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Medal of the Republic 功勋 Episode 3 Recap

The soldiers were still fighting in the blood, and with the sound of artillery fire, the soldiers used their bodies to spell out a bloody path. Finally, the news of the victory of the 346.6 highland came back, and the battle ended in less than 57 minutes. Chen Yanzong rushed to find Li Yannian with a gun, but Li Yannian scolded him. There are nine lives under him and they are still in war. How can he act on his stomach! It was almost dawn, and Chief Xie handed a list to the battalion commander and the instructor, saying that it was someone the enemy agent wanted to inquire, and he wanted to understand the basic situation. Li Yannian’s homework was very meticulous, and the battalion commander quickly answered.

When the battlefield was being cleared, Wang Zeren’s voice suddenly came from the radio to counter-instigate the soldiers, and the welfare of coming here was very good. Luo Houcai gritted his teeth as if he knew him. The soldiers took up their guns and fired in a burst, but unfortunately it was in vain. After receiving the letter, the deputy battalion commander hurriedly called Liu Jialong and Li Yannian. Unexpectedly, he arranged for Liu Jialong to return to the camp as chief of staff, and Li Yannian would also be transferred back. Liu Jialong was very unhappy. After all, it is now an important time to guard the 346.6 Heights. Li Yannian had already thought that it was because of what was broadcast.

When going down the mountain, Li Yannian kept looking for the small cave he saw when he went up the mountain. He said that the Seventh Company would definitely come back, so he prepared the US military here for convenience. Chen Yanzong suddenly said that he didn’t want to be the monitor, and asked Li Yannian to criticize him. Luo Houcai wanted to keep a US military weapon, but the squad leader scolded him to replace the original gun.

Luo Houcai refused. Upon seeing this, Li Yannian just replaced the gun. Li Yannian was a little unwilling after hearing the decision of his superiors. After all, everyone was playing well just after coming off the battlefield. How could he concentrate on the review if he didn’t remember his merits. It’s just that these people are very good at disguising, and the final target is set to be the five of the enemy’s control list, plus a small Anton who almost escaped. Li Yannian hopes to concentrate again tomorrow. He will go back to mobilize the confrontational sentiment of everyone in the province. Head Chen also agreed.

After the meeting, Li Yannian went to Liu Jialong. He was so busy just as the chief of staff, he didn’t have the time to pay attention to him. Li Yannian said that he would take six comrades to perform a secret mission at night, and ask the platoon leader to take the seven company. No matter what happens, please believe him. At night, Li Yannian gathered everyone together and said that whoever wanted to go back was the last chance. But everyone does not leave, it is worth it to be innocent. Liu Jialong planned to go to Qilian to see Li Yannian. The battalion commander told him not to add fuel to the fire, so he tried to persuade Li Yannian.

At this time, Liu Jialong received Li Yannian’s letter, and after reading it, he said that it was a big deal, and he took someone to the night attack without asking for instructions to report. On the contrary, the battalion commander thought it was good, and set off immediately according to Li Yannian’s letter. Deputy Section Chief Zeng was worried that Li Yannian would defect with six liberation fighters, but Liu Jialong promised that they would never defect. Head Chen believed that Li Yannian’s plan was highly likely to succeed, so he formally designated his plan as an action for trespassing and implemented it immediately. Deputy Section Chief Zeng is still very worried, but Head Chen said that if he fails to succeed, he will bear the responsibility.

Li Yannian led the team in the dark night, and after hearing the sound of the artillery, he understood that the camp was already helping them according to the plan. Li Yannian was worried that too early would arouse suspicion, and asked everyone to find a place to rest. Wang Jueren believed that his words had worked. Luo Houcai and Zhao Fugen were brothers who worshipped and loved money. He suggested that the colonel take this opportunity to take back the 346.6 Heights. Li Yannian asked everyone to stop and set off until the play was chasing the deserters. The colonel was worried that the situation was unclear, so he sent someone to the 346.6 Heights for reconnaissance.

Li Yannian met this team, worried that they would have trouble when they came back, and decided to complete the task before they came back. According to Li Yannian’s plan, Luo Houcai shouted and waved the white flag, saying that he would come to Wang Jueren with his five brothers. Although Wang Jueren was happy, he would not pass easily. He called for Luo Houcai and the others to come first. Luo Houcai insisted on negotiating terms with him, and even took Li Yannian out as a hostage, and Wang Jueren agreed to continue the talks. Soon Wang Juoren came out with six thousand dollars, but he was extremely cautious and asked an American soldier to send money to the other side.

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