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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 11 Recap

Yang Lanhang called Bai Lingling and asked the document to be translated overnight, and handed it over to him tomorrow morning, for the experiment to be used in the afternoon. When Guan Xiaoyu saw Bai Lingling being tortured so miserably, his stomach hurts with laughter. But Bai Lingling returned to the room and didn’t take it seriously.

He only found a translation software perfunctorily on the Internet, and it was done in five minutes. When she finished sending the email and put it on the computer, she accidentally knocked down the deposit box on the table. This old thing reminded Bai Lingling of a sad past: when she was a child, she saw her mother covered with a white cloth in the hospital and was pushed away by the doctors. Ling Ling was sitting in the corridor crying.

Later, a little boy gave her his money box and asked her to buy a new heart for her mother, so that her mother would not die. The little boy said that his heart was born bad, and this money was saved by himself to buy a new heart. Bai Lingling worried that the little boy would die if he took the money. The little boy called him a genius and would not die, so Bai Lingling He accepted the deposit box and promised to return it to the boy if he had money, but he must not die. Now the deposit box is still there, but Bai Lingling doesn’t know if the little boy is still alive.

The next day, before Bai Lingling got up, he received a call from Yang Lanhang and told her to go downstairs. Bai Lingling deliberately slowly finished breakfast before stretching down. In the car, she was interrupted by Yang Lanhang just as she was about to explain the document. Yang Lanhang brought Bai Lingling to the hospital.

After reading the literature provided by Dr. Li, Wu Chunhua agreed to participate in the clinical experiment for surgery, but Bai Lingling strongly opposed it when she came. She urged Yang Lanhang that he had any dissatisfaction and rushed to herself. Grandma couldn’t afford it because of her age, and Bai Lingling pulled her grandma up. To go, grandma cried and cried out that she was going to have the operation on her own. She wanted to live a happy life and sleep peacefully. Upon seeing this, Yang Lanhang dragged Bai Lingling to the top floor of the hospital and told her that his grandmother tried to jump here a few days ago.

At that time, he went to the hospital conference room to attend a seminar. While riding on the elevator, he saw an old man stumbled up to the ground. He was afraid of accident. After following up, it was later discovered that the old man was Bai Lingling’s grandmother. Bai Lingling remembered that they did have a dispute over a mobile phone that day, but grandma would not commit suicide because of it. Yang Lanhang asked Bai Lingling to monitor. He suspected that his grandmother was suffering from severe depression. The main cause was a bad heart. After being rescued, my grandmother told him that she had undergone mechanical valve implantation in the past few years.

Not only did she take anticoagulant drugs for life, but the metal sound made every time the financial valve closed was the main cause of her anxiety. Bai Lingling also heard it. After that sound, there is no better treatment at present. At present, the lifespan of the physiological valve is only 20 years. After the expiration, surgery is required. At that time, my grandmother was too old to withstand the toss. Yang Lanhang told her that there is another kind of tissue engineering valve, which is a valve cultivated from its own cells. It has growth properties, and does not require medication, and will not degenerate and calcify, just like the ones that grow out of her own body.

Bai Lingling doesn’t know. There are also such valves. Yang Lan told that scientists exist to create miracles. He used this to persuade his grandmother to establish the belief that he will continue to survive. The experiment has not yet reached the clinical stage. At that time, he will let Dr. Li examine his grandmother’s body before making a decision. Maybe the grandmother is too impatient to make a mistake. Now that Dr. Li has found the ideal seed cell, and their laboratory has simulated an ideal physical reactor, the current problem is to overcome cell planting and grow differentiated cells in the valve membrane.

Bai Lingling sincerely thanked Yang Lanhang. Yang Lanhang remembered that Wu Chunhua had told him that the most sorry thing in her life was Yaya. She was just born. Her grandmother thought she was a girl. She gave her a look, but she liked it. Later, when Yaya grew up, she did everything possible to give it to her. Yaya found the best in-law’s family, but she didn’t expect it to hurt her. She regretted it. If Yaya got divorced, she wouldn’t be desperate. She was confused just now. She wanted to live well for her granddaughter. .

Bai Lingling blamed her grandmother for not caring too much. Yang Lanhang comforted her grandmother and never blamed her. He also said that Bai Lingling was so busy and took time to look at herself because she was dragging her down.

Bai Lingling returned to the ward and hugged her grandma quietly from behind. Grandma asked her to apologize to Yang Lanhang and Dr. Li. Ling Ling did the same. Grandma insisted on participating in the clinical experiment and requested early registration. Bai Lingling agreed. Seeing that the misunderstanding was resolved, Dr. Li took his grandmother for an examination.

Yang Ganghang told Bai Lingling that he had applied to the nursing home and would arrange a professional psychologist for counseling for his grandmother. The experiment is still in the critical stage, and grandma still has time to consider. Bai Lingling wanted to be a real project team member. She admitted that she didn’t even want to study for graduate students, but now she has to know how the things put into her grandmother’s body came from.

Yang Lanhang told her that the literature last night was related to the project. Even if the people involved in the clinic today are not Ling Ling’s relatives, they will also be other people’s relatives. They can’t stand the slightest perfunctory. The researchers just want to save the dying with the conquered topics. Life, this is the meaning of their use and existence, so Bai Lingling must respect it wholeheartedly as long as he participates in scientific research for one day. But she needs to agree to Professor Jiang to enter the laboratory. Bai Lingling apologized to Yang Lanhang for the document translation.

Zheng Minghao had been waiting for Bai Lingling’s decision, and didn’t leave by car until he received her message.

After that, Bai Lingling conducted experiments seriously and asked colleagues humbly, and the days flew quickly in the busy. One night, Yang Lanhang went online and lied that he was going to buy a ticket to return home the day after tomorrow. Bai Lingling replied that he would not meet for the time being.

Early the next morning, Guan Xiaoyu was puzzled when he heard about this incident. Bai Lingling explained that the netizen flew back so far that she was too busy during this time to accompany him. On the other side, Ivan laughed at Yang Lanhang in love. Yang Lanhang told him that it was so interesting to fall in love with Lingling.

Zhai Qing also saw Yang Lanhang patiently explain to Bai Lingling. He quietly asked Zhang Yi’an, why every time he asked God questions, he said that he didn’t have time. Zhang Yi’an comforted him and said that because he is smart, the God wants him to think for himself, and Qing also believes it. .

At noon, Qing Yi specially brought Bai Lingling to dinner and helped her make up lessons. He confessed to Bai Lingling that if the great god asked her why she made such rapid progress, she would say that she taught her well. Qing also heard that Professor Jiang and Dashen are going to attend a high-end academic conference. There are three places, and the famous cell seed experts will also go. Bai Lingling also wants to go. After a while, Yang Lanhang brought her junior sister Li Feifei over for dinner, and a fan came to take a photo with Li Feifei in the middle.

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