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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 5 Recap

When Murong saw that many crows felt danger was coming, she wanted to hold Meiru to go, but she kept resisting. She was really angry and would no longer tolerate Murong Jaylen. She recalled the scene when she was forced to read out her diary when she was a child. , I also feel that Murong Jaylun shouldn’t exist at all, and Murong Jay’s heart is also sad, because he can’t remember many things before, let alone whether he should exist or not. The arrival of these crows makes Murong feel that he may be incompetent, but Meiru told him that in her diary, he was fictitious.

After the Nine Dragon Goddess chased him out, she was very sad to see this scene, but Meiru promised Murong would help him because he was hers. Recently, a piece of news revealed that many cultural relics were unearthed in the Iraqi capital. The history of these cultural relics can be traced back very far. Murong already knows that the news broadcast is called a television. He has also learned the basic etiquette for communicating with people, and learns to be modest and low-key, so as not to cause trouble. ,

Let alone claiming to be a prince, but Murong feels that she is Murong, but Meiru told him that her order is the norm. She was teaching Murong Jaylen to learn how to be humble, so a little girl came and asked to sit here, and Murong Jayron stood up immediately. She gave her a seat, and the little girl was also called Aunt Meiru. Although she was angry, she left without showing it, so as to teach Murong Jaylun how to be kind to others.

As soon as Meiru turned her head, she saw Duan Shuiliu. He was very grateful to Meiru for bringing the Nine Dragon Goddess to his side. He also felt that Meiru was cute when she was still young, and he advised Meiru not to hit her feet with a rock. Meiru went back to the ward and saw that the boss came. He and Murong Jaylen had a good conversation. The Nine Dragon Goddess was lying at the door watching their speech. The boss saw that Meiru was not in good shape recently, but her boyfriend was still very good. of. Duan Shuiliu helped Jiutian Dragon Girl listen to their chat, but he secretly changed the concept and said what he wanted to say through Murong Jaylun’s words.

The boss said that since Meiru’s birthday, her state has been very unstable, which has affected her work. He took this to let Meiru and her boyfriend go to bigu for a few days to recuperate.

After coming to Bigu, not only a lot of things can’t be brought in, even mobile phones can’t be used. The meal is also nuts, red dates and the like. But Murong Jaylun was enjoying it and calmed down to eat quietly, but Meiru couldn’t stand it and said that she didn’t have enough to eat. Murong Jaylun actually asked Meiru to drink more hot water. Meiru was always sleepy during class, but Murong Jaylun listened very seriously. When the teacher thought that the students had eliminated their desire for food, Meiru couldn’t bear it, and always wanted a variety of delicious foods.

On the third day, Meiru had to climb the railing and was stopped by Murong Jaylun. Meiru was very angry, and righteously told Meiru not to touch her and that men should not touch women casually. She recalled what many people had said before, and she also told Murong that her modesty and politeness were all pretends.

Meiru was sitting next to her and was feeling uncomfortable. I felt that Murong Jaylen would not love her anymore, but after a while Murong came to look for her and brought her eggs. I heard from the staff that there is a hot spring to cook hot spring eggs. Meiru was immediately happy, but the price for Murong to get this was to let others touch his face, but Meiru felt that it was a loss and asked Murong to stop doing it in the future.

Jiu Tian Long Nu and Duan Shui Liu bought a lot of things together, and he also taught Jiu Tian Long Nu many things in modern society. The troupe also had an investment plan, Jiang Hui really wanted to find Ouyang Wenshan.

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