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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 9 Recap

Jiulong Tiannv and the aunts played mahjong, and the noisy doorbell rang, waking Duan Shui Liu who was sleeping, how many women came in? I bombarded the broken section of the water, because he couldn’t answer the text messages or the phone, and accidentally told him about his previous stay in the warehouse, but was interrupted by Duan Shuiliu, because she didn’t want the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl to hear it. Jiutian Dragon Girl is playing mahjong with her aunt.

Auntie didn’t forget to tease him when she saw this, thinking that Duan Shuiliu was a single and dedicated man. The Nine Heavens Dragon Girl immediately asked Duan Shuiliu who these people were? He could only explain in a pale and feeble way that it was a colleague relationship. These people told Duan Shui Liu that the sky had changed outside, and their company was used as a target to kill a hundred people. Several female Internet celebrities in the company have been banned.

The aunts also advised Jiu Tian Long Nu to stop being with Duan Shui Liu. Duan Shui Liu hurriedly invited the aunts out. When he came back, he saw several female Internet celebrities from the company sitting with Jiu Tian Long Nu, although he wanted to explain. , But reluctantly by those female Internet celebrities, they thought that Duan Shuiliu was using her when she was with her. Because these female Internet celebrities think Duan Shuiliu wants to treat Jiu Tian Long Nu as an online celebrity.

In fact, he really likes the Jiu Tian Long Nu and she is not an online celebrity either. But Jiutian Dragon Girl believed their words, thinking that Duan Shuiliu was using him and amusing her, saying that she was a princess was also a fake, but at this time Duan Shuiliu was going to solve the company’s troubles, so you asked Jiutianlong to wait at home. he.

In the Tathagata, Chen Meiru’s company came to him because they thought it was Chen Meiru who cancelled their account. In fact, Duan Shuiliu used things 12 years ago to mock Meiru. After the boss came in, the video leaked last night. The ip address is Meiru, the boss said to Meiru is very unpleasant, so Duan Shuiliu gave him a beating. Afterwards, Duan Shuiliu apologized to Meiru. In fact, Duan Shuiliu is an affectionate man. Although he can’t give the Nine Dragon Goddess the past, he is willing to give her the future.

Jiang Huizhen and the leader of the troupe were rehearsing for the official performance. Suddenly the beauty came over. Huizhen still put down her work and went to her. Zhen still believes in Meiru as always. No matter what she decides, she supports her, but its real benefit will be premiered tomorrow. She still tries to comfort Meiru and tell her that there are many beautiful things in her diary. The beauty was like tears and she felt sorry for Huizhen, because she only cared about her own affairs and ignored Huizhen. She wished Huizhen could become a big star. Huizhen turned around and hugged Meiru as she said she would, and she would definitely do it.

After returning home, Duan Shuiliu found that the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl had gone. After searching for a long time, she could not find it in many places. Duan Shuiliu was very anxious. At this time, the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl was sitting by the river in Wushan, thinking about what happened these days, what Duan Shuiliu had said to her, but couldn’t figure it out. Suddenly, she was seen by the second aunt passing by and took her home and cooked for her. However, because the second aunt said that the water flow often followed Meiru as a child, she also said that he might like Meiru when he was a child, which made Jiu Tian Long Nu feel misunderstood. , Thought Duan Shuiliu used her to get close to Meiru, and became even more angry.

Murong Jaylun found Meiru who was drunk and carried her home.

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