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The Justice 光芒 Episode 34 Recap

Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi kissed affectionately in the street. That night, Wu Lizi and Cheng Yizhi cuddled on the bed, and they sighed the impermanence of life.

Cheng Yizhi heard about the bad news of the Japanese shooting down the plane to Hong Kong early in the morning. The victims were general managers Sun and Liu, colleagues in the banking industry. They went to Hong Kong to discuss overseas loans, and Cheng Yizhi felt very heavy. General Manager Chen suddenly called Cheng Yizhi and asked him to go to Hong Kong to continue the loan. Wu Lizi firmly disagreed with him to take the risk. Cheng Yizhi wanted to go by boat.

Wu Lizi did not want to be separated from Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi wanted to do his best for the country’s troubles. Wu Lizi, with the country’s top priority, Wu Lizi worried that the Japanese spies learned of Cheng Yizhi’s whereabouts and took the opportunity to attack Rebong Bank and bring disaster to the bank. Cheng Yizhi asked Wu Lizi to take care of the banking business and conceal his itinerary. Wu Lizi reluctantly agreed to let Cheng Yizhi come back alive after weighing in. Cheng Yizhi disguised himself as a big beard, and went out before dawn.

Japan produced a large number of fake legal currencies, and wanted to disrupt China’s financial market, Liu Jiro carefully identified the real and fake ones, and repeatedly exaggerated the fake legal currencies to make them more realistic. The translator Dou told Liu Erlang about Zhou Wenqu’s development of anti-tuberculosis drugs. He also revealed the relationship between him and Libang Bank and Cheng Yizhi and Wu Lizi. Liu Erlang came up with a ghost idea.

Director Zhao asked Wu Lizi about Cheng Yizhi’s situation. Wu Lizi lied that Cheng Yizhi was ill and was resting at home. Director Zhao wanted to visit, but Wu Lizi had to admit that she and Cheng Yizhi were living together, so that Director Zhao was relieved. When Cheng Yizhi came to Hong Kong, General Manager Chen and the members of the advisory team had been waiting for a long time. Cheng Yizhi couldn’t take care of the road and was tired, and sat down to discuss with the financial consultants about the overseas loan. Cheng Yizhi suggested discussing the types and quantities of mortgage materials first, everyone. There were different opinions, and General Manager Chen suggested to continue the discussion after dinner.

Cheng Yizhi called Wu Lizi to report that she was safe, Wu Lizi confided in her lovesickness, and Cheng Yizhi deliberately changed the subject. At dinner, a consultant proposed to use tea as a collateral. Cheng Yizhi felt that tea was not good. Manager Dai suggested using cotton yarn. Cheng Yizhi strongly opposed it. The army urgently needed cotton yarn for war and must not be sold overseas. Cheng Yizhi suggested using tung oil. General Manager Chen supported him. , The members of the advisory group unanimously agreed. Cheng Yizhi proposed that the government must return the tung oil plant to Gao Dayong, so that Gao Dayong should be appointed as a technical consultant for the loan, and everyone’s support should be obtained.

Xiaoling reported to Wu Lizi for Shimazaki Tadashi that Japan made 10 million fake legal currency and shipped it to Yichang. Wu Lizi was anxious and wrote to the organization overnight to ask for help. After the meeting, Cheng Yizhi explained the truth to General Manager Chen that he and Dai Ailing were in a fake relationship. It was only for the sake of fulfilling Dai Ailing’s overseas study that General Manager Chen realized it. Cheng Yizhi apologized for not being able to go overseas to participate in the negotiation. He worried that Rebon Bank would be in danger for a long time. Only by keeping Rebon Bank can the safety of its businesses and depositors be guaranteed, and he can do his best to fight the war. General Manager Chen supports his decision. .

Wu Lizi put the letter in the designated mailbox, she quickly got a reply and asked her to go to the cafe to meet it. According to the request, Wu Lizi clipped the Japanese army’s information on fake legal currency issued by the Japanese army. Unexpectedly, Liu Erlang suddenly came to say hello to Wu Lizi. He questioned Wu Lizi’s purpose of coming here. Wu Lizi answered fluently. Liu Erlang did not find any abnormalities and proposed that the Bank of Japan should encourage him. Wu Lizi retorted at the request of the Bank of Japan to invest in the Wenken Pharmaceutical Factory and wanted to invest in Japanese companies through the Bank of Japan, and Liu Jiro was speechless. Wu Lizi checked out the money with the information, and Liu Erlang took the initiative to send her to the account on the pretext of having an appointment with a friend.

Cheng Yizhi returned to Shanghai smoothly and found that there was no one at home. Cheng Yizhi was very worried. Liu Erlang sent Wu Lizi to the agreed place and stayed to accompany Wu Lizi and others. Wu Lizi casually said that she would accompany General Aoki to play bridge.

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