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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 5 Recap

Bai Lingling found a part-time job in a supermarket, but she rushed over after finishing the laboratory hygiene, and was called back by Yang Lanhang. Yang Lanhang arranged Bai Lingling’s work so that she was sleepy in the chair after finishing the work. It stayed until she woke her up quietly after get off work. After returning home, Guan Xiaoyu prepared a table of food, and the two girls took a photo with the food before eating.

In the evening, after listening to Yang Yuhang’s account of his relationship with Bai Lingling in the laboratory, Ivan instructed him to do as stated in the love book and avoid doing things that make Bai Lingling unhappy. Yang Lanhang decided to implant a linkage program in the laboratory. As long as Bai Lingling’s heartbeat exceeds 100 or his mood fluctuates, his bracelet will vibrate. In this way, if he accidentally provokes Bai Lingling, he can remedy it in time, and if others provoke her, he can also be a hero for beauty. Ivan lamented how terrible Xueba fell in love!

Guan Xiaoyu listened to the gossip of the academy that Yang Lanhang was unwell and went to the lounge one day. Lu Qing took a leave of absence to take care of him. After the two got along for less than ten minutes, Yang Lanhang rushed out of the laboratory in a desperate manner, with a button missing on his shirt. There was still a lipstick mark on the neckline. Bai Lingling tried to recall the scene at the time, and corrected that there was no lipstick mark at all, but the shirt was a little wrinkled. Guan Xiaoyu thought that this was enough to explain the problem. She excitedly told Bai Lingling that when Yang Lanhang was abroad , A pretty little girl put a pile of love letters at his door, but he didn’t accept it. The reason why Yang Lanhang cooperated with Bai Lingling was because there was no evil thoughts towards her. Guan Xiaoyu mischievously suggested that Bai Lingling confess to Yang Lanhang and scare him. .

At work the next day, Bai Lingling met the frosty Ouyang Yinfan in the laboratory. He is Ouyang Yifan’s twin brother and the main person in charge of the laboratory. Although they are a female compatriot, the two have very different personalities. Yifan is chic and charming. , Yin Fan is cold and rigorous. Zhai Qing was also not convinced that Zhang Yi’an’s position was above Yang Lanhang, and quietly pulled Bai Lingling into an alliance. The two were joking. Ouyang Yinfan suddenly appeared sternly, and Qing Yi pulled Bai Lingling up and fled. In the corridor, they ran into Yang Lanhang. Yang Lanhang found that the bracelet was shaking.

It was 2 o’clock in the morning, and Yang Lanhang was still working on the experiment concentratively. Bai Lingling finally couldn’t help but went to the bathroom with an excuse. After she left, Yang Lanhang saw that her hand was broken and shaken. It was strange that Bai Lingling could be emotional even when she went to the toilet. In fact, Bai Lingling avoided Yang Lanhang and called Guan Xiaoyu to complain. After she came back, Yang Lanhang arranged for Bai Lingling to rest in her dormitory in order to show more concern than other colleagues.

The next day, Bai Lingling dragged the huge experimental equipment up the elevator, and happened to be bumped by Zhang Yi’an. Zhang Yi’an felt that this kind of work was really too heavy for girls, and Bai Lingling believed that Yang Lanhang was aimed at him at all.

While eating lunch, Yang Lanhang overheard Zhai Qingyi sitting with Zhang Yian, Bai Lingling and others, discussing that Ouyang Yinfan is a big demon, and he didn’t even smile in front of her. Bai Lingling lamented that the two were the same fate. Pity, I was about to be tortured by Yang Lanhang. Zhang Yian said that if Yang Lanhang needs an assistant, he can help apply for an official one. Bai Lingling still thinks that Yang Lanhang is deliberately targeting him. Qing Yi retorted that the great god is not such a person, he does not have this blessing.

Seeing them lively, Yang Lanhang felt a little lonely. He went online to send a message to Bai Lingling that he missed her a little. Then his bracelet shook. Yang Lanhang couldn’t help but laughed and started to start Bai Lingling’s table. People look sideways. Bai Lingling returned a message to the netizen after eating, and the two agreed to talk again in the evening. Unexpectedly, everyone just wanted to leave after work, Ouyang Yinfan announced that all of them were working overtime.

After Bai Lingling went home, she announced that she would confess to Yang Lanhang. She was angry that she was so easy to be online and wanted to find some time to cultivate the relationship, but Yang Lanhang took up all her time. She sent messages to netizens and decided to take measures to make Yang Lanhang stay away from her, the farther away the better.

The next day, Yang Lanhang’s hand shook badly, and Bai Lingling finally plucked up the courage to walk towards him, but had to pretend to pass by because of nervousness. After she went out to adjust her mood, she changed into a bright red miniskirt and walked towards Yang Lanhang. Yang Lanhang couldn’t resist Bai Lingling’s hot love, and fell into a chair at a loss. Bai Lingling continued to attack and put her hand on Yang Lanhang’s shoulder. Yang Lan said in desperation if she was true. Like myself, I will accompany him to work overtime this weekend, and fled to the bathroom excitedly after talking.

Zheng Minghao specially went to Guan Xiaoyu’s house to give Bai Lingling a string at night. After Bai Lingling came back, she said listlessly that she had no appetite. She confided to Guan Xiaoyu that the plan had failed, but was dragged by the perverted Yang Lanhang to work overtime on the weekend. At this time, the netizen sent a message, Bai Lingling immediately ran back to the bedroom to describe to the netizens what happened during the day, and was angry that Yang Lanhang deliberately reformed herself. Yang Lanhang on the other side also told Ivan about this. Yifan laughed that he wanted to do a fake show, while Bai Lingling wanted to do a fake show.

Zheng Minghao told Guan Xiaoyu that Bai Lingling’s favorite netizen “How far is forever” is a dude. He is not abroad at all. After he showed Guan Xiaoyu the photo, Guan Xiaoyu didn’t expect it to be Ouyang Yifan. She was afraid that Bai Lingling would be sad when she knew it, and decided to get along. Zheng Minghao acted separately, he came to divert Bai Lingling’s attention, let her completely get rid of the control of the scumbag, and deal with the scumbag by himself.

Unexpectedly, after Guan Xiaoyu contacted Ouyang Yifan, the other party asked her to line up and wait patiently for her call. Guan Xiaoyu had no choice but to remove his blacklist on WeChat and tried to contact him again.

The next day, Zheng Minghao went to the laboratory to find Bai Lingling. Seeing that she was doing cleaning, she was quite murmured. Bai Lingling had already adapted to her work and said that her work was technically content. She asked Zheng Minghao to help out the garbage and leave quickly. Ouyang Yin Fan hit the spot, Bai Lingling hurriedly came out to explain, but Yin Fan could not help but grabbed the bag in Zheng Minghao’s hand and scattered the trash on the ground.

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