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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 5 Recap

The rifle was broken and there was no artillery support. Li Yannian told the artillery company that had just been established that now he could only rely on the marksmanship of the three of them. The enemy struck again, and the soldiers won again. The fifth squad leader, Luo Houcai, and Ji Shu made great achievements. Li Yannian quickly asked Wang Yuwen to write them down in his notebook to celebrate his achievements. Before he had time to be happy, the enemy’s bombing struck again. The guard Xiao Gu desperately protected Li Yannian, but his leg was injured. Xiao Gu was unwilling to ask for Li Yannian’s water, so he turned around and went to the hygienist to bandage the wound.

Li Yannian estimated that the enemy would launch an offensive before dark, and they couldn’t keep fighting like that. Li Yannian saw the rain crack ditch not far away. The enemy would not bombard that place. Li Yannian decided to take everyone there to hide first, and then asked someone to send a letter to the battalion to bombard the entire high ground on time. The battalion has never received news from the Seventh Company and guessed that the walkie-talkie was damaged, but it has been half an hour since the second shelling, and there is still no news.

The battalion commander could only send people to pay close attention to the situation in the 346.6 highland, hoping that Li Yannian and the others would stick to it until tomorrow morning. Liu Jialong received a call, and the 346.6 Heights were indeed still in their hands, but the enemy began to shell again. The comrade delivering the letter desperately tried to complete Li Yannian’s task and delivered the letter to the camp on time before five o’clock. The shelling came earlier than three minutes, and he was injured while avoiding the shelling. Even so, he still moved forward with his injuries.

Li Yannian led everyone to fight again. This time the shelling was fierce, and the enemy was also fierce. There was no news after a few gunshots on the 346.6 high ground. The battalion commander wanted to avenge the Seventh Company immediately, but was stopped by the instructor. He didn’t believe that Li Yannian would not be able to survive! The comrade who delivered the letter was seriously injured and exhausted his last strength to blew the assembly number, which successfully attracted the attention of the camp. The battalion leader rushed over, and Xiao Li had already sacrificed, but his letter was delivered to the battalion commander. The battalion commander immediately ordered firepower to cover the 346.6 highland immediately, and must avoid the rain crack ditch, not to hurt them!

The shelling finally began, and Li Yannian immediately ordered the destruction of the remaining enemies. After a great battle, the soldiers cleaned the battlefield, and Li Yannian finally breathed a sigh of relief. Li Yannian and the others discussed the battle plan for tomorrow. The enemy will probably use tanks tomorrow, and Li Yannian will soon have an idea.

The newly arranged company is named Taishan Company. Li Yannian hopes that everyone will strive for meritorious service in the next battle, and hope that there will be battle heroes tomorrow. Xiao Andong came to report at this time that there were a large number of enemy cars coming from the position. Li Yannian hurriedly went over and took a look, planning to take Platoon Zhang down the mountain to check. The enemy is transporting ammunition and weapons. It seems that tomorrow will be a tough battle.

Luo Houcai said that he knew tanks, and he was better than tank companies. He also made a tank out of bullet casings, telling Li Yannian vividly that he would be finished if he broke the scope of the tank. Li Yannian entrusted this task to the three of them, and he would definitely be able to perform meritorious service when he returned. Luo Houcai wanted to join the party and also wanted the title of fighting hero. Li Yannian encouraged him to fight hard tomorrow, hoping that the first fighting hero would be Luo Housai.

The next day. The enemy came in a tank, Luo Houcai raised his gun with some excitement, and the war broke out again. One of the tanks lost its driver, and Li Yannian asked someone to bomb him completely. Luo Houcai suddenly threw down the gun to the fifth squad leader, saying that he was going to find someone more powerful.

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