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Beyond Prescriptions 灵丹妙药不及你 Episode 5 Recap

Lin Xiang feels that Pei Yingying fits well with Equanimity in terms of appearance and family background. The most important thing is that Pei Yingying has a deep love for Equanimity Tianyi, but Equanimity only regards Pei Yingying as his sister. Lin Xiang does not understand why Equanimity is so in love with Yihua, but Equanimity Tian. Just like Yihua’s frankness.

When Yungui helped Yihua carry the medicine package, he could tell the medicinal materials and the amount of it. Yihua sighed that no one in Xiangyun County could match Yungui’s sense of smell, which made Yungui very proud. The two talked about the Roche Pharmacy. Yun Gui felt that the patients seemed to be addicted to seeing a doctor in the Roche Pharmacy. This sentence inspired Yihua. Yihua searched through the medical books left by his father and found no cases of addiction due to treatment. Yungui decided to help Yihua figure out the reason.

Yun Gui wants to gamble with Luo Yingnian. If Luo Yingnian loses, he has to hand over the patient’s prescription to Yun Gui. The insidious Luo Yingnian immediately agreed and signed a life and death agreement with Yungui. Who can smell the prescription in the decoction first in the match between the two, Luo Yingnian designed Yungui with two injections after seeing Yungui’s momentum like a broken bamboo. The slight tingling did not attract Yun Gui’s attention, but he gradually began to lose his ability, and finally lost the game.

After Yihua’s free clinic returned, he saw Luo Yingnian’s people moving things at the Cihua Medical Center. After asking the reason, I learned that Yungui’s bet was the Cihua Medical Center. Yihua took out the land deed and said that Yungui had no right to dispose of his own property. Luo Yingnian ordered his subordinates to cut off Yungui’s hands, which was also an agreement in the life and death agreement. Yihua asked why Yungui was so reckless. Yungui explained that he was betting with Luo Yingnian because Yihua was sure of his sense of smell, and his purpose was to help her, so Yihua could only leave the medical clinic helplessly. .

The shop Xiaoer wanted Yihua to pay a high price to stay in the store. Yihua stubbornly lived in the ruined temple. The guilty Yungui followed all the way, but Yihua ignored him. Yun Gui spread his clothes on the hay and let Yihua lie down. Then he found a wood to burn him. Seeing that Yihua didn’t appreciate it, Yun Gui silently walked outside the temple gate to help Yihua watch the night. The Cihua Medical Center was the only property left to Yungui by his father, and the books and materials in the medical center were the hard work of his father and her. Yihua was very sad to think of it here.

Thinking that Yihua was asleep, Yungui went into the temple and added firewood to keep warm. At this time, it was raining outside. Seeing that Yungui was about to go out again, Yihua pretended to be asleep and let Yungui stay. Yungui asked if Yihua was Still caring about herself, Yihua denied, and Yungui once again expressed her apologies.

Yungui saw that Yihua didn’t even notice that his clothes were on fire. Yihua smelled the smoke and helped Yungui put out the fire, but felt strange. Yiyungui’s sense of smell shouldn’t not be able to smell the smoke. Yihua asked Yungui for some details and found two silver needles on the top of Yungui’s head. These two silver needles not only caused Yungui’s sense of smell, but also lost the pain. Unfortunately, the two of them were unable to prove the silver needle for the time being. It was in the year of Luo Ying.

Early the next morning, Jiantian found the ruined temple and asked Yihua to stay in the Fangzhai temporarily. Yihua felt that his father had a life-saving grace for Jiantian, so it would be no problem to trouble him for a few days. Yungui also wants to live with Yihua in the Fangzhai. Fiantian didn’t plan to do so, but seeing Yihua tacitly agreed, he could only agree.

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