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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 4 Recap

Wang Jueren asked an American soldier to send money to Luo Houcai. He refused to go there in person. Li Yannian could only order action. The American soldier and Wang Jueren were shot and killed. At this time, an enemy also appeared behind them, Li Yannian immediately sent a signal flare, and regimental commander Chen ordered the cannon to fire according to the predetermined target. After daybreak, Li Yannian came back with Qilian. Head Chen just cursed a few words.

After all, he did meritorious service this time, and Wang Jueren was shot to death. Naturally, there was no censorship. Chen Yanzong was transferred to the eighth squad as the deputy squad leader, but he still didn’t want to. He just wanted to be a soldier and fight the enemy. Li Yannian painstakingly criticized him not to be individual heroism, but to have a collective concept.

The enemy attacked like crazy, and the eighth company and the ninth company suffered heavy losses. At present, the superior is planning a major counterattack operation to completely wipe out the enemy’s arrogance. The superior requires the Seventh Company to hold the 346.6 high ground, even if it is the last person. The enemy has recently blocked all roads in the 346.6 highland. They can only use the three-minute interval of artillery to go up, and this is very difficult. The three-minute time is very difficult. Liu Jialong told them that the only way was for the enemy’s guns to have different calibers. He suggested that they pass when the caliber was the smallest. Li Yannian said that he had already had an idea to ensure that he could pass safely, and Liu Jialong had some insights in his heart and told him to come back safely.

Li Yannian asked everyone to wait for themselves in place, and he was going to do an experiment. After the company was ready, Li Yannian told everyone that the enemy’s shelling time was one minute, and the interval was three minutes. It was generally difficult for them to run past with a lot of weapons and equipment, but Li Yannian noticed that the enemy’s shelling was concentrated in the middle. The probability of being bombed in the craters on both sides is very small. Chen Yanzong muttered silently in his heart, and Li Yannian asked him to be the first to run, to show everyone.

The soldiers of the Seventh Company, armed with weapons, ran through the blockade desperately in a three-minute gap. The comrades in the 346.6 Highland had many wounded. Everyone wanted to return to the battlefield. The health workers were very busy. The comrades of the seventh company came, but were told that the company commanders and instructors of the eighth and ninth companies had died. Before he had time to grieve, Li Yannian immediately set up a task, and he must avenge his sacrificed comrades in arms!

The Charge horn blew, and the soldiers of the Seventh Company rushed to the battlefield to help those comrades who had been struggling for a long time. The war ended briefly, and Li Yannian was arranging for everyone to clean up the battlefield, but the sound of gunshots from the opposite side plunged the situation into crisis once and for all. When the deputy company commander sacrificed his life, Li Yannian carefully observed it and told Luo Houcaihe to go around the rear and wipe out the enemy.

The troops suffered heavy casualties, and the eight companies and nine companies had suffered heavy casualties. Li Yannian merged the two companies into one company and temporarily arranged for them. Luo Houcai suddenly picked up the gun and ran away, saying that he wanted to avenge the deputy company commander. The squad leader thought he was looking for some US military weapon. Li Yannian asked him to wait for Luo Houcai to criticize him before coming back to see him.

Li Yannian told Wang Yuwen to record clearly the performance of the soldiers, especially the comrades who suffered casualties. Luo Houcai returned with the US military weapons he found. Li Yannian believed that he should treat the enemy in the same way. The enemy’s plane came, and Li Yannian hurriedly told everyone to hide in the bullet-proof hole, but Wang Yuwen was stunned looking at the plane in the sky. After finally hiding in the bullet-proof hole, Wang Yuwen found that the notebook was missing and crawled out to look for it. As a result, he was frightened and wet his pants by the fragmented corpses exploded on the battlefield. The bombing passed, and the enemy quickly attacked. Li Yannian knew that Wang Yuwen was on the battlefield for the first time, and he didn’t say much. After the bombing, the walkie-talkie broke down.

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