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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 8 Recap

Ivan learned that Yang Lanhang’s injury was for Bai Lingling, and laughed at him as having fought for love. He heard that Yang Lanhang’s love rival was Zheng Minghao, and he advised Yang Lanhang not to underestimate the enemy, because the other party is young and promising, looks very handsome, and he developed his mind. Only then did he realize that Zheng Minghao sold him and he would be recognized by Guan Xiaoyu. Yang Lanhang.

Ivan accidentally saw Guan Xiaoyu on the road, and hurried after him. It turned out that Guan Xiaoyu asked Geng Panpan to record Zheng Minghao and his own video for a while. After Ivan appeared, he exposed Guan Xiaoyu’s tactics and asked him to record the video directly. He told the camera that he was not “how far away forever” at all. The net name was given to him by Zheng Minghao, and he had already sold it, and he didn’t know who the buyer was. Who. Guan Xiaoyu felt that he was wrong with Ivan and wanted to invite him to take a bath for entertainment. Yifan asked Guan Xiaoyu to be his girlfriend, otherwise he would call the police. Geng Panpan was unhappy, saying that Xiaoyu already had a boyfriend, and Ivan said that he could wait, and they would break up sooner or later.

Yang Lanhang came to see Dr. Li, and Dr. Li said that although they had researched seed cells based on the scaffold material, as long as Yang Lanhang did not operate for a day, his mother would plant a bomb in her heart.

After get off work, it rained heavily. Yang Lanhang went online and sent a care message to Bai Lingling. Zheng Minghao came to pick her up with an umbrella. Yang Lanhang could only watch Lingling being picked up in the car, and he realized that Yin Fan had said it. Quite right, he really can’t give Nengling Ling the real care like Zheng Minghao.

Bai Lingling came home with a cold and fever. She sent a message to the netizen. Yang Lanhang planned to give Lingling a real hug, so she asked for her address. In the early morning of the next morning, he put his homemade breakfast at the door of Lingling’s house. Ling Ling was moved, and Guan Xiaoyu felt that the taste of breakfast was very familiar.

Bai Lingling took her grandma to see a doctor and found that she had taken Zheng Minghao’s mobile phone, so he took the preparations and returned it to Zheng Minghao. Grandma Wu Chunhua was angry and ran away while Lingling was not paying attention. Bai Lingling was mad and asked Guan Xiaoyu for help. After a while, the grandmother who had been on the wrong elevator was sent back by the nurse. Bai Lingling was angrily and anxiously, crying with her grandmother in her arms.

In the evening, Bai Lingling told the netizens about this matter. She felt that she was too useless to spend money to buy her favorite mobile phone for her grandmother. Yang Lanhang suggested that she buy a second-hand tablet computer for her grandmother in the same city to watch videos. The screen is not too big. Easy to eliminate. Bai Lingling thought it was a good idea. Yang Lanhang immediately seized the tablet that Yin Fan was playing on, took the picture and sold it on Xianyu. He promised to buy a new one for Yin Fan tomorrow. After that, he dragged Zhai Qingyi to the group and said that Bai Lingling had more than 20 days to take the exam. If she failed to pass the exam, it would be a shame to their entire laboratory. He decided that there would be no experimental tasks on that day from tomorrow. People who took turns tutored Bai Lingling with homework, and Qing Yi volunteered to be the first to sign up.

Guan Xiaoyu on the other side felt that Geng Panpan was weird. Originally, they planned to go camping together tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. When passing by the flower shop, the boss asked him if he would order flowers. Only then did she know that Geng Panpan ordered a bunch of fresh flowers there every day. Giving someone away, this shows that he has someone he likes, but he let him pretend to be a boyfriend. Bai Lingling thinks that the person Geng Panpan likes is Guan Xiaoyu, but Guan Xiaoyu has confiscated the flowers, so she thinks it must not be herself.

Yang Lanhang called Bai Lingling tonight and said that she had applied to the professor to lend her the storage room next to the laboratory, so that she would not have to grab a seat in the study room, and she could ask them if she didn’t understand any questions. Bai Lingling just wanted to decline. Yang Lanhang talked about her confession again, and Bai Lingling quickly agreed.

Yifan told Yang Lanhang that he inquired that Guan Xiaoyu would go camping with her boyfriend tomorrow, so he had to step on it in advance, so that he could know if they were staying together at night, and then judge whether Guan Xiaoyu had a boyfriend.

The next day, Qing was also very punctual. After work, she took Bai Lingling to the storage room to study. Bai Lingling muttered that the storage room was not a place for people to stay. He didn’t expect that the two of them would be surprised when they arrived. The sofa and coffee table are beyond words. When Ivan on the other side just arrived at the camping place, he received a message from Guan Xiaoyu, saying that they decided to change the place temporarily so that Ivan would have fun.

After studying hard day and night, Bai Lingling finally made it to the exam. After the exam, Guan Xiaoyu deliberately installed surveillance outside the door in order to help Bai Lingling find the appearance of her virtual boyfriend, but the person who delivered the breakfast was still unable to see clearly while wearing a hat.

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