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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 22 Recap

Song Jiayin also didn’t expect Zhuo Wenyuan to make this move, yelling with anger. But Zhuo Wenyuan’s face was close at hand, even his breathing and his body temperature were very clear. Song Jiayin’s heart suddenly became confused, looking at Zhuo Wenyuan at a loss. When she reacted, she changed into the look of the wayward eldest lady before. Zhuo Wenyuan suddenly approached her, trying to help her put on a hairpin. Song Jiayin dodged backwards subconsciously, but Zhuo Wenyuan’s heart was firmly grasped, and he could only let him slowly approach him. Zhuo Wenyuan seemed to smell the familiar smell on Song Jiayin’s body, and suddenly became cold and told her to go home as soon as possible.

Song Jia was stunned in the same place. Before she could get away from Zhuo Wenyuan’s gentle atmosphere, she saw Zhuo Wenyuan coming out of the back room, whispering in a low voice, saying that she would take her home. Song Jiayin nodded blankly, and obediently followed Zhuo Wenyuan away. Zhuo Wenyuan greeted Taiwei Song politely, but the eyes of the two of them flashed a fierceness that was not easily detectable by outsiders. After everyone left, Zhuo Wenyuan asked Song Taifu whether he had used that gallery to buy Song Jiayin any spices. Taifu Song thought about it, and knew that Song Mansion was going to be targeted by Yan Yunzhi.

In the past, the Imperial College only recruited famous people, but now it is rare to open to the outside world. Several men were discussing the Imperial College, and suddenly mentioned Sang Qi, complaining that there should be a female classic here, which is really unreasonable. Others took over the conversation and mocked Sang Qi for entering the Imperial College because she was the daughter of the Taiwei Mansion. Maybe the so-called opening of the door was entirely to make way for a wealthy family like Taiwei Sang’s family. There was a lot of discussion in the classics room, and Yan Yunzhi could not bear to step forward to refute, but was stopped by Sang Qi.

Sang Qi calmly stepped forward and admitted that he was indeed able to enter the Imperial College because of his family ties, but it was his own efforts to gain fame and obtain the post of classics. The two men still refused to accept it and offered to have a try with Sangqi. Sang Qi responded happily and decided to take the school exam with the other party. There is a large collection of books in the classics room, but Sang Qi remembers it by heart, and she can quickly find a book if the other party says anything. After that, Sang Qi quickly found the book that the man said, and recommended another better book to them with reasonable grounds. The two men fell silent, lowering their heads at a loss.

Sang Qi admitted that he was admitted to the Imperial College more or less because of family relations, but the criticism he received far exceeded that of others. The so-called Guangkaimendi is not just a gimmick, but it wants everyone to treat each student in a fair manner. It does not require too much research or criticism from others. It only needs to be at the Imperial College with peace of mind. Just learn. Everyone nodded in agreement, and was convinced by what the female classic said. Yan Yunzhi, who was originally worried, immediately let go of his nervousness when he heard this, and smiled in relief.

It was almost the eighth day of August, and that was Yan Yunzhi’s birthday. Yan Yunzhi was embarrassed to speak to Sang Qi, so Yan Yan pretended to reveal it to Sang Qi accidentally. Who knows that this kid is not reliable at all, and when he saw Lian Pian, he forgot about it. When the time came to the eighth day of August, Yan Yunzhi looked forward to looking for Sang Qi, but was pulled into Sang Mansion. Seeing the table full of delicacies, Yan Yunzhi smiled with joy, thinking that everyone had specially prepared it for himself. But who knows that this table was actually prepared to celebrate Yan Yan’s stay in Sang Mansion for a month.

In the quiet night, Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi sat side by side, the moonlight was soft, and the atmosphere was very ambiguous. But Yan Yunzhi looked unhappy. Sang Qi hurriedly took out the birthday gift he prepared for him, and Yan Yunzhi immediately showed a smile. The two talked and laughed in the moonlight, very happy. Unexpectedly, the butler hurried over and told the two that Jingzhao’s Mansion had checked the Yan’s Mansion and that Taishi was also arrested. The two hurried to Yan’s house, but the door had been sealed.

Long before this, Yan Saburo followed his previous thoughts and found a salt merchant named Ding Hao. Before he was tortured, he insisted on the convenience that the Yan family forced him to do work for the Taishi Mansion. They also took out a set of accounts. The date, amount, and transactions with whom were all written clearly and plainly, without a trace of flaws. . After the officials learned about it, they ordered the Yan Mansion overnight.

Sang Qi pretended to be a criminal, pretending to be in pain after being sentenced. Seeing Sang Qi going mad, Ding Hao, who was as timid as a mouse, collapsed to the ground in fright. Yan Yunzhi stepped into the cell violently, causing Sang Qi to be dragged away and pretending to be sentenced to Ding Hao.

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