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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 21 Recap

Seeing that Yan Yunzhi was about to fight Zhuo Wenyuan in the ring, trying to be the son-in-law of the Sang family, Song Jiayin agreed, and hurried to the ring to urge his younger brother Song Luotian to fight Zhuo Wenyuan. Not to mention whether Song Luotian was Zhuo Wenyuan’s opponent, even Sang Qi did not agree with Song Luotian to intervene in this matter. Yan Yunzhi was worried that there would be some moths, so he hurriedly prepared to start.

In the arena, Sang Gong gave an order and the competition began. Zhuo Wenyuan’s eyes were piercing, and he stepped forward to attack. I saw him leaping up and heading straight to Yan Yunzhi. Yan Yunzhi reacted quickly, raising his hand to block Zhuo Wenyuan’s kick, and then slammed backward to avoid the attack. Zhuo Wenyuan didn’t slack in the slightest, and quickly attacked again. At present, Zhuo Wen is far offensive and Yan Yun is defending.

Lian Pian on the side looked interested, thinking that the two men would have a long dialogue before the match to express their love for the sweetheart, but in the end she didn’t say a word and went straight to it.

Contestants are most tired of the opponent’s refusal to make a move, and have a feeling of being looked down upon by the opponent. Zhuo Wenyuan attacked continuously, but Yan Yunzhi kept defending. He couldn’t help but rise in anger and violently attacked Yan Yunzhi. Yan Yun changed his defensive momentum and rose to fight back, hitting Zhuo Wenyuan in the stomach.

Zhuo Wenyuan clutched his stomach and his face was painful, and after a little calm, he continued to launch a fierce attack, but he was still defeated. Zhuo Wenyuan, who was beaten to the ground, suddenly took out a hidden weapon, but fortunately, Yan Yunzhi’s eyes were golden and dodged in time. But Sang Qi on the side squeezed the corner of his clothes tightly, and his heart tightened suddenly.

Yan Yunzhi reacted instantly and threw Zhuo Wenyuan out of the ring. Sang Gong walked slowly to the ring and raised Yan Yunzhi’s hand to announce the winner. The people at the scene even clapped their hands and applauded, and Sang Qi embraced Yan Yunzhi happily. After the match, Yan Yan hurried forward to congratulate him. Lian Pian was worried that he would stay too long, so he was scolded by Mrs. Yan when he went home, so he urged him to go home quickly. Unexpectedly, Yan Yan severed the mother-child relationship with Mrs. Yan, and wanted to enter the family of Zuosang and be Sang Gong’s son. As he said, he stepped forward and yelled at Sang Gong, his father. Sang Gong had no choice but to pretend to be sick and ran away hurriedly.

In the competition that day, both Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi smelled Xi Zhao spices on Song Jiayin. As a result, the goods in the porch on the outskirts of the city were hooked to the Song family. Sang Qi had made inquiries before, and Song Jiayin personally said that her family’s spices are unique in Bianjing. Yan Yunzhi and Yan Saburo were analysing the case, but there was a dispute between Yan Yan and Song Luotian. Yan Yunzhi had a plan to make a living and decided to use Song Luotian to investigate the Song family. Yan Saburo took out the plants from Xi Zhao and ordered Song Luotian and Yan Yan to distinguish. Judging from Song Luotian’s reaction, it seems that he is not familiar with this plant.

Sang Qi was overjoyed when he came to a familiar place, and immediately packed up in the classics room. Unexpectedly, I met Zhuo Wenyuan here. The other party claimed that he was just looking for a roster, but he deliberately approached Sang Qi by virtue of his position. Sang Qi quickly avoided, but he couldn’t help but sit still for a long time. As night fell, Sang Qi fell asleep. Zhuo Wenyuan quietly walked to her side and slowly leaned down. Sang Qi woke up in time and sat down quickly. I was about to leave, but the door was locked. It’s just that Sang Qi didn’t know that Zhuo Wenyuan also arranged this door specially.

Yan Yunzhi couldn’t find Sang Qi in Sang Mansion, so he hurried to the Imperial College to search for it. Unexpectedly, the door was locked from the outside. Yan Yunzhi angrily kicked the door open, walked straight to Sang Qi, and picked him up. Zhuo Wenyuan was angry in his heart and turned his head to one side. Sang Qi hurriedly explained to Yan Yunzhi, saying that Zhuo Wenyuan was only here for official duties. Of course Yan Yunzhi believed Sangqi’s words, just to avoid long nights and dreams, he decided to marry Sangqi home earlier.

In order to prevent Zhuo Wenyuan and Sang Qi from being alone, Yan Yunzhi specially opened the classics room to the whole city so that even women can enter the classics room of the Imperial College to read and study. Song Jiayin heard that he hurried to the Imperial College, hoping to meet Yan Yunzhi. Song Jiayin came to the Imperial College with a scream of beautiful clothes, and started yelling as soon as he entered the door. Seeing Song Jiayin deliberately made things difficult for Sangqi, Zhuo Wenyuan directly beat her up and sent her out of the Classics Room without saying a word.

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