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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 23 Recap

After interrogation, Ding Hao’s previous testimony was all overturned. Now that the testimony is inconsistent, Yan Saburo also has reason to ask the official to retry the case of the Yan family. As for the outcome of the Yan family, everything has to wait for the official decision.

The rain at night is pattering, dripping into people’s hearts, making people upset and uneasy. Yan Yan was lying in prison, not knowing what he was thinking. Surprisingly, Lian Pian and Sang Qi came to visit him together. Seeing Lian Pian’s worry, Yan Yan hurriedly encouraged him and promised that he would go out innocently soon. And he also thought about it clearly. After he was released from prison, he would marry Lian Pian. Even if he was beaten up by his mother, he would marry Lian Pian as a matchmaker. Lian Pian couldn’t help herself, but for her, as long as Yan Yan was safe, she would be willing to be nameless and undistributed.

The two of you, according to my strong appearance, really made Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi on the side goosebumps, but the jailer was puzzled by the style, and forcibly drove Lian Pian and the others out. But who knew the real purpose of the jailer was to open the door to Yan Yan. Several people were surprised and happy, and quickly left this place of right and wrong.

Concubine Zhuo Gui was very angry when Yan Yan was released from prison. But when you think about it carefully, their purpose is actually not the Yan family. As long as the tail is dealt with quickly, let the Yan family live a happy life for a few days. Concubine Zhuo confessed that she had heard an interesting story recently, saying that it was Song Jiayin who claimed that she was Zhuo Wenyuan’s wife. Zhuo Wenyuan was a little surprised, and hurriedly explained that this was not what he thought, but Song Jiayin was talking to himself.

Concubine Zhuo had her own thoughts, she was very happy to become relatives with the Song family. The Song family’s power in the dynasty is not inferior to the Sang family, and the Song family and the Zhuo family have been cooperating closely. If Zhuo Wenyuan married Song Jiayin, it would be considered a solid support of the Song family. But this Song family is a famous wall-to-head grass, now it is falling here, I don’t know where it will fall tomorrow, Zhuo Wenyuan only thinks that he should be careful in cooperating with the Song family.

Sang Qi helped the table fall into a deep sleep, Yan Yunzhi came in and saw it, then gently awakened her. The two went on a boat trip, laughing and playing, unknowingly it was late at night. Under the bright moon, the evening breeze was blowing slowly in people’s hearts. Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi hugged each other, looking up at the endless starry sky, the beauty was intoxicating. The two laughed and cursed, and Sang Qi pretended to be annoyed and stood up suddenly. One of Yan Yun took her hand and pressed her under him. The moonlight shines through the hair of the two of them, and is covered with an ambiguous and sweet veil.

On this day, news came that Lieutenant Sang was arrested by the government. According to Yan Yan, he was discussing countermeasures with the Taiwei in the mansion, and suddenly a group of officers and soldiers came and led the imperial decree to take the Taiwei away. Sang Qi was puzzled. Although his father was pleading for the Yan family, he had never overstepped the rules, let alone annoyed the officials. In desperation, Sang Qi had to find Zhuo Wenyuan. Zhuo Wenyuan also knew the purpose of Sang Qi’s visit this time, and promised to protect Sang Gong comprehensively.

Sang Qi quietly went to visit his father in prison, his face was full of worry. Suddenly, Taiwei Sang couldn’t provide any clues. On the other side, Yan Yan learned from Master Yan that someone had identified Taiwei Sang, and that this person was the person they were familiar with—Wei Zhanhong. This news shocked everyone. Ever since the Wei family was exiled, Wei Zhanhong disappeared. Everyone felt that he would undoubtedly die if he fell into the cliff. But now that he suddenly appeared, putting the Sang family into trouble, there must be something strange.

In order to find the clues of Wei Zhanhong, Sang Qi invited the students to gather and asked about Wei Zhanhong’s whereabouts, but he ended up without a problem. At the same time, Yan Saburo searched the whole city, but he didn’t get any results. This thing is like a kite with a broken wire, without the slightest clue. Sang Qi suddenly thought of someone, maybe he has a way. With that, Sang Qi found Zhuo Wenyuan, but the other party didn’t seem to know the whereabouts of Wei Zhanhong. However, Zhuo Wenyuan promised that Sang Qi would rescue Taiwei Sang, on condition that Sang Qi married into Zhuo’s family. Sang Qi strongly opposed, but she had nothing to do now.

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