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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 17 Recap

Faced with Yan Yunzhi’s question, Sang Qi shouted “Go away”. Yan Yunzhi was puzzled. It turned out that it was a lizard quietly approaching them. Yan Yunzhi only glanced at the creeping lizard, then turned around and continued to question Sang Qi’s thoughts. Sanchi admitted frankly that he didn’t want him to leave, and hoped that he could stay. Hearing this answer, Yan Yunzhi seemed very satisfied, and hugged Sang Qi tightly.

After Yan Yunzhi left the Imperial College, the composition of the students could almost be used to paste the wall. Several doctors had a headache, and they discussed asking the officials to ask Yan Yunzhi to come back. Knowing that the doctors were going to submit the petition, the students went to the school and signed their names on the petition.

The paper has been handed over for several days, but there has been no news, and the students couldn’t help but panic. When I was worried, I saw Yan Yunzhi quietly stepping into the gate of the Imperial College. The students crowded around to express their welcome, but Zhuo Wenyuan sat silently. Yan Yunzhi came back at this time on the condition that the results of this year’s scientific examination of the Imperial College would surpass those of previous years. After discussing with Dr. Feng, Yan Yunzhi decided that Tianban and Huangban should sit in the same classroom, and the Diban and Xuanban should sit in the same classroom.

For this reason, Sang Qi and Zhuo Wenyuan are at the same table. Seeing Yan Yunzhi coming in, Zhuo Wenyuan deliberately talked to Sang Qi. Yan Yunzhi couldn’t help but become jealous, and lent Sang Qi to call her out. Regarding this year’s scientific expedition, Sang Qi was still a little bit guilty. Yan Yunzhi comforted her and said that in fact, the most important thing in this scientific examination is not ranking. This time it is a test for him, and it is also a test for Sang Qi, confirming whether a woman can study in public schools. With this mission in mind, Sang Qi felt that the burden on her body was even heavier, but she believed that with the help of Yan Yunzhi and other students, she would surely realize her original wish.

After the scientific expedition, Sang Qi just wanted to be able to eat and drink, and then tell everyone that she and Yan Yunzhi fell in love. Yan Yunzhi suggested to Sang Qi that he would marry her after the scientific expedition was over. Sang Qi suddenly approached Yan Yunzhi, but did not answer directly. Yan Yunzhi took Sang Qi’s hand, and told her that if there is any confusion in her studies, she should just ask herself and not to ask other men. Sang Qi couldn’t laugh or cry, and replied heavily with a “OK” Mou Hai couldn’t help but teasing Yan Yunzhi.

In order to sprint for scientific research, Yan Yunzhi and a group of doctors formulated strict supervision regulations. The students gathered around the bulletin board and couldn’t help complaining again and again. But after studying in the Imperial College for so long, the students still did not understand the significance of the Imperial College. Yan Yunzhi and the doctors taught the supervising students the prophet, and then worked for the people, not just for fame. If it is only for fame and fame, as long as the grades are good, the court does not need such a person.

Sang Qi was a little puzzled. Although the supervisors were young now, there were many ambitions in their hearts. Yan Yunzhi also wanted to get meritorious service as the common people, but when he was actually appointed, he realized that this was just the beginning. He hoped that the students could use the knowledge and principles they learned in the Imperial College to continue their original intentions.

The scientific expedition was imminent, and Zhuo Wenyuan sent a set of pen, ink, paper and ink to Sang Qi overnight. Sang Qi didn’t care, because she already had a set of pen and paper that Yan Yunzhi gave herself. In a blink of an eye, the scientific expedition began. Zhuo Wenyuan saw that Sangjina’s pen and ink was not a gift from him, so he was furious and vowed to win the prize.

Yan Saburo’s investigation revealed that the Wei family and his son had a deep connection with Xi Zhao. Previously, Wu Zuo found out that Master Wei had carved tattoos on his shoulders. He was the masterpiece that Xi Zhao arranged for many years in Korea. Although Wei Zhanhong’s life and death are still unclear, he was responsible for the poisoning of Sang Qi, the former State Superintendent, and he can’t get rid of it. Yan Saburo guessed that Xi Zhao first designed the Wei family and made it accuse him, and then waited for Yan Yunzhilu to protect him in secret, so that both the Wei family and Yan Yunzhi could be eliminated. In this way, Yan Yun’s death has no evidence, and Xi Zhao can only be planted as their comrade.

Xi Zhao didn’t move Yan Yunzhi or Sang Qi before Xi Zhao, because he didn’t want to branch out. But if they touched the foundation of Xi Zhao again, no matter what the prime minister’s son or the daughter of a lieutenant, Xi Zhaoding would not let it go. Qianjiu hoped that Zhuo Wenyuan would understand this truth, and Xi Zhao would not be merciful even if he came forward. Zhuo Wenyuan’s eyes were full of murderous aura, staring at Qianjiu and bluntly saying that Sang Qi was his bottom line and would never be allowed to move her.

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