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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 4 Recap

Suddenly someone knocked on the door, Duan Shuiliu hurriedly put the diary in the refrigerator. It turned out that Jiang Huizhen came to him and asked him whether he burned the diary. But Duan Shuiliu could not tell whether it was burned or not. Jiang Huizhen was about to burn it. It, as a result, was called by her mother to go home for dinner, and it was left for Duan Shuiliu. Jiang Hui really suspected that Duan Shuiliu liked the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl and did not burn the diary, but Duan Shuiliu refused to admit that she was a fictional character, but Jiang Hui was really serious and said that in case it was not a fictional character, Duan Shuiliu was shocked.

But he already knew about the existence of the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl. Even if Jiang Hui really said that Murong Jaylun and Ouyang Wenshan were also there, he was unmoved, but he did feel that sometimes things in this world were really weird.

Meiru caught a cold after returning home. Ouyang Wenshan and Murong Jaylun were waiting outside on the balcony. Murong Jaylun insisted on doing something to get rid of evils and obscurities for her. After a while, Jiang Huizhen came back and brought a lot of garlic and candles to Meiru. On the way back, I ran into a master. When the door was opened, it turned out to be Meiru’s second uncle. Hui Zhen asked them to go out for a meeting, but he didn’t listen. Murong Jaylen only listened to Meiru’s words. After entering the house, the master asked many questions, and asked them to set all the alarm clocks to zero, in a special time and space.

After Ouyang Wenshan and Murong Jaylun went out, they made an overall look. Ouyang Wenshan made Murong Jaylun a modern person, and he also had a hairstyle, and he had to find a way to get him a silver basin. The second uncle explained to them that this kind of superstitious interpretation is actually too superstitious. In fact, this is just a magnetic field, and he is not a master, but is broader than their knowledge. The things in front of them are not terrible, and they did not hurt. they.

After Jiang Huizhen left in the evening, Murong and Ouyang climbed up on the balcony. Murong planned to pray for Meiru tonight. Meiru recalled the scene of reading when she was a child in the evening, and Murong Jaylen was also there. As a result, Meiru heard someone talking. She went out and saw that it was Murong Jaylun. The two of them grabbed the door of the balcony together, their hands were folded, and as soon as they were walking, they tripped over the stick behind and went directly to the hospital.

Jiang Huizhen went to see her and was stopped by Murong Jaylun, but she scolded Murong and went in. She turned her back when she saw Meiru. She thought she was uncomfortable, but she was laughing. Seen through by Meiru. The doctors and nurses came in to help Meiru make corrections, and Murong Jaylun still wouldn’t let the doctor touch Meiru, but as long as Meiru ordered Murong Jaylun, he would be obedient. At this time, Jiutian Longnv also chased to the hospital and was stopped by Ouyang Wenshan. He told Jiutian Longnv that Meiru had injured her foot. The prince was taking good care of her, but she was hurting in the prince’s heart.

When the doctor corrected Meiru, she was so painful that she kept holding Murong Jaylun’s hand and drew a long handprint on his palm, but he treated Meiru very well. After the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl left, she got the hospital. Earthshaking, but Ouyang Wenshan will invest in the hospital because he is a rich man.

Duan Shuiliu gave his grandparents incense, because he liked Jiutian Dragon Girl for a long time, and he appeared in front of him this time. In any case, he would be with Jiutian Dragon Girl, because this is his fate, he went to find The Nine Heavens Dragon Girl saw that she was looking for a ligament. Because Meiru was injured, she had to be hospitalized for the prince to take care of her. In order to prevent the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl from being injured, Duan Shuiliu smashed herself and was sent to the hospital.

In the evening, Murong Jaylen was taking care of her by Meiru’s side, and he washed her hands with a silver basin to drive away evil spirits. After Meiru opened her eyes, she touched the bridge of his nose with her hand. She seemed to accept Murong Jaylen. Suddenly, Murong Jaylen seemed to listen. When he reached some voice, he stood up and looked out the window, and found a lot of crows, recalling some things that happened in his time.

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