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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 20 Recap

There is no Sang Qi’s name on the appointment letter. Although he had expected it a long time ago, Yan Yunzhi was still a little disappointed. In this imperial examination, Zhuo Wenyuan not only won the top spot, he was also appointed a minister of rites, which was very successful for a while. Several students praised Yan Yunzhi again and again, could not help mentioning Yan Yunzhi’s teaching level, and heard that Yan Yunzhi recently went to Sang Mansion to propose marriage. It is really a good harvest of career and love. Hearing this, Zhuo Wenyuan’s heart was full of displeasure, and he hurriedly retorted, which made the student embarrassed.

After seeing Sang Qi for a long time, Yan Yunzhi had to ask Yan Yan. But Yan Yan is using wine to relieve his sorrows, so there is no reason to think about Sang Qi’s whereabouts. Yan Yan explained that he was not using wine to pour his sorrows, but to use wine to courage others. He finally went out and wanted to marry Lian Pian quickly. Yan Yunzhi felt funny, so he persuaded him that drinking does not solve the problem. If he wants to bring Lian Pian happiness, the first thing he needs to do is to think clearly about his decision.

Sang Qi came late with Lian Pian with a smile on his face. Seeing that there was no name on the appointment list, Sang Qi’s heart sank. Entering the back room, Sang Qi put on the old smile, which in turn encouraged everyone not to care about themselves. Knowing the sadness behind Sang Qi’s smile, Yan Yunzhi strongly encouraged her and said that he would always support her.

As night fell, Yan Yunzhi personally escorted Sang Qi back home. But Sang Qi did not show a smile along the way, and Yan Yunzhi’s heart was full of doubts. Sang Qi said bluntly that he thought that as long as he entered the Imperial College and worked hard to study, he would be able to change some of the world’s views on women, but he did not expect to work so hard, and in the end he would be controlled by others. There is a name on the list, but he did not get the appointment, just like Lian Pian is so good, but still being aggressive by Mrs. Yan. Sang Qi also thought for a long time. If he gets the appointment, he will return to the Imperial College to teach and educate people, breaking the world’s prejudice against women in school. This is the true meaning of his brother’s insistence on allowing himself to enter the Imperial College.

Yan Yunzhi thought about it again and again, but decided to go to the official house and begged him to grant Sang Qi an official position. For one thing, Sangqi is indeed on the list, and he can get an official position to serve the court if he feels and reason. Secondly, Sangqi set a precedent for women to enter the country’s prince’s prison. A female official, then the official establishment of education has also become a good story. After weighing the pros and cons, the officials nodded their heads and decided to agree to Yan Yunzhi’s request.

One of Yan Yun went out of the palace gate and was anxious to go home to change his clothes, ready to go to Sang Mansion to personally inform Sang Qi of the good news. In order to give Sang Qi a surprise, Yan Yunzhi deliberately put on a sad expression. He pretended to blame himself and took the initiative to apologize to Sang Qi. Sang Qi was taken aback by his gloomy appearance, thinking that something serious had happened. In fact, Zhuo Wenyuan had already helped Sang Qi solve the matter of entering the classics. Now, Sang Qi can be regarded as a classic of the Imperial College. Hearing the name Zhuo Wenyuan, Yan Yunzhi suddenly lost his smile and couldn’t help but become jealous. As he was talking, Zhuo Wenyuan rushed over to express his unwillingness to entangle the matter. After all, Sang Qi’s happiness is the most important thing.

Hearing that Su Jieyu had visited his mother many times recently to talk and laugh, Yan Yunzhi felt that it was very wrong, so he went to Su Jieyu to bluntly talk about his thoughts. Su Jieyu bluntly said that when he heard the news of Yan Yunzhi’s proposal to Sangqi, his heart was dead, but he was a little worried as a friend. Yan Yunzhi rushed to propose a marriage alone, and he would definitely not care about the thorough etiquette. Although Yan Yunzhi couldn’t believe it all, after thinking and thinking about it, he felt that Su Jieyu’s words were not unreasonable.

Yan Yunzhi wrote a letter of marriage proposal, and came to Sang Mansion with a wedding gift, and asked Sang Gong to marry Sang Qi. Sang Gong drank the tea indifferently, and Sang Qi hurried forward to remind. Who knows that Zhuo Wenyuan also rushed over afterwards, claiming that he also asked to marry Sangqi. Sang Gong wanted to take Zhuo Wenyuan’s post, but Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi quickly stopped them. Sang Gong had no choice but to act according to the old Sang family rules. Afterwards, the father and daughter fought in front of everyone, and Yan Yunzhi hurriedly stepped forward to dissuade them. In that case, meet in the ring, and the winner becomes the son-in-law of the Sang family.

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