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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 9 Recap

Bai Lingling gave her grandmother Wu Chunhua a tablet computer. Grandma liked it so much that she couldn’t put it down, and persuaded Lingling to go to fall in love after finishing the exam. The two discussed going to go shopping and eat the night market tomorrow, the Chinese New Year is about to come.

Guan Xiaoyu wanted to participate in the academy’s New Year’s Eve Prom, and dreamed of meeting a handsome guy. Geng Panpan felt uncomfortable. Qing also asked Zhang Yi’an about the New Year’s Eve of the Great God. Zhang Yi’an told him that before in Europe, he usually played wildly with his colleagues, and Yang Lanhang always spent time in the laboratory.

On New Year’s Eve, Yang Lanhang watched Bai Lingling leave a message online to accompany her grandma shopping, and ran out. On the other side, Guan Xiaoyu dressed up to attend the New Year’s Eve dance party. She didn’t expect that she was robbed of her bag on the street right after getting off the taxi. After getting out of the car, Yin Fan couldn’t drive behind, so he called Cui Jing to rescue him.

Grandma wrote a wish card and asked Bai Lingling to walk up to the high platform and hang it on the wishing tree. Bai Lingling saw it written: I hope I will be the mother of Yaya in the next life, Lingling’s grandmother, love them very much. The warm words made Ling Ling look moved, and lost consciousness for a while, and accidentally stepped on the air. Fortunately, Yang Lanhang arrived in time and swept her to rescue.

Guan Xiaoyu almost fell when chasing the thief, and Ouyang Ifan came to a hero to save the United States. On the other side, Cui Jing drove Ouyang Yin Fan to watch the fireworks, showing a long-lost smile on Yin Fan’s face.

Bai Lingling was admitted to graduate school. All the laboratory staff applauded and celebrated for her. Qing also expressed her merits to Yang Lanhang. Bai Lingling wanted to thank everyone very much. Qing also suggested eating dinner and singing in the evening.

In the evening, Guan Xiaoyu also came to the laboratory party. Soon after, Ouyang Yinfan also came. Guan Xiaoyu regarded Yin Fan as Yifan, and was so scared that he covered his head with clothes. Bai Lingling introduced Yin Fan as Senior Brother Ouyang, and Guan Xiaoyu thought They were alone and were about to run away. They bumped into Yin Fan at the door. Yin Fan turned a blind eye to her. Guan Xiaoyu mistakenly thought he was afraid of exposing him in front of his colleagues in the laboratory, so he ran to the bar to play. I met Ouyang Ifan there.

After the party, Bai Lingling was a little drunk, and Yang Lanhang sent her home. Bai Lingling said through drunkenness that he particularly hated Yang Lanhang. Although he knew that he was wrong in the paper, he always helped clean up the mess, and always threatened him with confession, but he really thanked him about the postgraduate entrance examination, and the two of them smiled. hatred. At this time Zheng Minghao called. Bai Lingling said to invite him to dinner tomorrow. Zheng Minghao promised to return by plane tomorrow. Bai Lingling didn’t know where he was going. Zheng Minghao reminded her to read her message. She turned on the hands-free. It turned out that Zheng Minghao had gone to Shenzhen to develop.

He wanted Bai Lingling to keep her, but he was afraid that she would keep herself. As long as Bai Lingling was happy, he could let go, but Bai Lingling could not hold the phone for a lifetime. Bai Lingling was so uncomfortable that she wanted to vomit, and quickly got out of the car. She sat on the side of the road and said to Yang Lanhang why everyone around her was not optimistic about their feelings. She was so afraid that everything was her own fantasy. When she woke up, she would have nothing. In fact, she really wanted someone to hold an umbrella for herself on a rainy day. She told that person herself: I really like him. Yang Lanhang was moved, and couldn’t help but was about to confess. Bai Lingling vomited again and sprayed him all over.

Guan Xiaoyu woke up and found that she was living in a hotel room with Ouyang Yifan. Ivan was sleeping on the sofa. She was angry that Ivan was serious when the party was so slutty. It was that Guan Xiaoyu was drunk by himself last night. Can only take her to the hotel.

When Bai Lingling woke up early the next morning, she received a message from a netizen who said he liked her and asked her to meet. Bai Lingling was excited to tell Guan Xiaoyu the news immediately, and then the message said that he also liked him. A netizen asked her to look out of the window. Bai Lingling ran to the balcony to take a look. There were colorful balloons floating outside. She was delighted.

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