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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 6 Recap

Meiru went to the hot springs with Murong Jaylun and cooked hot spring eggs. Suddenly Meiru accidentally fell into the hot spring pool. After Murong Jaylun hugged them, the two of them looked at each other, and as soon as they had some affection, they moved instantly. Wushan is gone.

Jiang Huizhen went to find Ouyang Wenshan to sign the contract. He was suddenly stopped when he left. It turned out that he had fastened Huizhen’s buttons. This attracted Huizhen’s attention, because many people were thinking about unlocking her buttons. He actually took the initiative to tie it up, trying to get rid of it. However, Jiang Hui really clearly told Ouyang Wenshan that there will be no relationship outside the contract, who can not resist Ouyang Wenshan’s charm.

Meiru and Murong Jaylun returned home together, Meiru wanted to take a bath, Murong actually wanted to follow, let Meiru educate. In the evening, Duan Shuiliu took the Nine Dragon Goddess to see the house, but chose the house opposite to Meirujia, and he could clearly see the whole picture of Meirujia at a glance.

Jiang Hui really called Meiru. It turned out that her clothes were torn. He told Meiru to go to the Aegean Mall to send her clothes, and she had to go right away. Meiru hurried over and listened to the little prince’s broadcast on the way. She recalled all the things that happened with Murong Jaylun and what Murong had said, which made Chen Meiru feel as if she really had this man in her heart. In Murong Jay’s heart, Chen Meiru is also the best person in the world.

The beautiful Aegean Shopping Mall changed Jiang Huizhen into clothes and asked her to tell her what was going on, but Jiang Huizhen was very indifferent, because it is human nature. I also took the opportunity to persuade Meiru that she is so big, she doesn’t know anything about passion, and she is like a preschooler. At the age of twelve, she still has fantasies about love. Now she refuses to be thousands of miles away. Feminist rights, but it has nothing to do with that.

As a result, Jiang Hui really accidentally said that it had something to do with the diary, and the two talked about the diary when they were young. Huizhen has always hoped that beauty is as happy as she is, because she just looks good, she knows to write some swaying words when she is twelve years old, but she can’t stop it because of her twelve-year-old injury. Other people in this era The opinion is not important.

Hui Zhen mentioned it. In her diary, she kept remembering a sentence, “Murong and my breath are intertwined, blowing on each other’s faces”, “Our lips are very close” and so on, although Meiru interrupted, but she also remembered that the more she wanted to escape, the more indelible and profound she was. This is what happiness looks like.

I also think of Wenshan’s words, “Wen Shan is as gentle as a jade, a thousand obedience”, “No promises, no long”, “Frankness, relative, passionate” is in line with the current Ouyang Wenshan and Jiang Huizhen, but now Huizhen wants to change it to a relationship between men and women. The physical relationship is inseparable, just like an interrogation, it is a game between the interrogator and the interrogated, one after another, who can’t hold it, and the psychological line of defense collapses, whoever will fall in love with each other first, the true love is at this moment Happens, and the opponent and me are evenly matched. Meiru and Jiang Huizhen are still playing on the slides together. They are very happy. Huizhen also feels that it is so good to be able to talk about this diary with Meiru, and Meiru seems relieved.

Duan Shuiliu studied the essence that women need to use at home, and the Nine Dragon Goddess was still staring at Meirujia to see Murong Jay Lun. At this time, Ouyang Wenshan went to Murong Jay Lun. Duan Shuiliu felt that the matter was strange, so he went to them and found them. The two are plotting something. Murong Jay-lun thinks of some strange pictures when he sees the water, but he can’t remember at all. Ouyang Wenshan can read their language when he explores the contents of Babylon.

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