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The Justice 光芒 Episode 35 Recap

Wu Lizi moved out of General Aoki and threatened Liu Erlang. He left in grief. Before leaving, Liu Erlang sent a Japanese spy to stare at Wu Lizi at the door. Wu Lizi made a phone call in the lobby and swaggered into the hotel. Special agents followed suit. Wu Lizi hid in the corridor and evacuated safely from the hotel.

Cheng Yizhi called everywhere to find Wu Lizi, but there was no news of her. Wu Lizi hurried home. Cheng Yizhi couldn’t wait to tell her the good news of this trip to Hong Kong. From then on, he would formally develop economically with the Japanese army as a guerrilla fighter on the economic front. Wu Lizi was ecstatic. Cheng Yizhi told Wu Lizi about the pain of lovesickness, and Wu Lizi took him to take a bath, and took the opportunity to report to her superiors.

The underground party trafficman pretended to be Zuo San to transport counterfeit banknotes, but was found out on the spot. The two sides fought fiercely, resulting in 10 million counterfeit banknotes being unable to be shipped out. Liu Erlang wanted to issue China Reserve Certificates in order to mess up the Shanghai financial market. Huang Ruhong disagreed, thinking that the time was not yet ripe.

Cheng Yizhi came to the theater to find Charlie and asked him to go out and short the stocks of Japanese companies. Charlie knew that those Japanese companies were backed by the Japanese navy, and he could do nothing. Cheng Yizhi suggested starting with newly listed stocks. Charlie asked investors Xiaobai to buy stocks in the newly opened Vodafone Terminal and Angel Pharmacy tomorrow, and he also asked others to buy the newly issued Nissho stocks. Wu Lizi sent someone to investigate Liu Erlang’s family background. It was found that he had no family, had a self-contained personality, and was at odds with Zhaozheng Bank. Liu Erlang and Huang Ruhong had a good relationship. His translator Dou and Lei Zi had close contacts.

Lei Zi forced the treasurer of Zhenhai Bank to send out the 100,000 middle voucher as soon as possible, and treasurer Song realized that he wanted to leave Huang Ruhong alone. When Gao Xiaocong learned that Cha Ideal was short-selling Japanese stocks, he promised to do his best to help. Cheng Yizhi carefully deployed. Charlie and Gao Xiaocong teamed up to make the stocks of Takata Pier and Yoshida Pharmacy fall for three consecutive times. In the end, they fell below the issue price and were forced to suspend trading. Cheng Yizhi was very satisfied with Charlie’s actions after receiving the impact.

As soon as Wu Lizi walked out of the gate of Libang Bank, she found that the Japanese spies were quietly following her. She deliberately walked around in the alleys and finally got rid of the spies’ tracking. Huang Ruhong took the initiative to come to Liu Erlang and offered to quell the turmoil. However, a large amount of funds was needed. Huang Ruhong asked Liu Erlang to allow his casino and smokehouse to reopen, and he would be able to raise enough funds in a short time. Liu Erlang fully agreed.

Huang Ruhong investigated Charlie’s behind-the-scenes. He personally came to the theater to find Guan Xiuyue, and asked Guan Xiuyue to persuade Charlie to work for him. Guan Xiuyue made various excuses to shirk her. Huang Ruhong promised to send her to the Tianchan Theater and let the famous actor Bai Mudan perform on the same stage with her. Guan Xiuyue was tempted immediately. Charlie taught Gao Xiaocong the knowledge and skills of stocks, and then came to see Guan Xiuyue.

Guan Xiuyue wanted to go to the Tianchan Theatre and Bai Mudan on stage. Charlie promised to find a way to help her realize her dream. Guan Xiuyue asked Charlie to cooperate with Huang Ruhong, and Huang Ruhong helped her enter Tianchan. In the theater, Charlie was very reluctant. He knew that Huang Ruhong was in collusion with the Japanese and couldn’t stand Guan Xiuyue’s hard work.

Lei Zi and Dou, the translator, also came to this cafe for dinner. Lei Zi wanted to take down Charlie first, and if he didn’t comply, he would kill him. Charlie came directly to Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi to resign. Both of them were surprised. Charlie admitted that he was going to Huang Ruhong to work. Cheng Yizhi knew what happened. He was helpless. Wu Lizi slapped Charlie severely, but he was determined. Cheng Yizhi wanted to talk to Charlie alone, but Wu Lizi had to leave first.

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