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Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 Episode 3 Recap

Little Meiru was sitting under a tree and writing a diary. Suddenly a shoe fell from the tree. Meiru threw it away. A little girl who jumped down was Jiang Huizhen. They met since then, and their relationship has become better and better. Discuss the contents of the diary together. According to the setting, Meiru and Murong Jaelun at the age of 24 went to Wushan together when their love reached a strong point. But after being discovered by the second aunt, she scolded her. Everyone was discussing her diary, and even their classmate Duan Shuiliu kept silent about Nine Heavens Dragon Girl.

Duan Shuiliu was shocked when he saw the Dragon Girl of Nine Heavens, and when he saw her scarred feet, he took off those net celebrity shoes for her to wear. Jiang Huizhen was having dinner with his colleagues. Meiru called her and said that she had found it out. Duan Shuiliu deliberately retaliated. She cancelled several accounts of his company last year.

As he said, Jiang Huizhen came here with a handsome guy, too. A top-notch rich man, Meiru didn’t look at the road when he called, was a little drunk, and didn’t see the oncoming bus. Fortunately, he was rescued by Murong Jaylun. “, Murong Jaylun moved to the top of Wushan Mountain with Meiru in an instant. Meiru was scared and wanted to go down the mountain quickly, but he didn’t let Murong Jayren come over.

Ouyang Wenshan came to look for Jiang Huizhen, and he called and contracted all the expenses in the Huizhen troupe, brought gifts to everyone in the troupe, and opened Huizhen’s hair, saying that the mark on her neck was familiar and sulky. Hui was really moved, but she still refused to admit it, and her face looked cold. Ouyang Wenshan also promised that as long as Jiang Hui really dreams, he will realize it. Jiang Huizhen said a lot of unpleasant things by feeding the cat, but Ouyang Wenshan took a lot of money and put it in the cat box, saying that money is not an important thing, but as long as it is really flowers for Hui, it will have important meaning. Jiang Huizhen pays it back Promised to give one to Ouyang Wenshan.

Meiru saw Murong Jaylen without a shadow on the mountain. She was shocked and felt that he was not a human being. Murong Jaylun read out what he had written in his diary many years ago. Meiru yelled for help and ran away. Jiang Huizhen was a little nervous in Ouyang Wenshan’s car and kept touching the kitten’s box. Ouyang Wenshan also comforted her that it was coming soon, don’t even think about jumping off the car.

After arriving at the destination, the house was filled with things for girls, cosmetics, bags and various gifts. It turned out that everything here was prepared for Jiang Huizhen. Even when I met for the first time that night, Jiang Huizhen drank it. The bottle of wine has been preserved. While Meiru was running, she happened to see a mountain patroller, but he was also taken aback by the fact that he was all running. Meiru called Jiang Huizhen while she was running.

She said that it will take at least two hours now, so she can’t fly. After Ouyang Wenshan heard it, she immediately arranged a helicopter and flew to Wushan. Meiru hurriedly ran. Look for Huizhen in the past. Unexpectedly, Ouyang Wenshan and Murong Jaelun knew each other. They were close friends in Meiru’s diary. At this time, Meiru and Huizhen realized that this was not a performance, but that it was supernatural. They unanimously discussed pushing Murong Jay Lun down, but Meiru and him accidentally fell.

After they left in a helicopter, the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl also chased after her. Duan Shui Liu was still following her. Only then did they realize that the Nine Heavens Dragon Girl was real and the ability to call the wind and rain was also real. He went back and hurried to find out the year. It turned out that he did not burn the diary, but hid it. After taking it back, he tried to tamper with the contents of the diary, but every time he painted it, the pen disappeared.

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