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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 8 Recap

Yu Xu came this time for Yu Min. She wrote to the unit and was returned. The people didn’t come back for more than a week. People from her hometown in Hebei said that Yu Min had been expelled. Sun Yuqin didn’t know how to explain it. In short, Yu Min didn’t say that she should keep it secret. Yu Min and Lu Jie fished for a long time, but they only caught a small fish.

They carefully analyzed whether it was a technical problem or a theoretical problem, which was a bit funny. When Yu Min got off work, Yu Su had already left. She was actually unwilling to stay for dinner. Yumother didn’t have much fish, and she was afraid that Yu Min would not be able to eat enough. Sun Yuqin talked about Yu Xun’s home, but Yu Min had already turned a deaf ear to computing, and finally came to the conclusion that the American journal was wrong!

The calculation results are the most authoritative journals in the world. Lu Jie and others are full of doubts about Min’s results, but Yu Min believes that science does not believe in authority, and he believes in his calculations. Everyone chose to believe in Lu Jie, but Lu Jie chose to believe in Yu Min and stood on the side of the truth. Lu Jie was also willing to bet and lose, but Yu Min hadn’t figured out what to do with him, so he asked him to write an IOU and write it down. In the end, the leader decided to abandon the wrong model, and Yu Min avoided a loss of hundreds of millions of yuan and a waste of three years.

In the middle of the night, Sun Yuqin had a big belly. When she felt that she was about to give birth, she asked her neighbor sister Liu to take care of Yu Yuan. She took her toiletries and went to the hospital. The pain on the road was even more unbearable. Sun Yuqin gave birth to a boy, Yu mother was very happy, and so was Yu Min. Yu mother replied that Yu Min didn’t care about family affairs and turned to look for the fallen old hen, making Yu Min and his wife dumbfounded.

Yu Min spent a whole day in Lao Hao’s office, asking for more computer time, but she couldn’t leave. Old Hao was extremely helpless, Yu Min was very good, but scientific research also had to take the overall situation into consideration. Yu Min insisted on adding two more hours a week. Old Hao reluctantly went down to find the leader, and the methods used for Min were consumed in his office. A newcomer came to the group. Yu Min Culture and Sports grabbed an assessment. In the end, only one person passed his assessment, and this person was Yuan Jinhong. He came from a bad background and had a lot of problems, but Yu Min made up his mind to want this person.

Yu Min took Yuan Jinhong to calculate the data in the computer room and found that the data was wrong. Yu Min judged that the machine was broken. He visited a maintenance master. He didn’t expect that he was right. Yuan Jinhong admired him very much. Researchers stayed up day and night, calculating data, and gradually some people couldn’t stand it up. Lu Jie asked Lao Hao to make some eggs for everyone to make up, but he couldn’t make it. Lao Hao played cards with Lu Jie and Yu Min. Yuan Jinhong was a little depressed. People all over the country were waiting for them to build a hydrogen bomb, but is it appropriate for them to play cards here? The three of Old Hao glanced at him and said, sharpening their knives without accidentally cutting wood.

The chickens in the family lay eggs, and Sun Yuqin saved the eggs so that Min came back to eat together. The two children watched eagerly. Yu Yuan didn’t want to eat, but wanted to eat eggs. Sun Yuqin asked her to count the days. Yu Min came back in two days. Yu Min came back as soon as the voice fell, saying that he came back to get things. He took the eggs back and rewarded them to Lu Jie who had made progress. In the future, whoever made progress would eat eggs.

Yu Yuan noticed that the egg in the cupboard had been lost and called to Sun Yuqin, with only the IOU left by Yu Min inside. Because of too much pressure, Lu Jie suffered from insomnia. Yu Min and others watched him sleepy and quickly closed the curtains and turned on the lights, saying that it had already been two o’clock in the middle of the night to call him back to sleep. The windows of the dormitory had been nailed up by a few people long ago, creating an illusion in the middle of the night. Only then did Lu Jie slept peacefully and slept for a full 18 hours.

Sun Yuqin borrowed an egg from Sister Liu and made egg drop soup for the two children. The research has encountered difficulties and has been unable to make progress. The above asks them to give an explanation. Lu Jie reminded Yu Min that some people think this is a political issue, let him pay attention.

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