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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 7 Recap

In the evening, Bai Lingling asked the netizen “How far is it forever” about material biology to prepare for the experiment. She wanted to be a qualified handyman. The netizen suggested that she ask Yang Lanhang for advice, because scientific research is never a battle alone. She has to trust partners. . Guan Xiaoyu learned that Bai Lingling was still in contact with the netizen, and while calling Zheng Minghao and asking him to hack the “How Far To Forever” account was, on the other hand, he contacted Geng Panpan who used the cafeteria to deal with him.

Early the next morning, Bai Lingling saw Yang Lan’s car parked at the door as soon as she left the house. She mistakenly thought that the two lived close together, so she took a ride. On the way, Bai Lingling returned the small bean sprout hairpin, but Yang Lanhang refused to accept it, so Bai Lingling put the hairpin on his head and asked him about the contents of the bioreactor-related experiment.

After the morning meeting at work, Zhai Qing also casually said that Bai Lingling’s hairpin was ugly. Yang Lanhang immediately clenched his fists, and Qing also shook with fright, and hurriedly ran away. In the experiment, Bai Lingling helped Cui Jing solve a problem. Everyone looked at her with admiration. Yang Lanhang’s bracelet was shaken by Bai Lingling’s mood swings, and Yang Lanhang stole Jia. The experiment was very successful. After get off work, when Zheng Minghao came to pick up Bai Lingling, Yang Lanhang suggested that everyone have a dinner together to celebrate.

At the stall, Zhang Yian told everyone that Yang Lanhang had never participated in any gatherings abroad, let alone organized. Qing also mysteriously said that the great god broke the rules because at this moment someone treated him unusually, and Yang Lanhang thought he had seen himself through. Yang Lanhang breathed a sigh of relief when the narcissistic Qing also said that the person was himself. Zhang Yian judged that Yang Lanhang had made a girlfriend. Zheng Minghao said that anyone can make a girlfriend now, and Bai Lingling hurriedly settled down to ease the atmosphere.

Yang Lanhang used the excuse to go to the bathroom, avoiding the crowd and going online to send a message to Bai Lingling, saying that he liked a girl, but too many people liked that girl. After speaking, he added that he was asking for a friend, and Bai Lingling was in a bad mood for a moment. . She told everyone that Zheng Minghao had good news to tell her after finishing the postponement to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination. Upon hearing this, she swallowed it back. After eating, Zheng Minghao and Yang Lanhang competed to send Bai Lingling away. Bai Lingling saw this and took Cui Jing’s car and left.

After returning home, Guan Xiaoyu told Bai Lingling that Zheng Minghao helped her pass the materials to the company, and they agreed to let her interview. Bai Lingling was not interested and went back to the room absent-mindedly. Guan Xiaoyu mistakenly thought that Ouyang Yifan had made it clear to her, and quickly contacted the person who used the cafeteria.

On the other side, Yang Lanhang returned home and saw Ouyang Yifan sitting on the floor impeccably covered in stinky food, saying that he thought for an hour and still didn’t understand who played the non-mainstream network of “how far is always”. name. Knowing that he was wrong, Yang Lanhang eagerly helped Ivan take a bath, begging him not to tell Bai Lingling the truth, Ivan agreed. After taking a shower, Ivan saw Yang Lanhang enthusiastically calculating how to help Bai Lingling occupy the best position in the postgraduate study room tomorrow, thinking he was bubbling stupidly.

When he got off work the next day, Yang Lanhang rushed to the study room to help Bai Lingling take a seat. He originally posted a note on the table, but then the boy on the opposite side secretly tore it off and threw it away. After Bai Lingling came, he sat down with Zheng Minghao to help her. Occupied seat. She asked about Zheng Minghao’s introduction to the company. Zheng Minghao said frankly that she did not want her to be under pressure and supported her postgraduate entrance examination. He took another position with the plush bear and let Bai Lingling put things for use.

As soon as Zheng Minghao went out, Yang Lanhang returned to the study room, and he persuaded Bai Lingling to sit in his original position. Zheng Minghao was very angry when he came back from buying food and pointed out that both Yang Lanhang and Bai Lingling were sitting in their own seats. Seeing that the two men were fighting with each other and packing their things to leave, Yang Lanhang signaled Zheng Minghao to go out.

Zheng Minghao accused Yang Lanhang of making Bai Lingling unable to graduate. Yang Lanhang said that their relationship was closer than Zheng Minghao. Zheng Minghao couldn’t stand the naked provocation and punched Yang Lanhang’s mouth. Bai Lingling happened to come out of the study room and asked Zheng Minghao to apologize to her senior brother. Zheng Minghao refused, Bai Lingling had to agree to eat with him, Zheng Minghao reluctantly said sorry.

When the two had a meal, Bai Lingling made it clear that she only regarded Zheng Minghao as a good friend. She already had someone she liked. Zheng Minghao did not back down and formally confessed to Bai Lingling. Bai Lingling made no secret of saying that she didn’t sleep well last night because the person she liked fell in love with others. Zheng Minghao pointed out that her netizen was Ouyang Yifan, and he was a scumbag. Bai Lingling didn’t believe it. Zheng Minghao thought that netizens hadn’t come to see her for six years. Not adding her WeChat account was the best proof. Bai Lingling felt that there must be a misunderstanding.

The next day, Guan Xiaoyu knew that Zheng Minghao had made a deal and was very angry. Zheng Minghao wanted to ask Ouyang Yifan to clarify the facts, but Guan Xiaoyu disagreed. When Yang Lanhang returned home, Ivan was also there, and his mother saw his mouth hurt and felt terribly distressed. She urged him to see Dr. Li, while Ivan volunteered to accompany him.

When Bai Lingling returned home, Guan Xiaoyu quickly confessed that she didn’t know that “How far is forever” was his boyfriend. Bai Lingling didn’t blame her. She made the chat record of “How far is forever” on Guan Xiaoyu’s mobile phone from Ouyang Ifan’s circle of friends and netizens. After the comparison, it was found that the two people’s language expression habits are completely different, it is impossible to be the same person, and if the netizen is just to tease her, it does not need to spend six years, and if Ivan is that netizen, there is no need to frequently send circles to expose privacy. .

In fact, “How far is always” did not reject herself, but she didn’t express her will, so she was not qualified to let others stick to it. Guan Xiaoyu felt that the netizen was too illusory, and suggested that Bai Lingling consider Zheng Minghao in reality, at least not to refuse so decisively. Bai Lingling told her that if she just needed company, she would have chosen Wang Tao in the first place. There is no need to wait until now. She just likes “how far is always”, even if he doesn’t do anything, she still likes him.

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