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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 7 Recap

The news reported that ninety kilometers south of Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, a sacrificial site that was suspected of being Babylonian was discovered, and these were discovered by a mysterious person under the ruins of the barren Hijala, in the desolate desert. There are many bleak crows in the air, and a mysterious old man fell down in the cave.

Many rocks in the cave are extremely weird. The old man with a long beard wears clothes from ancient times. When he sees the remains, he is not afraid of strange sounds in the cave. The voice turned out to be the king of Babylon in the past. Like his old enemy, he has lost all his memories. The voice is trembling, but there is a stone slab that can help him retrieve his memories and guide his unknown way forward.

Jiang Huizhen complained about meeting the producer in the morning at Meirujia, and was ridiculed by Murong Jaylun and was satirized by Huizhen. Ouyang Wenshan came to Iraq in person to find the secrets there. He can not only speak Chinese but also Babylonian, but Ouyang Wenshan went there in the name of buying copyright, and Ouyang Wenshan also told him that it was a very important to him. Daughter, she wants to put this story on stage.

Hui Zhen took pictures of the scene of Meiru’s first meeting and kissing with Murong Jaylun on her birthday, and also washed the pictures. The Nine Dragon Goddess and Duan Shuiliu picked up a bug in the room and heard their conversation clearly, and they were almost spotted by Jiang Huizhen.

After Meiru came out of the bath, Murong Jaelun was already asleep, but he turned on the light when she heard the movement, and was very careful. Meiru told him that if he fell asleep in the future, he would sleep steadily without turning on the lights for her, but Murong felt that she knocked her leg blue last time and didn’t want Meiru to be injured.

Huizhen took everyone on a picnic together on the mountain, and also specially arranged the scene. Just called Meiru and asked her to come over, suddenly Ouyang Yunshan appeared, Huizhen immediately hung up the phone, and Meiru thought she was angry. Huizhen was very happy to see Ouyang Wenshan. The Nine Dragon Goddess dressed up at home to see Murong Jay Lun. At this time, someone from Duan Shuiliu Company asked him to talk.

Ouyang Wenshan reported to Jiang Huizhen on his whereabouts to Iraq. Just about to kiss, Huizhen smelled the scent of Ouyang Wenshan. He said it was given by someone who talked about copyright. Huizhen was jealous, so he threw the aromatherapy that the old man gave to Wenshan. The stove burned out, and suddenly a puff of black smoke came out.

A lot of crows appeared on the way Murong Jaylun came. Mei Ru came here to look for Jiang Huizhen. When he reached the place, a strange wind blew. It turned out that it was the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl who mistaken Meiru for Murong Jaylun and lay on the ground. Murong Jaylun was still fighting with the crows on the road. It turned out that it was the old Iraqi man who had made security guards patrol the ghost mountain. It happened to see Meiru and the Nine Dragon Girl lying embarrassed on the ground with a curtain. Fortunately, Ouyang Wenshan appeared in time to help Murong Jielun resolve the crisis.

The security guards captured Jiutian Dragon Girl and Meiru in the previous pig cage. Duan Shuiliu was negotiating with the company’s employees. He suddenly received a call and hurried to rescue Jiutian Dragon Girl. Only when he arrived did he find out that Murong Jaylun and Meiru had several police officers. Called by the second aunt.

When I was about to leave, I saw Murong Jaelun, but he just thought of Meiru and knocked the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl away. Duan Shuiliu asked him to apologize and was stopped by Ouyang Wenshan. The second aunt scared Duan Shuiliu as soon as he came out. Ran

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