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Beyond Prescriptions 灵丹妙药不及你 Episode 2 Recap

Yihua was very surprised by Yungui’s performance. Yunguibi Dong Yihua said that she could verify her body. Yihua put the needle to make Yungui faint, and then she gave Yungui a pulse and found that his pulse condition was very strange. After receiving the report, Jian Fian Tian went to Zuimeng Pavilion. After seeing the mark on Yungui’s wrist, Yihua asked Qin Yuening whether she was abusing private business. Qin Yuening said that this was all a misunderstanding and she was wrong about Yihua. Yaotong Yungui was locked up as a thief.

Yin Shizhao and Luo Yingnian cooperated in the business of drug silver beads powder. When the two were drinking, Yin Shizhao asked Luo Yingnian to develop a drug called Meirenmian.

After Ji Tian sent Yihua and Yungui back to the hospital, Yihua asked Jitian to go to work quickly. He didn’t want Yihua and Yungui to be alone with Jitian and could only leave. Yihua took care of Yungui’s wrists. Wounds.

Young Master Lingxi, who is good at Danqing and piano art, earns a living in Zuisheng Pavilion. Besides, he still loves to collect gossip news. When Pei Yingying was looking for Lingxi for gossip news, she saw Lingxi’s paintings, and the painting Yungui was molesting Yihua. Pei Yingying took away the painting like a treasure and wanted to show it to Equanimity Tian. Who knew that he was taking a bath in Equanimity Tian’s house.

Yihua invited other doctors to diagnose and treat Yungui, but he has never seen Yungui’s disease. At this time, Yungui became obedient and obedient again, and he pitifully asked Yihua not to drive him away, and Yihua brought a tranquilizer and asked him to give it to Lingxi. Yun Gui became mad after seeing the painting in the Lingxi Room. He rebuked Lingxi that he should not paint like this and ruined Yihua’s reputation. Yungui overturned and hurt his hand. Yungui subdued Lingxi and burned the painting. He threatened Lingxi not to mention it again.

Lingxi relied on these two hands to play the piano to solicit business for Zuishengge, and of course Qin Yuening wouldn’t let it go. Yihua, who was searching for the ancient prescription to heal Yungui, was called to the Zuisheng Pavilion. Yungui comforted Yihua and said that he had a way to solve the problem. Since Lingxi couldn’t play the piano, Yungui replaced it with a sword dance. Unexpectedly, the effect was unexpectedly good. Qin Yuening wanted to buy Yungui, but Yihua didn’t agree.

It was getting late when he left Zuisheng Pavilion, Yungui took off his cloak and gave Yihua, the still angry Yihua was reluctant to accept but could not refuse the strong Yungui. Yihua asked Yungui, holding a mask sold on the street, which one is Yungui, and Yungui stepped forward to ask which one of herself she prefers. The simple Yihua was very embarrassed when asked.

Yungui realized that he could put Yihua, who was known as a nightmare, to sleep peacefully, so he stayed beside Yihua’s bed and carried her medical books. After a while, Yihua fell asleep. On the other side, Lingxi told Pei Yingying and the hunter Lin Xiang what happened to him. When Pei Yingying was indignant, she said that she would definitely help Lingxi find face.

Yun Gui pawned the medical books and boxes in the medical hall, which made Evian very angry. At this time, Evian just found out that Yun Gui was suffering from sacral disorder. His dual personality was triggered after experiencing great joy or great compassion. Evian asks Yungui to redeem things, and Yungui who has no money can only make money in Zuisheng Pavilion. Yun Gui, who was disguised as a woman, was very eye-catching, which made Qin Yuening very happy.

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