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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 10 Recap

While waiting for the calculation results, everyone was playing drums, and Yu Min and Lu Jie took the lead in memorizing poems. When the calculation result came out, Yuan Jinhong shook his head, Yu Min couldn’t hide his disappointment. The calculation results were always unsatisfactory, and Yu Min could only contact Lao Hao. The minister came as soon as he hung up the phone, and the minister asked him if he had made any breakthroughs in hydrogen bomb theory research. Old Hao could only answer truthfully, not for the time being. The Minister wanted to call them back, and Lao Hao chased the Minister for time, from one month to one week to five days. The minister agreed, but five days is enough.

Time is running out and the problem lies in front of him. Yu Min can’t even sleep well, and constantly argues with the other self in his heart. Yu Min knew that he should hurry up, the country was anxious, but he must steadily hit the hydrogen bomb and take every step well. Yu Min woke up sweating profusely, and Lu Jie came. The problem now is like flying a kite, knowing where it is but unable to catch the thread, as long as you catch this thread you can run. Yu Min and Lu Jie talked about their new ideas, and Lu Jie hurried back to tell everyone what he thought, preparing two models to try his method, it should be possible! But after a busy night, the calculation result is still not very satisfactory.

The five days promised by Lao Hao arrived, and the leader waited for news on the phone. Lao Hao finally had no choice but to call Shanghai East China Computer Research Institute. In Shanghai, Yu Minmeng washed his face and went back to the computer room to fight with everyone. The calculation started again, and the machine suddenly had a problem and needed to be restarted.

I don’t know how long it will take. Yu Min said that everyone had been waiting for more than a hundred days, and he didn’t care about it for a while. Old Hao called to find Yu Min, but if he was in the computer room, he could wait. Yu Min and Lu Jie are playing chess, the machine has been restarted, and the calculation results have come out. Yuan Jinhong called Yu Min and Lu Jie, and it was done! After many calculations, it is confirmed that it is correct, and it is indeed a success! The computer room fell into cheers, but Yu Min fainted again.

After waking up, Yu Min hurried back to the courtyard and talked with Lao Hao. In order to keep it secret, the two did not directly speak out on the phone, but when Yu Min told Lao Hao that he was only one step away from winning, Lao Hao was very excited and hurried. See you in Shanghai. Yu Min called Sun Yuqin again, Yu Xin was crying over there, and Sun Yuqin hung up after greeted him. Yu Min would think of the second meeting with Sun Yuqin. At that time, he bought Sun Yuqin glass stockings made in Shanghai, and then there was no money to buy her noodles. Sun Yuqin paid the money empathetically, and worried that he had no money to buy the ticket and returned the socks.

Lu Jie went to help Yao Lan repair the light bulb. Yao Lan boldly invited him to dance again when he was studying abroad, but Lu Jie refused, because his family had married him. Yao Lan asked him if he liked her, Lu Jie didn’t respond, and the two said goodbye and left. Lao Hao and Yu Min were chatting, and this time he was the first to take the lead.

The appointment of the two was equivalent to Min returning to Beijing to invite him to the show. Yuan Jinhong’s wife brought a lot of delicious food to everyone. Everyone gathered for a drink. Because of the special reasons for work, family members and lovers didn’t understand. Yuan Jinhong’s wife even filed a divorce with him, saying that this home is not. Need him. Yuan Jinhong was so drunk, Lao Hao passed by and heard these words with mixed feelings in his heart.

The next day, Lao Hao had an accident on his plane back to Beijing. The plane crashed and Lao Hao died as a result.

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