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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 13 Recap

Guan Xiaoyu was rejected frequently, and she was unable to do anything. His mother called and asked her to take her partner to a dinner next week. The editor-in-chief Tang Haojun of Fashion Magazine also wanted to go. Guan Xiaoyu wanted to join the magazine and thought this was a good opportunity.

After get off work, Yang Lanhang sent Bai Lingling home and praised her for thinking that 3G printing is very difficult. He arranged for her to participate in the high-end international seminar in Shenzhen the day after tomorrow. There will be cell planting experts at the meeting, which will be of great help to Bai Lingling in the future.

Bai Lingling wanted to go, but worried that Zhai Qing had also been preparing for this academic conference for a long time. Yang Lanhang told her that Zhai Qingyi had other arrangements. After the two were separated, Yang Lanhang called Bai Lingling several times and asked her to send her ID card information to prepare air tickets and hotels, and to visit her grandmother tomorrow with her, so that after several round trips, she said goodnight to each other.

The next day, Guan Xiaoyu asked Geng Panpan to accompany him to the dinner next Friday as a male companion, and Geng Panpan readily agreed. Yang Lanhang and Bai Lingling went to see their grandmother together. Grandma heard that scientific research has entered the stage of animal experimentation and was eager to perform the operation earlier. She hoped that Bai Lingling would fall in love earlier. Speaking of Xiaozheng last time, she was pretty good. Yang Lanhang bluntly said that he felt inappropriate. Grandma trusted Yang Lanhang, so she asked him to help Bai Lingling pay attention to suitable candidates.

Zhai Qing also excitedly told Zhang Yi’an that the great god had made an appointment with him. It must be about a business trip to Shenzhen. Zhang Yi’an revealed that he had let himself go, but his wife came back and didn’t want to go. Soon, Zhang Yian received a phone call from his wife, ranting and accusing him. He must have done the experiment without looking at his mobile phone.

He changed his sign and ordered him to come and pick him up in five minutes, otherwise he would get divorced. Zhang Yian pretended to be relaxed, and when Qing Yi had left, he rushed to the airport immediately. Zhai Qing was also arranged for an animal experiment the next day. He only found out that another business trip had been taken away by Professor Jiang.

After Bai Lingling and Yang Lanhang discussed their work, they talked about the jasmine flowers in his house. Bai Lingling said that his online dating boyfriend also likes these flowers. After Ouyang Yifan came back, Bai Lingling was afraid that he would be joking, so he hurriedly left. When he got home, Bai Lingling said to Guan Xiaoyu that Yang Lanhang was actually a good person, but he was scientific and clean. Guan Xiaoyu saw Ouyang Yifan sending a message to Bai Lingling and cursed him back for Bai Lingling.

As soon as Yang Lanhang, Bai Lingling and Professor Jiang got off the plane to the Shenzhen Hotel, they ran into Li Feifei. Li Feifei enthusiastically invited Yang Lanhang to have dinner with him in the evening, and also helped him make a reservation.

Yang Lanhang went online and sent a message to Bai Lingling, saying that she missed her a little, Bai Ling felt very sweet. He then went online and called Bai Lingling with the voice change function of the software. He confessed that he missed her very much. Bai Lingling was both excited and surprised. He also felt that his online dating boyfriend’s voice was somewhat familiar. She told her boyfriend that Yang Lanhang’s girlfriend was here, although he did not admit it last time.

But it may also be to protect the career of her girlfriend, she plans to go out to eat by herself and give them the world of both. Bai Lingling felt that it was too expensive for her boyfriend to make international calls. He suggested that the two could call each other once. Her boyfriend advised Lingling not to spend money indiscriminately. After hanging up the phone, Bai Lingling screamed and cheered excitedly. The voice was loud enough to alarm Yang Lanhang in the next room.

Yang Lanhang listened closely and was ecstatic. At this time, Li Feifei came knocking on the door and told Yang Lanhang that the head chef had reserved places for four people. Yang Lanhang was sorry that she decided to go out for dinner temporarily, and asked Li Feifei to ask someone else to pay the bill. Li Feifei accidentally got her feet in the corridor when she left.

Zhang Yian urged Zhai Qing to also work actively, Jingjing also echoed and said a few words, Ouyang Yinfan saw Jingjing and Qing also joking outside the door through the glass, thinking.

Yifan came to pick up his brother from get off work and told his mother that they must attend the dinner next week. He could help Yin Fan find a female partner. Yifan sighed over the years that he had participated in countless banquets instead of his brother. It was rumored that the eldest son of the Ouyang family was learned and polite, and that the younger son was stubborn and rebellious and never showed up.

He was so wronged. Yin Fan told Ivan that it must be very refreshing to be him briefly and accept the affirmation and appreciation of others. He has a female companion, so I don’t need to bother about it. Ivan was surprised to hear his brother say so much for the first time.

When Bai Lingling went out and passed Yang Lanhang’s room, she heard Li Feifei’s cry of pain from inside. She mistakenly thought that the two were making each other, and turned her back embarrassedly to help them close the door. She didn’t expect Yang Lanhang to suddenly grab her hand on the door handle. , Said she was waiting for her to eat together.

After arriving at the restaurant, Li Feifei thanked Yang Lanhang for helping herself with the medicine, and Bai Lingling understood the whole story. When ordering food, Bai Lingling wondered that Yang Lanhang’s taste was so similar to his own. Li Feifei took advantage of Bai Lingling’s opportunity to go to the bathroom to block her, and asked if she liked her brother, Bai Lingling frankly confessed that she has someone she likes.

Li Feifei felt that Yang Lanhang was different to Bai Lingling, and concluded that Yang Lanhang would only like her by means of such an ordinary girl. Bai Lingling was very confident and frightened Yang Feifei and called Yang Lanhang if she refused to let her go.

Li Feifei had no choice but to give up. After the meal, Yang Lanhang took Li Feifei away and asked Bai Lingling to go to his room. Look at the summary of tomorrow’s meeting. If you don’t understand, you can ask yourself. Bai Lingling wants to go back to the room to search for words on the computer. After making a comment, he turned around and suddenly saw Bai Lingling’s abdomen pain. She refused to call an ambulance. The rain was heavy outside and the hotel could not call the car. Yang Lanhang rushed into the rain desperately to stop the car. , I was soaked.

In the hospital, the sick Bai Lingling muttered to herself that she didn’t like ambulances. The ambulance took her mother away. She treated Yang Lanhang as a relative and begged him not to leave. Yang Lanhang looked at Bai Lingling, who was weak, with pity, and watched her all night by the bed.

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