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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 16 Recap

After investigation, Yan Yunzhi found some clues, and went out of the city to investigate the case on the basis of traveling with friends. But who knows that it is not Qing Xuanjun, but Su Jie language. Yan Yunzhi was a little frustrated, turning his head to look at Bai Shi reproachfully. Bai Shi was embarrassed and hurriedly lowered his head, not daring to look directly at Yan Yunzhi’s eyes.

Sang Qi was feeling melancholy in the restaurant, but the sound of Song Luotian arguing with Xiao Si was heard outside. Sang Qi was even more upset and went out to reprimand. Unexpectedly, Song Luotian lost the arrogance of the puny son before, and there was some aggrieved and sad expression in his eyes. Sang Qi felt soft, and agreed to let him sit in the private room together.

Song Luotian worried about Wei Zhanhong’s hard work on the road, so he sent someone to give some silver coins to the escorts so that they could take good care of Wei Zhanhong. But just now there was news from the post that the Wei family was about to reach the boundary of Jingzhou. Song Luotian was full of sorrow, so he had to go to the restaurant to relieve his sorrow with alcohol. Sang Qi was a little surprised. He thought that Wei Zhanhong was just Song Luotian’s little follower, but at the moment it seemed that there was a sense of affection between the two.

After Song Luotian was drunk, he also confided the truth, admitting that he was the one who poisoned Sang Qi’s food at that time. Sang Qi contacted everything before and suddenly realized that the powder he had eaten at the time was not a laxative, but Xi Zhao’s poisonous powder, which could kill people. In this way, Wei Zhanhong and Xi Zhao, who worked for Song Luotian, could not get out of ties. Sang Qi was worried that Yan Yunzhi would be calculated, so he hurried to Jingzhou, and Zhuo Wenyuan followed when he saw it.

Yan Yunzhi and Bai Shi chased all the way, and finally caught up with the escorted team in the forest. Yan Yunzhi thought he had saved the innocent Lord Wei, but he didn’t know that the other party was planning to assassinate him. Fortunately, Sang Qi appeared in time, and an arrow hit the sharp blade in Master Wei’s hand. Xi Zhao’s people took advantage of the chaos and violently attacked Sang Qi. Upon seeing Yan Yunzhi, he hurriedly stepped forward to block him and was unfortunately injured. People from the government were late and forced Xi Zhao’s people back.

After chasing until night fell, Sang Qi and others found Master Wei’s body on the way. Xizhao’s people fled to the edge of the cliff and had to resist. Wei Zhanhong couldn’t escape, so he could only grit his teeth and jump off the cliff. When Zhuo Wenyuan saw this, he motioned with Qianjiu’s eyes, and flicked back and forth to kill the officials one by one. According to the original plan, after Yan Saburo received the news that the Wei family was about to arrive in Jingzhou, Yan Yunzhi must follow him secretly, but he didn’t expect to kill a sangqi halfway. Qianjiu had long anticipated that things might fail, so he ambushed his staff on the way home to make up for it. Zhuo Wenyuan stared at Qian Jiu fiercely, warning her not to hurt Sang Qi. Qianjiu sneered and pushed away the sword in front of him, indicating that he had ordered to go down and would never hurt Sang Qi.

On the way back, Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi were attacked by Xi Zhao’s people. Fortunately, they reacted in time and escaped. Right now, Yan Yun’s body was seriously injured and it was difficult to continue. Sang Qi had to stay to look after him, and let Bai Shi return to the city to find support. The moonlight was dim, and Sang Qi asked about Yan Yunzhi’s own brother. Yan Yunzhi recalled that Sang Yu said a word the day before his violent death—the difference between one thought is a thousand miles away. According to Wu Zuo’s statement, Sang Yu is suffering from a sudden illness. But at that time, Sang Yu had clearly told Yan Yunzhi that his body had begun to improve. When Yan Yunzhi wanted to investigate the truth, he found that all traces of Sang Yu in the Imperial College had been cleaned up.

After a long time, Yan Yunzhi rushed to the Imperial College in a refreshing manner and brought many delicious cakes to everyone. Yan Yan jumped for joy and hurriedly divided the cakes. But Sang Qi’s heart was full of doubts, and she didn’t know what medicine was sold in the gourd of Yan Yun. Unexpectedly, Yan Yunzhi told her that he wanted to act a full set of the play, and he quietly clenched Sang Qi’s hand and muttered in her ear that he wanted to talk to her alone later.

Yan Yunzhi invited Sang Qi to the courtyard and offered to marry her. Sang Qi was a little shy, and said that he hadn’t agreed yet. Yan Yunzhi asked Sang Qi if he was willing to leave with him. Sang Qi hesitated. She hadn’t fulfilled her brother’s last wish, and Xi Zhao’s affairs had not yet come to light. Yan Yunzhi continued to ask Sang Qi whether she wanted to leave or not. Unexpectedly, Sang Qi seemed to have seen something and suddenly shouted “get out”.

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