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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 6 Recap

Luo Houcai ran into the tank and drove the tank, turned around and blasted the enemy’s tank to pieces. Seeing this, the fifth squad leader hurriedly covered Luo Houcai. Luo Houcai aimed at the target again, and the enemy’s tanks also took aim, and both sides died together. Luo Houcai was sacrificed, and Li Yannian told everyone that Luo Houcai was a well-deserved fighting hero! The fifth squad leader was immersed in grief, but as soon as he heard Li Yannian’s whistle, he immediately went into battle. He wanted to avenge Luo Houcai! Xiao Gu also died in the battle, Li Yannian told everyone to use the act of killing the enemy to comfort the sacrificed comrades!

The fifth squad leader was seriously injured but refused to bandage, insisting on staying on the battlefield. Teng Guiqiao’s parents died young, leaving him with a six-year-old younger brother, but he did not take care of his younger brother. Since he met Xiao An Dong, how did he feel that Xiao An Dong was like his younger brother, so I hope that if he sacrifices himself Chen Yanzong was able to let Xiao An Dong go back safely, and the gunshots of Zhang Erniu marrying the enemy sounded again. In order to save Xiao An Dong and the enemy died together, Xiao An Dong watched the squad leader who had been loving him die and lost his emotions. Fortunately, Chen Yanzong pressed him down, otherwise Tengguiqiao would die in vain.

Platoon Leader Chen has figured out a way to blow up the enemy’s explosive depot. He put on the enemy’s clothes and intends to mix in with clothes. He is determined to die. Only this way can save the 346.6 highland. Xiao Andong is determined to avenge Tengguiqiao, Chen Yanzong said that he must listen to himself, even if he is going to die, he must be behind him Chen Yanzong! After the enemy retreated, Chen Yanzong made a comeback.

In order to save Xiao Anton’s injury, Chen Yanzong still held his position and fired at the enemy. After being injured again, Chen Yanzong left his father’s hope for him to Xiao An Dong, but after a long time he sacrificed himself. He still had a note in his arms with his name on it, and “Marry a wife early and have more children.” “The implication. The squad leader and deputy squad leader sacrificed one after another. Everyone couldn’t care about the grief, and Xiao Andong threw himself into the command.

Li Yannian didn’t expect to wait for news of Chen Yanzong’s sacrifice. Li Yannian turned around to find Wang Yuwen, but saw that his body fell in a pool of blood and had been sacrificed. Li Yannian helped him close his eyes and opened the notebook he took seriously. Li Yannian shed two lines of tears. Platoon Commander Chen successfully pretended to be the enemy’s injury and successfully mixed into the enemy. After a period of silence, Platoon Commander Zhang successfully blew up the enemy’s ammunition depot. The wind was declining and the water was cold, and the strong man was gone and never returned. Li Yannian picked up the pen again and made a note in his notebook.

The battalion commander was very happy to hear that the enemy’s explosive depot was blown up, but he also understood that Li Yannian’s current situation must be very difficult. Platoon Leader Zhang traded his life for a long time of tranquility. Li Yannian didn’t sleep all night, and finally closed his eyes and rested for a while, when the enemy came up again. Fierce gunfire sounded again, and the battalion commander also sweated for Li Yannian. There was only twenty-four minutes before the total offensive. The battalion commander sent a guard to the blockade and rushed over as soon as the blockade stopped.

There were only ten people left on the battlefield. Li Yannian asked Xiao Andong to return to the camp with the battle log book, where the deeds of all his comrades were written, and the martyrs must not be kept silent. Xiao Andong didn’t want to go alone, saying that he was going to die together, but everyone wanted to live, and they still had to go to the wedding of Xiao Andong and Zhang Erniu! Xiao Andong could only return to the camp as ordered.

Li Yannian gave everyone the only bullets and grenades left. If all the bullets hit the enemy and they didn’t return, they would take the remaining grenades and rush into the enemy group. The bullets soon ran out. Li Yannian was about to take everyone into the enemy group with grenades. Our counterattack force is here! 346.6 Highland we held it! But seeing the victory is coming, Xiao An Dong has sacrificed.

Under the strong offensive of our army, the enemy’s final struggle in the autumn offensive was completely bankrupt, and had to accept the conditions of a ceasefire on the existing line of control and return to the negotiating table. The soldiers taught the enemy to face the reality with brave and tenacious fighting. They defeated the aggressor with the spirit of the Chinese nation that was not afraid of sacrifice and never surrendered. In the 70th anniversary of the Republic of China, Li Yannian received the Medal of the Republic as a special-class hero and a first-class combat hero. He was honored by thousands of martyrs.

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