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The Justice 光芒 Episode 33 Recap

Feng Youru pretended to care about Gao Dayong and Liao Lan, and promised to keep 30% of the shares to them. Gao Dayong was willing to hand over the factory, but he was worried that he would be ruined by his ignorant business and wanted to continue to manage the factory. Feng Youru resolutely refused to agree and kept saying that he would find an expert to manage it. , To force Gao Dayong to sign the contract, or let Minister Kong of the Ministry of Finance come to talk to the two of them, then it will be forcibly confiscated, and Gao Dayong is forced to sign the contract.

Gao Xiaocong found tung oil on the market, and it was confirmed by laboratory tests that it was exactly the same as the real tung oil. He immediately reported to Cheng Yizhi, and Cheng Yizhi asked him to keep an eye on the matter. Lei Zi persuaded Huang Ruhong to cooperate with the Japanese, and also helped to build a bridge. Huang Ruhong bit his head to meet Liu Erlang. Liu Erlang asked him to enjoy Japanese music and dance. Huang Ruhong couldn’t appreciate it. Liu Erlang asked him to help promote Japanese products. Huang Ruhong did not dare to rashly. Push forward, worrying about causing public outrage, and suggest trading in pound sterling.

The shopkeeper Song asked Cheng Yizhi to help find a few printing presses. Cheng Yizhi agreed, regardless of the previous complaints, and casually asked him about the Zhenzhen tung oil factory, only to realize that the government had sent Feng Youru to forcibly take over the Zhenzhen tung oil factory. Cheng Yizhi worried that Liao Lan and Gao Dayong were in danger. Wu Lizi promised to send someone to find out their current situation. She suddenly remembered that someone had called home during the last two nights. Wu Lizi picked up the other party and hung up without saying a word. She suspected the other party. It is to find Cheng Yizhi.

That night, Cheng Yizhi sat on the sofa and waited for the call, and asked Wu Lizi to go back to bed. Wu Lizi insisted on waiting with him. The call came on time. The other party only said that the mailbox on the corner of the street was hung up. Cheng Yizhi came to the corner and took out the letter of help written by Gao Dayong from the mailbox. Gao Dayong explained that the Zhenzhen tung oil factory was occupied and the couple were under house arrest. In an apartment. Cheng Yizhi told Gao Xiaocong the news. Gao Xiaocong was very anxious, and Cheng Yizhi asked him to write a letter to Gao Dayong to relieve Gao Dayong.

Huang Ruhong asked Manager Liang of Sanxin Bank to send all the money in British pounds. Then, the Shanghai Banking Association held a charity auction, and the Bank of Yokohama from Japan also attended the auction. Liu Jiro stood on the second floor and witnessed the auction. , The scene is very lively, the sold lot must be paid in British pounds. Wu Lizi hurried over and brought a pair of “Magnificent Mountains and Rivers” to make the lottery. She also played a piece on the spot, which won warm applause from all the guests. Wu Lizi reminded everyone to have the motherland in mind.

Shopkeeper Wan helped Lei Zi exchange 50,000 pounds, and Lei Zi asked Wan shopkeeper to exchange 50,000 pounds. He wanted to challenge Huang Ruhong. General Manager Chen suddenly called Cheng Yizhi and asked him about the person who knows the market best in the banking industry. Cheng Yizhi recommended him a person. Liu Erlang asked Huang Ruhong to close the Longying Bank. Huang Ruhong promised that Liu Erlang wanted to hire a female banker Wu Lizi to help. Huang Ruhong felt that Wu Lizi was unworthy and recommended him to Manager Liang.

Wu Lizi received a letter from Xu Shu half a year ago. Xu Shu admitted that she liked Wu Lizi, but Wu Lizi still loved Cheng Yizhi. Xu Shu left Libang Bank because he was jealous. He felt that Cheng Yizhi also liked Wu Lizi and persuaded Wu Lizi to boldly pursue Cheng Yizhi. Don’t give up, Wu Lizi suddenly enlightened.

Wu Lizi deliberately changed the most beautiful dress to surprise Cheng Yizhi. Cheng Yizhi went home but brought news of Xu Shu’s death. Xu Shu’s cruise ship hit a rock and sank. Wu Lizi was very sad. She couldn’t accept the fact that she ran out overnight to get some breath. . Wu Lizi couldn’t help thinking of her cruel rejection of Xu Shu’s love again and again, and even his friendship was not accepted. She never considered Xu Shu’s feelings. Wu Lizi became more sad the more she thought about it. Cheng Yizhi hurriedly chased out, Wu Lizi confided to him the guilt in her heart for Xu Shu, Cheng Yizhi couldn’t help kissing Wu Lizi.

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