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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 12 Recap

Zhai Qing also asked if Li Feifei was Yang Lanhang’s girlfriend. Yang Lanhang rushed to say that he was just an ordinary friend. Li Feifei corrected him as his lifesaver. That time, she was separated from her friend when she was shooting an advertisement abroad. Fortunately, I met Yang Lanhang with the money and mobile phone. Qing also suggested that the great god bring Li Feifei to visit the laboratory. Yang Lanhang said at a glance that outsiders should not be allowed in and out of the laboratory, and Bai Lingling left with interest.

Guan Xiaoyu boiled the bone soup and wanted to give Geng Panpan to replenish her body. Geng Panpan refused to send the address. He asked Guan Xiaoyu to accept the present at the door. Guan Xiaoyu saw that it was a beautiful bracelet. Panpan reminded her that tomorrow will be their magazine. On the birthday of colleague Amy, Guan Xiaoyu didn’t have it when he didn’t want others to give gifts.

Li Feifei guessed that Bai Lingling didn’t like herself, she must like Yang Lanhang, but Yang Lanhang denied it. The two saw an injured stray dog ​​on the side of the road. Li Feifei wanted to take the puppy to heal his injuries, but happened to ran into Ivan, and Yang Lanhang asked Ivan to take her there. After returning home, Ivan asked about Yang Lanhang and Li Feifei gossiping. Yang Lanhang said lightly that she just invited herself to dinner to express her gratitude, and Ivan scolded him for being single until now.

Bai Lingling on the other side found Li Feifei’s photo on the Internet and thought she was indeed beautiful, but she was not bad. She continued to review, and the netizen sent a message, suggesting that she have questions that she did not understand to ask Yang Lanhang. Bai Lingling said that she wanted to go to an academic conference. She had the opportunity to ask Yang Lanhang. It happened that her girlfriend was here. I had thought about what Yang Lanhang would be with before. People are together, and now I think he and that female celebrity are a good match.

A netizen asked her if she cared. Bai Lingling said it had nothing to do with her, but she didn’t like Li Feifei. Netizens replied that he didn’t like it, and he didn’t like everything Bai Lingling didn’t like. After she went offline, Yang Lanhang asked Ivan. If Bai Lingling likes herself in reality, it means she doesn’t like herself on the Internet that much. Is this a change of heart? Ivan teased Yang Lanhang that he even ate his own vinegar.

After Guan Xiaoyu went to the flower shop and asked the clerk, she learned that Panpanding’s flowers were indeed for herself. After she arrived at the hospital, the nurse told her that after Geng Panpan was hit by a car, the owner paid him the cost of a single ward, but Geng Panpan replaced him with a general ward and said that he would save money to buy gifts for his girlfriend. Guan Xiaoyu felt uncomfortable when she heard that, she glanced at Geng Panpan through the glass and left, and asked the nurse to keep it secret for herself.

Professor Jiang gave Yang Lanhang a two-day vacation. Zhai Qing also asked Zhang Yi’an to find out what gifts they gave to the gods in previous years. Zhang Yi’an had no idea about this, and didn’t want to know about it. Qing Yi made an alliance with Bai Lingling, and Bai Lingling learned of the distance. Yang Lanhang’s birthday is four or five months away, and Qing also bluntly denies that it is for the seminar that Qing is also anxious to give gifts.

Back home, Yang Lanhang had a heated discussion with his father on scientific research topics, until his mother came in to interrupt the two and let them go shopping with him. Bai Lingling on the other side also asked Guan Xiaoyu to accompany her to the shopping mall. She was going to buy Yang Lanhang gifts to express her gratitude. Guan Xiaoyu accidentally saw a gift from Panpan in a counter window, so she let Bai Lingling go shopping by herself. Unexpectedly, Bai Lingling saw her father and stepmother in the mall. She hurriedly took a piece of clothing and covered her head to avoid them.

Unexpectedly, the ringtone of the mobile phone still betrayed her. The stepmother was very enthusiastic and said that her father wanted Lingling very much, so she and the two People had a meal together, Bai Lingling flatly refused, and the stepmother eagerly wanted to buy the clothes she put on her head. Bai Lingling insisted on paying for her own clothes. Who knew that the clothes were 13 thousand yuan, and she didn’t have enough money in her card, so she continued to search. Looking for other cards, the two sides were in a stalemate, Yang Lanhang suddenly appeared like a savior, took out a card and said that Bai Lingling’s bank card had fallen, and helped her out.

Bai Lingling told Yang Lanhang afterwards that she was formerly known as Shi Nuoling, and later her parents divorced, so they changed her name to Bai Lingling. She wants to return the newly bought clothes. Yang Lanhang said that she gave her away. Bai Lingling told him that the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but the best that suits her is the best. She asked how the password on the card was her birthday, Yang Lanhang concealed that he changed the password in advance.

Bai Lingling expressed his gratitude for inviting Yang Lanhang to dinner. They ran into Yifan. Yifan said that his father was going to let him go back to work at the company. Bai Lingling first regarded him as Yin Fan. Ivan begged Bai Lingling to persuade Guan Xiaoyu to dump the little boy and stay with him. He took the initiative to add Lingling’s WeChat. Bai Lingling was about to add Yang Lanhang’s WeChat by the way. Yifan suddenly emphasized that Guan Xiaoyu had broken up and she wanted to tell herself the first time. Bai Lingling wondered why Ivan had countless girlfriends before, why he still worried about Guan Xiaoyu, Ivan said that he wanted to erase the only stain in the history of love.

Guan Xiaoyu went home and saw that Geng Panpan was waiting at the door. Geng Panpan saw that the bracelet she sent her was placed on the table intact, thinking that Xiaoyu didn’t like it, and Guan Xiaoyu frankly only knew yesterday that the previous rose was sent by him. It is for herself, but Panpan is still a student, and all the money she spends is at home. When she knows that Panpan uses the money saved in hospitalization to buy gifts for herself, of course she is not happy because she feels that her mind is more important than money. Panpan finally plucked up the courage to ask Guan Xiaoyu if he would be his girlfriend? Guan Xiaoyu promised the two to try.

Yang Lanhang told Bai Lingling that he had contacted Dr. Li, and he said that his grandmother was in good condition. Bai Lingling asked him if he could obtain the shape of the patient’s heart valve through CT, and then set the stent based on its shape, and then print the stent and valve. Yang Lanhang was very happy that the two of them thought about going together. Dad discussed, the latter two were dragged by mother to go shopping. Dad is a scientific research madman, but the scientific research project lacks funds, so my mother went to the sea to do business to support Dad.

Later, the business grew bigger and bigger. She was a strong backing for Dad, and Dad was also great. After winning several scientific research awards, Bai Lingling envied their mutual achievement. Yang Lanhang also lamented that it would be great if he could have such a tacit understanding with his future lover. Bai Lingling said that Li Feifei made a lot of money, and Yang Lanhang corrected that she was not her girlfriend because she had someone she liked. He asked Bai Lingling if he had someone he liked. Bai Lingling said he already had a boyfriend. He was very funny, humorous, and positive, and Yang Lanhang was so happy to hear it.

After getting off work at noon the next day, Yang Lanhang thought while walking, if Bai Lingling, who was reading in front, accidentally fell down the steps, he would definitely rush to the hero to save the beauty. Who knows the truth is that Bai Lingling stepped on the air and was supported by Qing Yi who was passing by. NS.

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