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A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 Episode 15 Recap

Since they didn’t carry any money, Sang Qi and Yan Yunzhi had no choice but to have an overlord meal first, thinking about paying back the money tomorrow. The two of them laughed all the way to a place where there was no one, and their eyes were facing each other, and their feelings burst out like sparks of lightning. Yan Yunzhi couldn’t help but leaned down and kissed Sang Qi, the surrounding air seemed to be abnormally sweet. The wind made people’s hearts itchy, gently brushing the tips of their hair, raising the corners of their mouths.

Xu was attracted by the strong feelings of the two, and the brilliant fireworks jumped up, illuminating Sang Qi’s face. Sang Qi jumped for joy and took Yan Yunzhi to the lake to watch. In order to see it more closely, Yan Yunzhi led Sang Qi to the bridge on the side of the street. Sang Qi was fascinated by the beautiful fireworks, but didn’t notice Yan Yunzhi’s sudden departure. Sang Qi was so flustered that he hurriedly called Yan Yunzhi’s name. Yan Yunzhi hurried back, still holding two glasses of water in his hand.

After Master Wei was exiled, Wei Zhanhong, a student of the Imperial College, was also taken away by the government. Wei Zhanhong usually looked forward to Song Luotian’s head, but he ended up in a silly way, which is really embarrassing. Unexpectedly, Song Luotian was late, and he had to do something with the officials with a whip, but fortunately, he was stopped in time by Jia Ding. Song Luotian had to promise Wei Zhanhong that he would find a way to rescue him. It’s just that Wei Zhanhong’s heart is ashamed, and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with the Song family anymore. Hearing this, Song Luotian was a little confused, unable to calm down his inner loss for a long time.

The moon was black and the wind was high in the night, and Song Taifu found Zhuo Wenyuan all in black. This time Zhuo Wenyuan helped the Song family get out of the predicament, and Song Taifu was willing to help him. Although Master Wei had replaced the guilt, the paper could not contain the fire after all. If Master Wei could not withstand the inhuman accountability, the guilt would eventually return to Song Taifu. Taifu Song also felt that Yan Yunzhi was not a good crop, and if he hadn’t grown out of it, the tea garden would not be exposed. Taifu Song was afraid that Yan Yunzhi would not give up, so he proposed to get rid of Lord Wei first to avoid future troubles.

In order to see and hear, Song Taifu specially came to the Imperial College to give lectures. Sang Qi and others were dissatisfied, so they made a plan to tease Taifu Song. On this day, Song Taifu made a generous statement on stage, while Sang Qi and others booed underneath. The branch on the side suddenly fell, making Song Taifu very embarrassed. Song Taifu Lei Ting vowed to catch the person behind the scenes. Yan Yunzhi hurried over and blamed him for all the crimes. Sang Qi and Yan Yun sang together, and Song Taifu was so angry that he blew his beard and stared.

At night, Yan Yunzhi hurried to the palace to meet the officials. Seeing Yan Yunzhi coming, the official slammed away the booklet in his hand, and suddenly stood up and reprimanded. The officials blamed Yan Yunzhi’s Chuanyou for making a mess of lectures and tossing so many small actions. Yan Yunzhi hurriedly lowered his head to admit his mistake, and blamed himself for insulting Song Taifu. The officials took advantage of the situation, not just to harass Taifu Song, he couldn’t do anything like this.

Hearing this, Yan Yunzhi felt puzzled, and then seemed to suddenly understand something, and raised his head slightly. The officials knew that the tea garden matter was inextricably linked to the Song family, but they threw out the Wei family preemptively, which made Yan Saburo into the air. The official family decided to remove Yan Yunzhi from his position as an executive, to calm Song Taifu’s anger, and secondly, to let Yan Yunzhi pursue the Song family’s affairs with all his strength.

The students were discussing how to deal with Song Taifu, Yan Yan hurried back to the Imperial College in a panic, and informed everyone that at Song Taifu’s strong request yesterday, the officials removed Yan Yunzhi from his career. Sang Qi was surprised and worried, and stood up abruptly. The students clamored to find Yan Yunzhi, and Dr. Feng almost fainted with anger.

The students were worried about Yan Yunzhi, so they decided to comfort him together, but they met him in the bathhouse. Under the moonlit night, Yan Yunzhi’s clothes were disheveled, and his whole body was full of alcohol. Sang Qi quickly covered his eyes and urged the students to leave as soon as possible. Who knows that Yan Yunzhi is more frivolous and wants to drink with everyone. Seeing Yan Yunzhi in this way, Zhuo Wenyuan was thoughtful. After the students left one after another, Yan Yan approached Yan Yunzhi cheerfully and invited Yan Yunzhi to drink, but he didn’t expect that Yan Yunzhi’s face changed drastically, taking the wine from his hand with a serious face, looking like a stern teacher.

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