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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 6 Recap

Ouyang Yinfan grabbed the bag in Zheng Minghao’s hand and threw the rubbish on the ground. After a quiet check, he confirmed that there was nothing else, before he would give up. After returning to the laboratory, Yin Fan glared at Bai Lingling. Cui Jing immediately told her that the method of wiping the prism was wrong, and it was not the first time that Bai Lingling made such a mistake. Senior Brother Ouyang hoped that she would voluntarily resign and leave the laboratory. .

Bai Lingling once again apologized for Zheng Minghao’s private visit to the laboratory, but hoped that Yin Fan would not be so arbitrary. Yin Fan said that she was wrong and took out the video of her confession that day. Bai Lingling arbitrarily said that she has the right to pursue her own happiness, and Yin Fan bounced a word. “Okay”, Jingjing explained that Senior Brother Ouyang didn’t want anyone to enter the laboratory for the purpose of pursuing men, and Bai Lingling always made such low-level mistakes. Bai Lingling wondered how Ouyang Yinfan could interpret so many meanings in a single word.

She left angrily. Quietly chased out, explaining that Senior Brother Ouyang was also for the good of the laboratory. She had counted Bai Lingling’s mistakes several times. The most serious one was that the contents of the autoclave exceeded the horizontal line, which caused continuous air leakage during the experiment. Fortunately, Yang Lanhang found out in time that he had cleaned up. That time, Senior Brother Ouyang asked Professor Jiang to let Bai Lingling leave the laboratory. It was Yang Lanhang who helped her beg to stay, but this time Senior Brother Ouyang was really angry and Bai Lingling had to leave.

After get off work, Yang Lanhang asked Bai Lingling to eat out. Bai Lingling had to admit that he had confessed to disgust him at the time, so he should not take it seriously. Now she is going to the nursing home to see her grandmother. Yang Lanhang felt sad when he saw Zheng Minghao coming to pick up Bai Lingling at the door. He invited Ouyang Yin Fan out for dinner. Yin Fan said he didn’t like Bai Lingling, but Yang Lanhang said that he liked it.

Grandma borrowed someone’s mobile phone to watch the video, and the other party laughed at her for buying an elderly phone at a bargain. Grandma saw that Zheng Minghao liked it very much. She still had a toothache. After Bai Lingling asked the doctor, she learned that because her grandma had implanted a heart valve in her home hospital, she needed to take anticoagulant drugs for life, and she would face the risk of infection. Bai Lingling asked the doctor whether her grandma’s mechanical valve could be converted into a biological valve. The doctor told her that this requires an open cavity operation. Grandma is old and her body functions normally. He thinks it is unnecessary.

When Yang Lanhang and Ouyang Yin Fan ate, they interceded for Bai Lingling, hoping that he could give her another chance. The two were talking, and suddenly a woman named Sun Xue came over and accused Yin Fan of finding another woman and not contacting him, Yang Lanhang Knowing that this was Ouyang Yifan’s peach blossom debt again, and leaving the woman angry for Yin Fan, Yin Fan finally agreed to let Bai Lingling stay temporarily.

Zheng Minghao sent Bai Lingling downstairs so that she didn’t have to wrong herself in the laboratory. He could help Lingling introduce a better part-time job. Bai Lingling planned to leave after working for a month. Zheng Minghao was about to confess that she received a message from a netizen and hurriedly Goodbye.

Bai Lingling told the netizens of “How far is it forever” that she accepts reality on the surface, but she is not reconciled in her heart. But in fact, graduation is postponed, the laboratory interview is not passed, and the incompetence after entering the laboratory is all her own problems. She is prepared Leave after working for a month. She now realizes that the cleaning work in the laboratory is not that simple. Yang Lanhang thinks it is good for Bai Lingling to know him correctly.

After reading his chat records, Ivan criticized him for not empathizing with his girlfriend. Yang Lanhang laughed at Yi Fankong for having theories and never had a real relationship. Bai Lingling asked if she was too late for the postgraduate entrance examination, and Yang Lanhang encouraged her to have confidence in herself.

Guan Xiaoyu went to the bar and waited for Ouyang Yifan for three days, but he still couldn’t see him. Stimulated by Yang Lanhang, Ouyang Yifan finally sent a message to Guan Xiaoyu.

The next day, Professor Jiang called Bai Lingling to the office and paid her half a month’s salary so that she didn’t have to come to the laboratory again. Bai Lingling said that he wanted to take the postgraduate exam of Professor Jiang, and Professor Jiang promised that she would come to see herself after the first attempt. Bai Lingling requested that she continue to stay in the laboratory to help during the preparation for the exam. No salary is required. Professor Jiang agreed.

Guan Xiaoyu took the boy Geng Panpan, who was rescued at the bar last time, to Ouyang Ivan’s date. She mischievously blindfolded Ivan and asked Panpan to pour a bucket of water on him. She warned Ivan not to use it in the future. “How far is it forever” the screen name entangled Bai Lingling again, and Ivan couldn’t understand it at all, but promised not to entangle Bai Lingling in the future, and would pester Guan Xiaoyu.

Zhai Qing also took the initiative to stay and assist Yang Lanhang in the experiment. He thought he was more useful than Bai Lingling. Yang Lanhang arranged for him to go to the First Hospital to find Dr. Li, so he wanted to find time to fall in love.

After Yang Lanhang went to the library to find Bai Lingling, he sat quietly in the corner reading a book waiting for her. It was late at night, Bai Lingling fell asleep on the desk so sleepy, she was awakened by the sound of her mobile phone. It was a message from a netizen, he told The focus of Bai Lingling’s experiment next week is to remind her not to go wrong.

Ouyang Yinfan asked Cui Jing to post the note “Zheng Minghao is forbidden to enter” at the entrance of the laboratory. Cui Jing asked him if he hated Zheng Minghao. Yin Fan shook his head and looked at the laboratory. Cui Jing understood. Qing Yi ran over and asked him strangely. She could understand with just one look, Cui Jingxin wanted to like someone, and he would have mind-reading skills.

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