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Beyond Prescriptions 灵丹妙药不及你 Episode 1 Recap

In the sixth year of Xingqi, Ye Shili, a famous doctor in the south of the Yangtze River, discovered that his younger brother Yin Shizhao used Yaowang’s handwriting to privately ban drugs to harm the people for profit. The Ye family incurred disasters and was slaughtered. After being chased to desperate situation, Ye Xiang jumped off the cliff. Yin Shizhao, who was vicious and profit-only, felt that Ye Xiang was bound to die, which allowed him to sit firmly in the hospital so that he would have no worries about the future.

The emperor issued an edict in October that women must marry at the age of 17. Yihua, a doctor at the Cihua Medical Center in Xiangyun County, has a nightmare. She dreamed that she was forced to marry at the age of 25, but she was taken away by a man in white at the wedding. This dream directly awakened Yihua. .

Seeing that the child was about to be hit by a car, Xiangyun County arrested Kuaijian Tian to rescue him but accidentally knocked out the candied haws in the child’s hand. Pei Yingying appeared in time to give the child a bunch of candied haws to resolve the embarrassment. The black-bellied girl Pei Yingying is the daughter of the county magistrate of Xiangyun County. She is fond of her childhood sweetheart, but she only loves Yihua.

The beautiful Yihua is not only good at medical skills, but also has a heart to help the world. After falling from the cliff, Ye Xiang was taken home by Yihua, who went to the mountains to collect medicine. During the treatment, Fiantian took the initiative to help Ye Xiang check the wounds. He found that Ye Xiang’s wounds were all caused by sharp weapons. Pei Yingying mistakenly regarded Ye Xiang as Yihua, she reprimanded the two of them for being shameless, and Jiantian warned Pei Yingying not to ruin Yihua’s reputation with nonsense.

Ye Xiang finally woke up under Yihua’s treatment, but he lost his memory. Ye Xiangqiu Yihua, who has nowhere to go, takes him in. Yihua asks Ye Xiang’s name. Ye Xiangshun, who has amnesia, says that he is Yungui. Yihua didn’t want to take in Yungui, who was of unknown origin, so he drove him out. There is a Kabuki theater in Xiangyun County called Zuishengge, and the exquisite boss’s wife is Qin Yuening. When Yihua gave Qin Yuening the Snow Whitening Cream, Qin Yuening asked Yihua to make a vanilla that would make her body long-lasting fragrance, and Yihua agreed. As soon as Yihua left, the famous physician Luo Yingnian went to the Zuisheng Pavilion to look for Qin Yuening. When Yihua walked to the entrance of Zuisheng Pavilion, a wine glass flew towards her, and Yungui, who had been following Yihua, appeared to help her block the wine glass.

Yihua took Yun back to the hospital for treatment and promised to take Yungui for one night. When she woke up the next day, she found that Yungui was actually sleeping in front of her bed. Yungui explained that Yihua had pulled herself here in the middle of the night, and Yihua then remembered that she had caught Yungui’s hand after he had a nightmare last night before falling asleep again. Yungui again asked Yihua to take him in. Since then, Ye Xiang has become Yungui’s medicine boy beside Yihua.

Yihua instructs Yungui to work, and Yungui’s obedient and diligent make Yihua very useful. Yihua was trying to tell Yungui something but she couldn’t find anyone. This surprised her, so she went to the Zuisheng Pavilion to look for it. After all, Yungui had only been to the Zuisheng Pavilion except for the medical hall. Yihua only saw the loose rope in Qin Yuening’s room, when Yungui suddenly appeared. At this time, Yungui became very strong. He frivolously asked if Yihua was looking for himself. Yihua suspected that this person was not Yungui at all.

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