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The Justice 光芒 Episode 36 Recap

Cheng Yizhi knew that Charlie was unwilling to play for the Japanese, but he was willing to go through fire and water for Guan Xiuyue. Charlie took the opportunity to spit on him. Cheng Yizhi persuaded Charlie to think twice. Even if Guan Xiuyue was in the Tianchan Theater, she would not escape the stigma of traitors, and Guan Xiuyue would. Put all the blame on Charlie, and the two people will be in suspicion. Cheng Yizhi also told Charlie that he and Wu Lizi had reconciled to each other. Charlie immediately opened up the Mao Zedong and decided to go to Guan Xiuyue to make it clear that he wanted to stay at Libang Bank and would never be a traitor. Charlie firmly believed that Guan Xiuyue would understand his choice.

Charlie came to the theater to find Guan Xiuyue for a showdown. Guan Xiuyue thought that she would never sing for a few more years. She did not want to miss this rare opportunity and asked Charlie to understand her difficulties. Charlie was determined not to give in. This matter is about national justice, Charlie just said After that, she was shot and killed, and Guan Xiuyue was heartbroken.

Cheng Yizhi, Gao Xiaocong and Wu Lizi came to see Charlie and saw him lying on the cold bed. Wu Lizi was very distressed. Cheng Yizhi was also too sad to speak. Gao Xiaocong couldn’t explain how he thought of Charlie’s indoctrination. Wu Lizi curled up on the sofa and cried secretly. Cheng Yizhi looked anxious in her eyes. Wu Lizi suspected that Guan Xiuyue and Huang Ruhong had colluded and killed Charlie. Cheng Yizhi felt that Guan Xiuyue was not so vicious, and Huang Ruhong would not be so reckless. Wu Lizi couldn’t think of who would be so. Cruel, killing her best friend, Cheng Yizhi kindly persuades her.

Huang Ruhong learned that Charlie had been killed, and he gritted his teeth with anger. Lei Zi pushed all the blame on the translator Dou. Huang Ruhong guessed that Lei Zi would be eager to find Liu Erlang for credit. The interpreter Dou reported to Liu Erlang the relationship between Charlie and Rebong Bank, and suggested that Lei Zi should come forward to destroy Rebong Bank. Before Liu Jiro made a decision, he received news that Takata Terminal and Yoshida Pharmacy had suspended trading at the opening. These two stocks were facing delisting, and four Japanese stocks fell sharply. Liu Jiro taught Dou a lesson. Officer, send someone to investigate who is behind it. It turned out that all of this was done by Gao Xiaocong. He used the method Charlie taught him to suspend trading of these two stocks in order to avenge Charlie.

Liu Erlang quickly got the news that several banks in Shanghai used half a million fiat currency to short Nissho stocks using three black market stock buyers. Liu Erlang ordered to eliminate the roots. Japanese secret agents rushed into the bank to kill people. Cheng Yizhi told Gao Xiaocong to be careful. Wu Lizi did not allow employees to wear bank uniforms to avoid being assassinated.

Xiao Ling Dang took her son Xiao Feng at the tailor shop. The mother and son called Shimazaki Tadashi. Shimazaki Tadashi promised to go home when they were done. Unexpectedly, the Japanese spies shot and assassinated Xiao Feng. Xiao Ling wanted to stop it, Xiao Feng. Was brutally killed. Shimazaki and Xiaoling cannot accept the fact that Xiaofeng was killed, and they are heartbroken.

Shimazaki came to see the president for a showdown and admitted that he had married a Chinese girl and their children were assassinated. Instead, the president would be grateful for Shimazaki. If his children had not been killed, he would have lost his job. The chief was promoted to Shimazaki as the chief of the credit department and arranged for them a new residence. Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi came to see the little bell, Shimazaki revealed to Cheng Yizhi that Zhaozheng Bank was stepping up its procurement of military supplies.

Cheng Yizhi worried that the Japanese army would start the Wenqu Pharmaceutical Factory and ask Zhou Wenqun to transfer the factory as soon as possible. Wu Lizi contacted someone in Chongqing to discuss the transfer. Cheng Yizhi came to set up the location connection. He didn’t expect that the other party was Lianguazi. Only when Cheng Yizhi knew that the mailbox used to contact him had always been in charge of him. Cheng Yizhi was very happy and asked Lianguazi to safely transfer Wendog Pharmaceutical Factory to Chongqing.

Lei Zi wanted to join forces with Translator Dou to intercept Wenqun Pharmaceutical Factory’s equipment, and make a big contribution in front of Liu Erlang, and the two hit it off. Zhou Wenqun asked the workers to step up the packing, and Lianguazi came to Wendog Pharmaceutical Factory for help. Wu Lizi rushed to her. Lianguazi repeatedly apologized to Wu Lizi and admitted that it was him who called every night.

When Cheng Yizhi heard that the Japanese army was carrying out a large-scale raid on passenger ships at sea, he hurried to the Wenken Pharmaceutical Factory to report the letter, and Lian Guazi decided to find another way to transport the equipment to Chongqing. Translator Dou suddenly led someone into the Wenqun Pharmaceutical Factory to take over the factory in an all-round way.

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