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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 24 Recap

Zhuo Wenyuan ecstatically reported to his aunt that he was about to take over the Sang family. But Concubine Zhuo was full of displeasure. Now Taiwei Sang is in jail, not taking this opportunity to uproot the Sang family and wait for more time. Zhuo Wenyuan explained that Tai Wei Sang was quite prestigious in the military, and even if he was removed, it would be inevitable to fall behind others in military power. Sang Qi is the jewel in the palm of Lieutenant Sang, and also his biggest weakness.

If he can take the opportunity to marry Sang Qi, from now on, the Zhuo family and the Sang family will depend on misfortune and good fortune. When the time comes, Taiwei Sang will take care of his daughter’s safety and will certainly take his orders. Hearing these words, Concubine Zhuo Gui was thoughtful.

The notice that Taiwei Sang was about to sell private salt was posted in every corner of Bianjing. The people talked a lot, and they couldn’t believe that Taiwei Sang was such a villain. The government emptied Sang’s house and ordered Sang Qi and others to move out within three days. Sang Qi sat in the yard with empty eyes and despair.

Yan Yunzhi arrived in a hurry and whispered to her to comfort her. Bai Shi hurriedly rushed to the mansion, indicating that the imperial decree had arrived at the mansion, and the official family wanted to give Yan Yunzhi and Su Jieyu an decree to marry him. Hearing this, Yan Yunzhi stood up abruptly and hurriedly returned to the house to resolve the matter. And this news added fuel to the fire for Sang Qi, the sadness in his heart deepened a bit, and tears did not consciously flow to his cheeks.

Now that the Sang family is in a predicament, Yan Yunzhi can’t just sit back and wait for it to be resolved. Master Yan hates iron for failing to make steel. Taiwei Sang’s conviction was meant by the officials. How could it be easily changed. Master Yan and Taiwei Sang served as officials in the court for many years, and he also went to the Zhezi to plead, but it didn’t help. He must have made up his mind if he wanted to come to the official house.

If Yan Yunzhi wanted to create a turnaround, wouldn’t it be impossible to resist the decree? The two old men of the Yan family discouraged them in every possible way, but Yan Yunzhi was determined to help the Sang family escape.

After thinking about it again and again, Sang Qi found Zhuo Wenyuan and agreed to his terms. In a blink of an eye, news that Sang Qi was about to marry Zhuo Wenyuan spread all over the streets. Song Jiayin was puzzled, why Sang Qi always confronted herself, first Yan Yunzhi, and now Zhuo Wenyuan, she really couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. Just thinking about it, Sang Qi walked towards him. Ke Sangqi is now annoying and unwilling to pay attention to Song Jiayin. Seeing that the other party is reluctant and not forgiving, Sang Qi has a plan to make use of Song Jiayin.

In the night, Sang Qi went to the Imperial College to search for Yan Yunzhi, and wanted to cut off his love with him. Seeing Sang Qi coming, Yan Yunzhi put away the sword in his hand and hurried towards her. But Sang Qi took a step back, seemingly alienated. Sang Qi is about to get married tomorrow, but the bridegroom is not Yan Yunzhi.

Ye Jing was strange, even the bright moon above his head looked particularly annoying, the air seemed to freeze, and the wind made people breathless. Sang Qi reminded Yan Yunzhi that they should be careful now. Yan Yunzhi’s eyes were suddenly ruddy, and he flew to stop Sang Qi. He once swore in front of Sang Yu’s tomb that he would surely protect Sang Qi in this life. Right now Sang Gong is in jail, and Sang Qi is forced to marry by Zhuo Wenyuan. How can he stand by.

Yan Yunzhi bought drunk late at night, stumbled to find Yan Yan, his heart was full of sorrow. But Zhuo Wenyuan’s side was full of red happy characters, which was very festive. On the second day, Sang Qi put on a gorgeous wedding dress, which was dazzlingly beautiful. It’s just that her face is not like that of other brides, her face is full of coldness and meaninglessness. The welcoming team has already taken to the market, and Bianjing City suddenly becomes lively. Yan Yunzhi stopped the sedan chair and exposed Zhuo Wenyuan’s tricks in public.

Jia Ding stepped forward to stop Yan Yunzhi, but he was pushed away one by one. Zhuo Wenyuan had been prepared for a long time, with a look in his eyes, several martial arts high-powered people flashed out to surround Yan Yunzhi. Yan Yunzhi still refused to leave, letting those clubs hit him fiercely. He shouted, hoping that Sang Qi could remember the vows she had said to herself and could think clearly about her own choices. But helplessly, the sedan chair hurried past him.

Zhuo Wenyuan happily told the bride about his love, and excitedly unveiled her red hijab. Unexpectedly, the bride who came back from the sedan chair was not Sang Qi, but Song Jiayin. It turns out that all of this is a play performed by Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi for Zhuo Wenyuan. At this time, they are interrogating Wei Zhanhong. Knowing that it was Xi Zhao who killed his father and enemy, Wei Zhanhong followed Yan Yunzhi into the palace and revealed the truth.

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