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Beyond Prescriptions 灵丹妙药不及你 Episode 3 Recap

Lingxi asked Qin Yuening to increase the share ratio for herself, otherwise he would leave Zuisheng Pavilion. Qin Yuening naturally refused. She told Lingxi that she already had a candidate. This person was a woman disguised as a man to sell things in Zuisheng Pavilion. The cloud is back. Yungui’s business is booming, and he was recognized as the sword-dancing son that day during the fight, and Yungui had to leave hurriedly when he was embarrassed.

Pei Yingying bought a laxative and an aphrodisiac from a Taoist who claimed to be a half-immortal. The Taoist warned Pei Yingying that these two medicines are very effective, and don’t confuse the two medicines. In order to avenge Lingxi, Pei Yingying poured the laxative into the water tank of the Cihua Medical Hall. Unexpectedly, Pei Yingying really confuses the medicine, and what he poured into the water tank is actually aphrodisiac. Lin Xiang, who checked for potential safety hazards here, accidentally swallowed the powder, and for a while he was controlled by the aphrodisiac. Lin Xiang was in estrus with his fellow Jietian, and Jietian unceremoniously woke him up.

Although Yihua said that Yungui would redeem the medical book, he was worried about Yungui. Yihua just drank the water containing aphrodisiac in the water tank, Yungui returned to the hospital with the redeemed medical book, Yihua with the aphrodisiac in her body stepped forward and entangled, Yungui stopped but still couldn’t stop Yihua’s kiss In desperation, Yungui poured cold water on Yihua, which made Yihua wake up.

Seeing Yihua shivering on the bed, Yungui thoughtfully delivered hot water. He said that he had never defiled her thoughts, which made Yihua a little shy. Taoist priest met Yungui on the street and wanted to sell aphrodisiac to Yungui. Yunguishun asked that the person who bought the medicine recently was Pei Yingying. Pei Yingying was tied to the mountain by Yungui, and she still stubbornly refused to admit that Yungui told her not to trouble Yihua anymore. After all, it was not Yihua’s fault that Jiantian liked Yihua. Although Yun Gui threatened Pei Yingying not to talk nonsense in the future, he did not really hurt her, and in the end he just threw away the aphrodisiac left in Pei Yingying’s hand.

Yungui passed by Luo Yingnian’s Luoche Medical Center and found that many patients were repeatedly buying medicine. Yungui, who felt strange, came forward to inquire, but was recognized by the patient as Yihua’s medicine boy. Luo Yingnian stepped forward to negotiate, and Yun Gui bluntly stated that the closure of Xiangyun County Medical Center was caused by Luo Yingnian, and he asked Luo Yingnian what his idea was.

Yihua had just developed a set of acupuncture methods that could suppress Yungui’s dual personality in the hospital, and the sound of the county government’s arrests coming to arrest people came from outside the door. Yihua got up and checked. At this time, Yungui, who bought Yihua’s cakes, just came back. The arresters took Yungui away without saying a word. Yihua approached Feast Day to inquire about the case, Feast Day said that Yungui kidnapped Pei Yingying and caused her to be seriously injured. Equation Tian bluntly said that he would not let Yungui go, and carefully Yihua found blood on the ground. Equation Tian told that this was the blood shed on Pei Yingying’s body. The equation of the sky told Yihua not to favor the cloud, but Yihua smelled that the blood tasted different from human blood. Yihua, who got the evidence and knew Pei Yingying very well, wanted to go to the county office to beat the drums and complain.

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