinner, Zheng Minghao sent a message asking why Bai Lingling was here. Bai Lingling did not expect that President Zheng was actually Zheng Minghao’s father. Zheng Minghao asked her if she would consider becoming the principal’s daughter-in-law. Bai Lingling refused without hesitation. Zheng Minghao asked if she hadn’t met online dating.

Boyfriend, he and Yang Lanhang are the only ones left on earth. Bai Lingling was not knowing how to answer, Zheng Minghao suddenly stood up and said, Ling Ling came to Shenzhen for the first time and took her out for a stroll. After the two left, Professor Yang was unwilling and complained about how Zheng Minghao could take the people away in front of them. Everyone joked that he had said that he didn’t like people. Yang Lanhang couldn’t sit still, and he wanted to go back to the room. Professor Yang encouraged He needs courage to pursue love.

Guan Xiaoyu sent a message to Panpan that the money issue had been resolved, and everyone was very worried about him. Please reply to the message quickly. After Ivan delivered the bag to his friend’s store, he accompanied Guan Xiaoyu to find Panpan.

Zheng Minghao asked Bai Lingling to choose between him and Yang Lanhang. Bai Lingling said that he already had a boyfriend. Zheng Minghao advised Bai Lingling not to be stupid. She was in love with a mobile phone. He impulsively grabbed Bai Lingling’s hand and said that he was a flesh and blood and sentient. After Bai Lingling stomped him in a hurry and broke free, he hurriedly said goodbye. Zheng Minghao shouted from behind that he would not give up. Yang Lanhang smiled when he saw this scene in the taxi.

Soon, Yifan’s friend returned the message, and Zheng Xiaoyu saw that the price was fair and agreed to pay at night. After looking for a day, she felt so tired. She bought a beer and went to the top of the building to get drunk. She told Ivan that before, she felt that she would fall in love especially. When she met a boy she liked, she would appear as they like within ten minutes. But in front of Panpan, she would just be herself. Fortunately, she felt that she might like climbing.

Ivan told her that people would not relax in front of the people they liked. Guan Xiaoyu blamed herself if she refused to climb earlier, the two would still be good friends. She thanked Ivan for his company. She was surprised that outsiders said that he was bothered and affectionate. He was so kind to herself. It is probably nostalgic. Ivan said to herself that he was not thinking about the old but the one he liked. Guan Xiaoyu was drunk and groggy. Fall asleep leaning on Ivan.

Bai Lingling returned to her room to prepare to order takeaway. Yang Lanhang thoughtfully delivered her food and asked her how to answer Zheng Minghao’s question. He couldn’t tell Bai Lingling his painstaking effort: he applied to Professor Jiang and gave Bai Lingling the exchange place in the laboratory. He paid for it, and Professor Jiang agreed. Yang Lanhang asked the professor to transfer Bai Lingling’s salary to her. Professor Jiang said that he had applied. Since last month, Bai Lingling has counted the regular employees of their laboratory. The salary was paid by the laboratory. Yang Lanhang refused to take it back. Professor Jiang said that Bai Lingling had performed well and gave her a salary increase.

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