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Fall in Love with a Scientist 當愛情遇上科學家 Episode 10 Recap

Yang Lanhang had a dream, dreaming that he told Bai Lingling that he was “how far away forever”, Bai Lingling couldn’t accept it, saying that if he was Yang Lanhang, he would blacken him, Yang Lanhang was frightened and decided not to see Bai Lingling first, and used a balloon to express his love. He went online and sent a message saying that he hoped that Bai Lingling could put aside all external conditions and only love her own soul, but also hoped that she could accept everything about herself, and tentatively planned to meet next week.

Guan Xiaoyu learned that netizens took the initiative to meet with Bai Lingling. He felt that he could take care of his girlfriends’ emotions. It was a manifestation of true love. But on the other hand, he was so skillful in speaking and might be a liar. After all, it was online dating. She advised Bai Lingling to be cautious. Bai Lingling thinks it is okay to cheat on feelings, but don’t cheat your own money, because there is a risk of being cheated when you are in love.

Guan Xiaoyu told Bai Lingling that Yifan told her that he had a twin brother named Ouyang Yinfan, who was the one in Lingling’s laboratory. I didn’t expect that he had admitted the wrong person and made Geng Panpan ignore her now.

Professor Jiang gave Bai Lingling some materials and asked her to prepare the topic for graduate students in advance. In addition, they were doing an antioxidant physics experiment, which was originally in charge of Yu Shuang. Now they are going to Shanghai to participate in the seminar and let Bai Lingling help to do the experiment. Staying next to the equipment for a hundred hours to prevent accidents, she only needs to stare at the first 30 hours, and then Yu Shuang will take over when she comes back, Bai Lingling promised.

Guan Xiaoyu went to the academy to find Geng Panpan at night, and planned to invite him to dinner and apologize. She felt that she had been acting with her for more than half a year and could not cross the river and demolish the bridge. Unexpectedly, after I went there, I realized that Geng Panpan was hospitalized. Guan Xiaoyu called him. Panpan told her: he saw Guan Xiaoyu drunk in the bar that day. Fan let Guan Xiaoyu choose by himself, and the drunk Guan Xiaoyu followed Ivan in a daze. He didn’t worry about chasing after him, but Ivan hurt his forehead. Guan Xiaoyu thought of seeing Panpan in the hospital, but Panpan declined.

It was the first time Bai Lingling did an experiment on her own. Yang Lanhang was worried and went online to accompany her. Yifan persuaded him to simply confess to go to the laboratory to accompany him, while Yang Lanhang insisted on reaching the end to surprise her.

In the middle of the night, a mouse got into the laboratory. Bai Lingling was frightened and fled. She was about to go out to buy rat poison. But when the door was locked, she couldn’t get out. She was ready to jump down from the second floor. Zheng Minghao saw the one who was driven over. Zheng Minghao called someone to open the door. As soon as the two of them left, Yang Lanhang brought breakfast into the laboratory with their back feet.

After Bai Lingling bought rat poison, she saw that Yang Lanhang had arrived on her mobile phone, and she rushed back in fright. After arriving, Yang Lanhang ate breakfast expressionlessly, ignoring Bai Lingling. Bai Lingling apologized for leaving the laboratory and installing the camera without authorization. Yang Lanhang’s attitude eased and he was about to take the breakfast in his bag to Bai Lingling. Bai Lingling suddenly begged him not to take it.

The incident was told to Professor Jiang, so that the professor did not want her, Yang Lanhang angrily asked her why the focus of her concern was not the experiment but these? Is she just taking the postgraduate entrance examinations for beautiful transcripts and high salaries? Bai Lingling didn’t think this was a problem, Yang Lanhang was so angry that he threw the breakfast in the bag into the trash can.

After a while, Yang Lanhang received Bai Lingling’s online message. She told the netizens that it was not Yang Lanhang’s experiment. She didn’t understand why he was so angry. It seemed that they could not be friends for the rest of their lives. In reality, Yang Lanhang didn’t know how to answer, so she had to remain silent.

Yu Shuang came back from a business trip and was very happy to see that the experiment went smoothly. Bai Lingling asked him if someone like himself might be returned. Yu Shuang said that the probability is very small, but it is not impossible. Bai Lingling listened to her heart. shock.

Early the next morning, Zheng Minghao came to the house to deliver breakfast to Bai Lingling. He learned that the experiment would take dozens of hours. He felt that it was too hard for girls to do this kind of work. Bai Lingling casually said not to do this. Zheng Minghao blurted out ” I will support you” and persuaded Lingling to consider joining Zhenghong Group, because the purpose of her postgraduate entrance examination is to get better employment, Guan Xiaoyu also echoed, Bai Lingling agreed to consider it.

In the evening, Guan Xiaoyu once again persuaded Bai Lingling, Bai Lingling was a little shaken, and sent a message to the netizen, wanting to hear his opinion, but the other party has not responded. After a while, Yang Lanhang called.

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