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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 10 Recap

Facing the face is a beautiful and proud speech. She likes her current job very much. She can accurately cut off those excessive desires. Adults should control the boundaries of desires. That’s why he chooses this career. But now, she quit her job. It is because there is one thing in the world that cannot be controlled and has no boundaries, that is love. He is not like civilization that can start and end from beginning to end if he is organized, he is still very unreasonable, and there is no tutorial. Only by embracing surprises and embracing the unknown can he no longer fear the loss of control that may occur in life.

It turns out that everything is beautiful as a dream. When I woke up, it was already afternoon. Murong Jaylen’s voice woke him up. She looked back and found that Murong Jaylen was sitting on the table. It turned out that it was because of last night. After drinking, he must wear Prince Murong’s clothes as if he was a different person, and acted on her.

But as beautiful as a fairy, he puts medicine on Murong Jaylun, but Murong Jaylun can do anything for the sake of beauty. Meiru decided to open her heart knot, be happy, relax, and don’t bring the shadow 12 years ago to today 12 years later. Only in this way is the real happiness. At this time, Meiru and Prince Murong are very happy together. very happy.

Jiang Huizhen’s graceful dance is shining in the light. Her dream is realized through her hard work. Today is her first performance. She will work hard to make her in Meiru’s diary a real self. Ouyang Wenshan is holding a costume specially ordered for Huizhen, but Jiang Huizhen is still scenting his body, whether he is scented every night, but he has not dared to say it. In fact, he still misses Ouyang Wenshan and does not want to cold war. , I hope he will be there during the performance.

Duan Shuiliu came to look for her because the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl could not be found. At this time, Murong Jaylen and Meiru went to the company together. Meiru had overcome her own heart knot, and she was going to the boss to rigorously explain the incident.

Confident Meiru walked into the company and decided to start again. Duan Shuiliu decided to tell the truth in the diary to the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl, but Jiang Hui really disagreed. Meiru finally managed to adjust her state. She didn’t want anyone to break their state, but he insisted on going it alone. He felt that this was the only way to get peace of mind. However, Duan Shuiliu Indiscriminately, he also confessed the truth that he had not burned the diary in person.

Murong Jaylun found outside the car that there was another crow that attacked him last time. Meiru came to the company to find the boss, and according to the boss’s instructions, he fined him half a month’s salary and apologized at the regular meeting. However, Meiru believes that the person who apologized should not be him, but the boss should give him his remarks that day. I apologize, because she publicly humiliated Meiru’s behavior, and Meiru has decided to resign, but the boss did not hear her and felt that she would not make any work decisions today.

She also brought a headset and didn’t listen to Meiru. In the speech, the beauty at this time, if you find out that there are many crows outside, it is very wrong. At this time, the nine days dragon girl also found the company to make the company miserable. Although the water arrived at this time, the nine days dragon girl did not believe him anymore. If that happened, knock him and Chen Meiru to the ground.

Murong Jaylen came to the company because he was worried that Meiru came to the company, but was attacked by a crow. Duan Shuiliu’s diary was also overturned in the water. All fainted.

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