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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 8 Recap

When my second aunt heard that Murong Jaylun was Meiru’s boyfriend, she took him to the house as a guest and made a rabbit head specially. Because she didn’t know what flavor Murong Jaylun liked, she made two flavors. The second aunt is a knife-mouthed tofu heart. Although she said so badly, she loves beauty and prides herself on beauty. Murong Jay Lun has not learned the hospitality of a dining table, and always wants to move chopsticks and be beautiful.

Such as stopped. The second aunt also carefully taught three points of view, but only two were put forward by Murong Jaylun. The question asked by the second aunt was always implicitly passed by Meiru, because she could not explain the origin of Murong Jaylun, even when the second aunt heard his name, she could only say it was a nickname.

Meiru also reassures her second aunt. Her second aunt also specially showed her grandma’s portrait to Meiru to witness. She also told Murong Jielun about the importance of Meiru to her home. Murong accidentally left herself in Meiru’s home. When I said the story, Meiru was taken aback, but my second aunt was fine, and felt that if that was the case, Murong Jaylun was a family.

It was raining outside, and Duan Shuiliu was holding an umbrella behind Jiutian Longnv for fear that she would catch a cold from the rain. Suddenly Jiutian Longnv asked Duan Shuiliu if she loved her, because Meiru told her, but Duan Shuiliu did not dare to say that he loved Jiutian. The fact of the Dragon Girl, he just didn’t want the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl to chase Murong Jaylun and run away, because it was not worth it.

Meiru felt that thanks to Murong Jaylen, she knew that she was also a princess. They stayed together in their hometown in Wushan. It turned out that Murong Jaylun was attacked not by crows, but European starlings. They were aggressive and fierce, like a black whirlwind, especially when they acted collectively. Meiru told him that there is a lot of this kind of knowledge in horror movies, which made Murong Jay Lun feel that he had to watch more movies and learn more knowledge, and his cranky thinking was due to his ignorance.

Murong Jielun learned a word from Jiang Huizhen called sexual charm. He felt as beautiful as it was, and he danced together and was very happy. After Meiru came out of the bath, Murong Jaelun wanted to show the results of today’s study. It turned out to be a massage for Meiru but she learned massage from movies. He also learned how to fix the water pipe and ride the tram, and how to exercise when going to the gym. The more I listened, the more I felt that something was wrong. When I asked, it turned out that I was watching movies on her computer, but those movies were not supposed to be watched. Meiru explicitly prohibited Murong Jaylen from watching such movies, let alone using her computer.

After going to bed at night, Meiru dreamed, dreaming that something indescribable happened to her and Murong Jaylun, and shocked herself. After waking up, she comforted herself. It was just a dream. It’s not illegal to substitute occasionally. Open the curtains and see Murong Jielun moving on the balcony.

Meiru also talked about this kind of thoughts and feelings when chatting with others, but this is normal. It is normal for some plots to be printed in the mind and then substituting the plots. In fact, it is just that Meiru really fell in love with Murong Jaylen. NS.

Duan Shuiliu taught Jiutian Dragon Girl to play mahjong. He also made appointments with some aunts. Jiutian Dragon Girl was very smart. She won a lot of money when she played mahjong for the first time.

Meiru just returned to the company and found that the deleted video inside the company was reset. After someone misoperation, a bunch of likes and comments came. The boss was very angry and decided to investigate. Meiru suddenly remembered what Murong Jaylun watched yesterday. The film, realized that it was not good, returned to his position, ready to check.

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