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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 7 Recap

In January 1961, Yu Min, a researcher in basic fields, was suddenly taken away for questioning. It was about his uncle Yu Zhenlin, who was a logistics officer in the KMT, because he had to take care of his grandmother’s family, and Yu Min gave him remittances every month. money. After Yu Min was taken away, his wife Sun Yuqin hurriedly took her daughter to the leader, Lao Hao, and asked him if he had made a big mistake. Old Hao quickly went to the minister, he absolutely believed in Yu Min. With the assurance of Minister Lao Hao and Minister, Yu Min was able to get away.

Yu Min and Sun Yuqin have been preparing for studying abroad, and for this reason they also specially changed a particularly beautiful suit. Old Hao came to Yu Min in a hurry, and asked Yu Min to talk about things under the pretext of watching a show. Yu Min could see Lao Hao’s intentions, and Sun Yuqin went home with her daughter Yu Yuan. After watching the play, Lao Hao said that he wanted to transfer Yu Min to other fields to do pre-research work on hydrogen bomb theory.

Yu Min agreed. Lao Hao was surprised at his refreshment. He was a character, but once he passed, he would start from scratch. He nodded not only to give up studying abroad, but also to give up all the honors he had before, but also to bring this secret to anonymity. In the grave, no one will know what Yu Min is doing from tomorrow, including his family. Yu Min’s attitude is still very firm. If you want peace, you must have the confidence not to fight. This is nuclear balance. Since what we have created is confidence, this is a matter of the survival of the country, and we must do it!

Sun Yuqin didn’t know this at all, and was still preparing for studying abroad, practicing English hard. Yu Min told the master that he didn’t need to change his clothes into suits. In the evening, he told Sun Yuqin that he could only come back every Sunday and would not go abroad. Sun Yuqin really couldn’t figure out what Yu Min was going to do, Lao Hao was also stubborn, and Yu Min simply followed her words and said it was a bomb. On the next day, Yu Min went to work formally.

On the first day, he heard everyone arguing about a professional issue. He also said a few words and analyzed the areas that everyone was good at thoroughly. After Lao Hao arrived, everyone knew that the person who seemed to be very powerful was Yu Min. Lao Hao arranged for Yu Min to partner with Lu Jie, but maybe Lu Jie ignored Yu Min in the argument just now.

Sun Yuqin burned a thick notebook full of English words, and Yu Min devoted himself to the theoretical research on the basis of hydrogen bombs. Lu Jie has not been convinced by Yu Min, so he made a bet with Yu Min, and his colleagues huddled together to watch their excitement. Yu Min lost to Lu Jie and ran around the playground several times and shouted “I lost to Lu Jie”. But Yu Min just lost to Lu Jie. Just after running, Yu Min said that there were problems with his algorithm and the data in the newspaper. Lu Jie dismissed it.

Yu Min was always the first to go to the cafeteria to have a meal, and when he left, he brought some carrot sticks. His colleagues thought he was trying to take advantage. Lu Jie also satirized him that he shouldn’t do this, and secretly took the carrot sticks away. Lu Jie didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem until Yu Min lay on the table with unbearable abdominal pain. Yu Min had a duodenal ulcer only after he was sent to the infirmary.

Hungry is more likely to aggravate the pain, which is also an old problem. After this, everyone solved the misunderstanding about Min. After returning to work again, Yu Min found that his drawer was full of food. Yu Min was also busy studying when he returned home on the weekend. Recently, there was a shortage of food. Sun Yuqin asked him to cut some willow sprouts. As for how to eat, she had a way.

Scientific research work is difficult, coupled with the lack of food, people often stay hungry at night and stare at Venus, as is Lu Jie. In order to solve this problem, Yu Min took everyone into the water to fish, but he was not very good at water, so he waited on the shore. Yu Min’s sister Yu Su came to the house, and the neighbors heard that Yu Minzheng had a problem with him. Sun Yuqin wanted to divorce him, so Yu Su brought so many things to persuade her.

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