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Beyond Prescriptions 灵丹妙药不及你 Episode 4 Recap

Yihua went to the county office to file a lawsuit against the county magistrate Pei Bingming for catching innocent mistakes and teaching her daughters innocent. She pointed out that Pei Yingying falsely accused Tong Yungui of the medicine, which damaged the reputation of Cihua Medical Center. Pei Bingming felt that her daughter Pei Yingying came back covered with blood and there was no false accusation.

Yihua bluntly said that the blood on Pei Yingying’s body was animal blood, and she also revealed that Pei Yingying had administered the medicine in the water tank of the Cihua Medical Center before, and Pei Yingying screamed hard. Hua was lying. Yihua said that Jianjian Tian and Lin Xiang were witnesses, and Jianhua Tian was unwilling to testify because of the friendship he grew up with Pei Yingying. Pei Bingming decided to temporarily return Yun Yun to prison, and will be tried after Lin Xiang has been asked. Yihua knew that Pei Bingming was an upright official and left.

Jian Fian Tian was very angry about Pei Yingying’s medicine, and Pei Yingying had to sell her miserable hope that Fen Tian would forgive herself. Pei Yingying asked Lin Xiang not to prove her medicine. She also threatened Lin Xiang not to help herself this time. After that, she would not help him as a cover for lazy absenteeism.

Uncle Wang, a former patient of Yihua, asked Yihua to borrow money. He borrowed money to go to the Roche Clinic to buy medicine. Yihua said that he was also a doctor and he could treat him for free, but Uncle Wang only wanted to borrow money. The kind-hearted Yihua Holding the money, I wanted to say a few words, but Uncle Wang hurried away after snatching the money. Uncle Wang’s behavior made Yihua very puzzled.

Qin Yuening thought of Luo Yingnian in the room of Zuisheng Pavilion. Luo Yingnian showed up in time to stop Qin Yuening and invite her to drink. Qin Yuening praised Luo Yingnian’s wine. Luo Yingnian said that only such precious wine can be used. To be worthy of Qin Yuening, the two of them pushed the cups to change, and Luo Yingnian’s hand was placed on Qin Yuening’s.

Yihua went to the county office to inquire about the case. Because of Lin Xiang’s avoidance, Pei Bingming said that Yungui was indeed guilty. Yihua took out the powder prepared in advance and said that this was the aphrodisiac that Yungui threw away at that time, and the packaging of this aphrodisiac had the flavor of powder that Pei Yingying used to be. Pei Bingming didn’t believe that Pei Yingying would be so bad, so he ate the powder.

Only then was Pei Yingying anxious to let Pei Bingming spit it out. At this point, Pei Bingming, who understood the whole story, released the cloud. Yihua said that the powder he took out was only flour. An angry Pei Bingming beat Pei Yingying, and Pei Yingying complained aggrievedly that Pei Bingming only cared about being a good county magistrate but never gave his father the care he deserved.

Yihua gave Yungui a needle pack and taught him how to get the needle to relieve his dysphoria, but Yungui accidentally scratched the needle pack. When Dangguiyun was hitting the probe line workshop, he happened to run into the equation day, the equation day. When I learned that Yihua personally sews a purse for Guiyun, I left with a complicated mood.

Lin Xiang told the news to Pei Yingying, which revived the sad Pei Yingying, and she decided to make a lot of purses for Fian Tian. Pei Bingming felt very relieved to see Pei Yingying behave as a female celebrity. Pei Yingying, who is not good at female red, gave the elaborate pouches to Equanimity Tian. For some reason, Equanimity Tian said that she did not like purses. Pei Yingying thinks that Equanimity Tian became a catcher to protect herself, so she directly kissed Equanimity Tian, ​​but in fact, Equanion Tian became a catcher because of Yihua’s words when she was a child. Lin Xiang peeped outside the room but was found, but he had no choice but to pretend to happen by chance and push the door into the room.

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